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    tinpanalley reacted to RTX 3090 in Bell HomeHub 4000 WiFi extending   
    Personally I haven't had a good experience with extenders, however if you are going to get one, make sure it is branded e.g. TP-link. The cheaper non branded ones don't do much, and are not as effective. 
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    tinpanalley reacted to Alex Atkin UK in What specs are important on a new PCI-e network card?   
    Kinda makes sense in that respect, Gigabit over wire and 500Mbit over WiFi covers pretty much all the capacity you're likely to have, if you consider most people wont be using WiFi in the same room as the router so 500Mbit over WiFi is somewhat optimistic in most cases.
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    tinpanalley reacted to Senzelian in What specs are important on a new PCI-e network card?   
    There's really not a whole lot to look out for.
    Generally speaking all NICs will do the job just fine.

    A nice thing to have for the future might be to get one that comes with a low profile PCI-e bracket. Just in case you'll ever want to install it in something that doesn't offer the space for a full size bracket.
    Never heard of a RJ-45 NIC that also features support for bluetooth. Usually WiFi cards offer bluetooth.
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    tinpanalley reacted to Commodus in Sonos best for physical media throughout an apartment?   
    I'm of the opposite stance... I have a Sonos system (not a Port, but I'm a digital-first guy) and enjoy the sound and convenience. It's warm and slightly bass-heavy in my experience, but still a treat to listen to.
    I also scratch my head a bit at complaints about hardware compatibility. It's only now splitting off app support for speakers that are several years old or more, and those speakers still work (they just use a different app). It's difficult to completely avoid that issue with connected speakers, and Sonos appears to have handled that better than most.
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    tinpanalley got a reaction from Sycoblackburn in Want a new GPU, trying to learn specs and how to choose   
    Oh.. Ok, I thought it might be sometime in the next 6 weeks or so. The thing is, never over the past 15 years or so since I've been building systems have I ever bought any peripheral or component where a better one for less didn't become available in 5-6 months. It's just the way it is. If I wait til Spring, the same will end up being true about waiting until next autumn.
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    tinpanalley got a reaction from Jurrunio in Want a new GPU, trying to learn specs and how to choose   
    Rendering. Taking a timeline of uncompressed 1080p footage that has edits and minor fades, colour timing, etc and outputting an uncompressed master file to create compressed copies from.
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    tinpanalley reacted to Jurrunio in Want a new GPU, trying to learn specs and how to choose   
    as long as it's not some unoptimized thing #Ubisoft, it will run above 60fps all the time if you let it.
    video rendering or encoding? 
    Different brand affects who you will go after for warranty claim. The big 4 (Asus, MSI, Gigabyte and EVGA for Nvidia, first 3 and Sapphire for AMD) may not be always helpful but are at least there, but the smaller brands can be more iffy.
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    tinpanalley reacted to Darkseth in Leaning towards the Huawei P30, but just curious...   
    @Lord Vile
    And Linus' opinion alone is worth more than the opinion of dozens other Reviewers, who 
    1. review many more phones than linus does
    2. MAINLY review Phones (while Linus does a little bit of everything)?
    I mean.. the Truth is mostly somewhere in the middle

    Let me remind you, Linustechtips did test Ryzen CPU performance with 4k Gaming. That alone should tell you, not to blindly believe Linus alone ^^
    Even "tech youtubers" can test wrong sometimes.
    Onless more than half of all reviews/tests claim, that Huawei's Camera is overrated, it is not Overrated.

    Because... I can give you a Louis Rossman video, who says Apple Notebooks are Trash. While most other reviews say otherwise. Who would you believe more?  What 1 guy says? Or what most other says?
    Even, if that one guy knows more about Apple computer (tech-wise), than all others combined.
    What i'm saying is: NEVER believe 1 single Guy, 1 single Review, 1 single Website.
    Watch multiple Reviews/tests, THEN you can get a picture of how it actually is.
    Noone is THE perfect Reviewer.
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    tinpanalley reacted to airborne spoon in Leaning towards the Huawei P30, but just curious...   
    Apparently you've never used the P30. Because it blows everything out of the water including apple and Samsung. And the zoom, holy shit the zoom.
    This phone is a few years old and still beats current gen phone cameras.
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    tinpanalley reacted to Darkseth in Leaning towards the Huawei P30, but just curious...   
    But the Camera IS awesome (just like the other top-tier flaggship cameras). They can easily compete with all the other Flaggships, and in some scenarios, like Low Light, beating the competition.
    Every single Reviewer agrees on that in their Reviews, and you can also see that when they post side to side comparisons.
    I have yet to see one single Test/review about a Huawei Flaggship from the last 2 years, that  claimed, the Camera isn't good, or even worse than the competition. It's mostly the opposite of that.
    But... As long even the P30 loses features and starts getting affected by the Ban, even though they said it won't be affected.. I would stay away from them too.
    And Oneplus cought up with the 8 Pro, thanks to one of the best Sensors right now. Even if you compare it to the latest Pixel or iPhone, it's pure Random, which makes the best shot (sometimes expore is better here, sometimes details are better there, etc).
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    tinpanalley reacted to airborne spoon in Leaning towards the Huawei P30, but just curious...   
    I have a p30 and it's an awesome phone the camera is like a million times better than anything else out there. I've had it for a little over a year. I'm in the US and no features have been removed and China problems don't effect anything. I do use the ADW launcher instead of the stock one but the phone is fast and works great.
    Did I mention how awesome the camera is?
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    tinpanalley reacted to Arika S in Leaning towards the Huawei P30, but just curious...   
    I have a standard P30 and i absolutely love it. i have no concerns about any of the crap going on with the US and Huawei at the moment, it's a great phone. what you get for the price just blew everything else out of the water back when i was looking at a new phone. it came down to the P30 or the Note 10. but the note was just too expensive (and have the exynos chips in aus, which was not preferred).
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    tinpanalley reacted to dizmo in Leaning towards the Huawei P30, but just curious...   
    k cool. Good luck.
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    tinpanalley reacted to AndreiArgeanu in Microphone for PC and mobile use?   
    The mics included in most phones nowadays are pretty good actually so I don't know why would you want a separate mic for that. Also if you want a USB mic, you would need a USB adaptor for your mobile device.
    If you want a good USB microphone the Blue Snowball is a great choice, if you want something smaller of similar quality there is also the Fifine USB mic.

