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    food158 reacted to Bombastinator in Recommendations for Study Headphones for Gaming   
    I don’t know.  People with disabilities learn wild ways to get around them.  An audiologist would know more.  I know almost nothing.   Bone conduction could be useful in a couple of ways.  One is you could possibly make one ear “hear for two” Making use of the fractional delay or sound change to differentiate noise.  Part of it is dependent on the exact nature of the problem.  I knew a guy in college that had no external ears at all but his inner ears were fine so he wore a headset all the time which did amplification and converted sound to vibration so he could hear through bone conduction.  Worked great.  He even just looked like a guy wearing headphones. 
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    food158 reacted to an actual squirrel in Front panel headset jack, my headset sounds terrible   
    This to me sounds like it might be a physical connection problem rather than a software problem. Double check that you have connected the cable from the case to the motherboard correctly. And then double check that the headphone cable is fully plugged into the case.
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    food158 got a reaction from Lapjun in Is it Worth it to Get the Gamedac?   
    The greatest change in sound quality occurs when you change the headphones. I doubt buying a DAC, especially one by Steelseries, would create a noticeable sound difference, if it is a good one.
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    food158 reacted to Derkoli in The Loudest Wireless Headphones?   
    Well, the absolute loudest pair would most likely be some really efficient IEM's, but they could hit 125dB+, which would cause very extensive hearing damage.
    Just get a pair of cheap pair of buds that you like the look of. They should get plenty loud, especially since they are an IEM, so the amount of air they have to pressurise to produce a high SPL is small compared to an over-ear/on-ear headphone.
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    food158 reacted to rice guru in Deciding Eartips   
    Shape and core size
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    food158 got a reaction from Minorika in what intstruments can i plug into a scarlet solo?   
    As long as it has quarter inch jack I think most electric instruments will work.
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    food158 reacted to ShrimpBrime in I need help :(   
    No tips for you.
    Please give a list (complete) of system specs.
    What speed is the memory running? 2133Mt/s (1067mhz) ?
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    food158 reacted to ShearMe in Schiit Magni + Modi VS Fiio E10K   
    If you kinda want a temporary solution, get a Syba DAC for $40. When you spend bigger bucks on fancy headphones plan on getting a fancy dac/amp setup too. 
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    food158 got a reaction from Classified101 in Schiit Magni + Modi VS Fiio E10K   
    If you're just using it to get rid of static, then either one is fine. Spending the extra $100 doesn't seem reasonable for your use case.
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    food158 got a reaction from rice guru in Schiit Magni + Modi VS Fiio E10K   
    In my experience, you don't need either with m50x.
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    food158 reacted to Chris V in Stay at 1440p or Drop to 1080p   
    personally as a 144hz 1440p user, id recommend you to go 1080p 144hz and be happy about having 2 screens. that also comes with benefits for work. and still make sure you got dual channel 16gb ram (other than that a 2600 / 1060 6gb should be aight, right?)
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    food158 reacted to Noah0302 in Stay at 1440p or Drop to 1080p   
    That would save you the most money obviously.
    I sometimes game at 1440p on a 4k screen and that still looks way sharper than 1080p, does it differ going from 1440 to 1080 that much?
    Also a 1080p 144hz screen would also be an option if you want to go that route.
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    food158 got a reaction from Tinchozz in what headphones do i buy?   
    The Massdrop 58x are well respected for the money.
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    food158 reacted to Derkoli in Alternatives to the Sennheiser GSX 1000   
    Do you have a good idea of just how loud 100dB+ actually is?
    100dB will cause irreversible hearing damage after roughly 15 minutes of exposure. You want to be at roughly 85dB maximum for headphones, or less if you can.
    Quick chart I threw together to explain how quickly your hearing can be damaged for different SPL's:
    dB SPL - Time taken before irreversible damage caused.
