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  1. Maybe, there's also a chance this is their lowest end EPYC chip, because that's the power of EPYC, even the cheapest version still has 2TB RAM support and 128 PCIe available. Which makes it great for those types of systems where 95% of the work is done with GPUs.
  2. Have you tried to undervolt the CPU? that can have big impact on temperatures, also the ambient temperature inside the case can make a big difference.
  3. Hi everyone, Sorry about the lack of updates, I've been busy with the new design and getting my BOM and pricing complete. I'm close to final but you will have the bear with me for a little longer For now all I can show you is a small teaser of the new design.
  4. Another bump, I do appreciate any input, especially from some CLC coolers.
  5. Aha, you have and actual Nvidia reference cooler. I do believe as mentioned before that the PCB is the same as the Nvidia reference GTX980. http://configurator.ekwb.com/step1_complist?gpu_gpus=1632 This shows the Nvidia GTX 970 reference card needs a GTX 980 waterblock.
  6. You have a reference GTX 970? That means the Blower design one, The fan of this GPU sticks out over the PCB, the actual PCB is much shorter. If you have a reference design it should like something like this
  7. Even easier https://shop.ekwb.com/ek-fc970-gtx-nickel EK-FC970 GTX is a high performance full-cover water block for nVidia reference (NVA-P2004) design GeForce GTX 970 series graphics cards.
  8. Thanks @Janne nice temperatures, as to be expected of the EK Supremacy EVO.
  9. I've got a small request from my fellow forum members. I'm working on a project that involves both a Custom GPU and CPU waterblock. I've already made the prototype and although I'm super happy about the performance of the GPU waterblock I'm not quite sure if the CPU waterblock is up to par. I'm looking for as much data about Idle and Load temperatures of Haswell processors that are liquid-cooled and running at stock settings. It seems I can find lots of information about overclocked CPU temperatures or "this doesn't seem right" CPU temperatures but I can't compare against those. If
  10. I've done the following to dual boot both the motherboard and the HDPlex Using the sata connector on the motherboard I take the 5V and soldered it to the GATE a simple MOSFET. I've then soldered it the Source to PS_ON and the Drain to Ground. So like this I'm working some other stuff out, but once I've done that I'll update the first post.
  11. In my current setup I've crimped a Molex Mini-Fit connector that plugs into the 2-Pin header on the motherboard, this connector to the 4-Pin input on the HDplex, In the new design the HDplex is no longer used. The HDplex is rated for 250W but with active cooling over the heatsink you can get up to 400W out of it.
  12. I'm looking both into the Fury Nano and Fury X in terms of support, they should both fit inside the current chassis, I would need to design different blocks and for the Fury X a stronger adapter is needed. No promises but I will be checking both out.
  13. It has to be a wallmounted version, they already have a deskstand version. I wonder how they are going to differentiate between similar designs. Some, like yours and mine, have some really similar designs.
  14. You already have the shape, or what is the goal? I would draw a center point rectange and then use the arc tool to make the necessary curves. Edit: I'm assuming you are also using Autodesk Inventor going by the look of your screenshot so I made a quick tutorial