    If you want something that is smaller and portable, then your best choice would be a lav mic. In which case the one below is pretty decent, however if you want better quality there is also the Rode one.

    Blue Snowball
    Fifine USB
    Gyvazla Lavalier
    Rode Smartlav+
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    tinpanalley reacted to Sauron in VMWare for linux in Windows10?   
    To answer the actual question - yes, it will.
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    tinpanalley reacted to Eigenvektor in VMWare for linux in Windows10?   
    Yes, VirtualBox, VMWare, HyperV, etc. are all different programs to do the same thing: run a virtual machine. Think of it like Chrome vs Firefox. Same purpose, different developer.
    Because VirtualBox is free and easy to use and more than enough for most home uses. VMWare is a bit more "professional" with features you probably don't need.
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    tinpanalley reacted to RAS_3885 in New monitor, old stand?   
    This is valid, but without knowing the specific models in question we can't say for sure. This is where giving it a try and seeing if it feels stable is the best way to go.
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    tinpanalley got a reaction from RAS_3885 in New monitor, old stand?   
    I was just asking on the off chance that someone were to say, "not a good idea to mix stands on different monitors, it's not the same as a universal stand for all monitors because a monitor's stand is built for proper distribution of its weight..." etc etc
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    tinpanalley reacted to RAS_3885 in New monitor, old stand?   
    If both the stand and the monitor have a VESA compatible mount of the same size then they will work together.
    You also presumably have both the old stand and new monitor sitting in front of you so... just try it?
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    tinpanalley reacted to ShrimpBrime in Ryzen 5 3600, Windows 7 question   
    OK well my team mates at Warp9 use W7 for overclocking these chips competitively. 
    So I have no idea what you guys mean it won't work.
    Here is example of one of my team mates running W7 with a 3600x. 
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    tinpanalley reacted to muito_gostoso in Ryzen 5 3600, Windows 7 question   
    There is an unofficial version of windows 7 ryzen patched in the scene that fully supports ryzen, but we cant post nothing here about it.
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    tinpanalley got a reaction from Kwikgta in Ryzen 5 3600, Windows 7 question   
    It says this in specs unfortunately...
    "To support Windows® 7 64-bit, you must install an AMD Pinnacle Ridge & Summit Ridge CPU. "
    Shame. Well, for me. And I almost bought the 2700x.
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    tinpanalley reacted to Beerzerker in Soldering iron help   
    I'd suggest going ahead and investing in an actual soldering station. Not that expensive to get and will last you for years, plus more versatile than a pen itself would be if you get a 2-1 setup (Airwand and pen).
    Got mine for well under $100 US and has been worth every penny of it.
    It's something you'll never really outgrow as you learn and improve your soldering skills with.
    Been using an 862+ station for the past few years and it's been good overall, the only gripe would be about the body of the soldering pens eventually cracking up due to the heat due to them being plastic but that takes awhile to happen. Be sure to get one if you do with several different tip styles too, you'll find that to be useful in certain situations for versatility based on what you'll be doing at any given time.
    Good luck.
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    tinpanalley reacted to kb5zue in Soldering iron help   
    It's a soldering iron.  They don't get very technical as it is.  Of course there is the old Radio Shack special that you would spend $4.99 on but if you want to spend spend a few extra bucks and get a couple of extra tools in the process you could go for something like the iron I have posted below.
    Another major decision you might want to think about is whether you want a "soldering IRON" or a "soldering GUN".  Only you can decide what you want and what will work best for you.  Since I am an electronics tech, I have one of both, an iron and a gun.  That way I can decide what will work best for the job at hand.
    Good Luck
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    tinpanalley reacted to Applefreak in Problem with a Dell tablet   
    You could go Linux or get a new license key for Windows 8.1 from a seller like this one