    85dB - 8 Hours
    88dB - 4 Hours
    91dB - 2 Hours
    94dB - 1 Hour
    97dB - 30 Minutes
    100dB - 15 Minutes
    103dB - 7.5 Minutes
    106dB - 3.75 Minutes
    109dB - 2 Minutes
    112dB - 1 Minute
    115dB - 30 Seconds
    118dB - 15 Seconds
    121dB - 7.5 Seconds
    124dB - 3.75 Seconds
    127dB - 1.875 Seconds
    130dB - 0.9375 Seconds
    133dB - 0.46 Seconds
    136dB - 0.23 Seconds
    139dB - 0.115 Seconds
    142dB - 0.0575 Seconds
    I've been outside my listening room with my line arrays at roughly 142dB, and even then it is uncomfortable and very easy to damage your hearing, at 110dB you will get discomfort.
    Please do not aim for 100dB+, you will ruin your hearing.
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    food158 reacted to an actual squirrel in Alternatives to the Sennheiser GSX 1000   
    I'm a big fan of the gsx 1000. Intuitive controls and a well written manual go a long way, in addition to the good quality of the 7.1 to binaural conversion imo.
    I think you probably can get away with just 1v for the hd 660. In general, people greatly overestimate how much power they need for headphones.
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    food158 got a reaction from MK7 in Wireless Earbuds - Sony WF-1000xM3 vs Jabra Elite 75T   
    The Sony's have good tonality, especially when you EQ them. They always seem to be at least 70% if not fully charged every time I use them. Build quality is nice. If I had a gripe, it's that the tips are just ok and the case is pretty big and sticks out of your pocket.
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    food158 reacted to rice guru in SORRY IF IM IN THE WRONG PLACE! What are the best headset that doesnt leak/bleed sound?   
    I use open back headphones and my stuff doesn't leak into my mic. It sounds more like a wiring issue or some sort of crosstalk honestly it's probably best to use your current headset and just get a separate mic.
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    food158 got a reaction from kokakolia in Beyerdynamic Headphone Question   
    250ohm maybe your motherboard can't handle(i don't have hands on experience). It's not that beyerdynamics sound bad, it's just that you may find them too treble oriented.
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    food158 reacted to rice guru in Beyerdynamic Headphone Question   
    will say the 250 ohm 770 might be pretty quite still.  but 80 ohm is better bet
    so a low impedance easy to power headphjone would be the Beyerdynamic custom one pro plus its a 16 ohm heapdhone similar tuning to the 770
    onther option for a nice bassy can is the one more triple driver over ears
    if you want to spend less  money the BLOn B8 and Creative aurvana live the originals not the 2 are a good option as well
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    food158 reacted to rice guru in Beyerdynamic Headphone Question   
    so it depends on what models you are trying to buy if you want the 770 the 250 ohm might  be able to be powered fine but hard to say
     but for the 880 and 990 80 and 32 ohms are the safest bets
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    food158 reacted to rice guru in Dac/Amp Sound Question   
    a dac/amp can help improve your audio quality but the biggest improvement you can always get is upgrading the heaphone or speaker itself especially in this case IMO upgrading your dac amp with your current gear wont be that noticable.
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    food158 got a reaction from rice guru in Looking for a sound card upgrade   
    No need for soundcard upgrade for m50x, but im sure you can find eq software.
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    food158 reacted to PopsicleHustler in HyperX Fury compatible with Ryzen?   
    If its DDR4 - Yes, if its DDR3 - No.
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    food158 got a reaction from Bombastinator in Which ram should I get   
    Ok first of all, you wouldn't want to add ram of a different type to the existing ram. The Corsair isn't really better in a way to justify the almost 2x cost. That difference of a CAS latency wouldn't cost you 100's of dollars.
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    food158 reacted to rice guru in headphone suggestion needed   
    Maybe b and o h4? They are comfy and look great . And sound good too. I don't know if they are good for the gym. As imho in ears are 1.less sweaty and 2. Won't fall off your head on the treadmill