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    4790K 4.6 MHz @ 1.24V
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    z97 Asus Gaming 5
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    Fury HyperX 2x8GB
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    Powercolor R9-290
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    Blue S340 Painted Black
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    250GB 850 EVO
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    Corsair rm750x
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    Viewsonic 27" 1080
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    Dark Rock 3
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    Corsair k70
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  1. Now i guess you can "predict" that it wont do a good job of monitoring signal strength or that the hand off will be clunky... Unless you are sprinting around your house while streaming to your phone its not like the router even has to refresh its signal strength that frequently, what once every second or two, on a 1GHz processor? These ASUS units are designated to be overkill both on signal strength with external antenna and processing power for the nerdy gamer because they have to do everything from a single location. In contrast the Orbi/google mesh networks are designed to re
  2. Well if you need a mesh network because your house is large then immediately. I am purchasing the TM-AC1900 for $50 with the expectation of of needing at least 2. Google mesh on the other hand is $100 per puck. https://slickdeals.net/f/11119759-asus-tm-ac1900-dual-band-gigabit-router-refurbished-48-free-s-h https://www.amazon.com/Google-Wifi-system-set-replacement/dp/B01MAW2294 The real question is, do the mesh systems like google or Orbi have the same power, range, throughput, ect as dedicated routers. Maybe its their simple design but they just don't look as
  3. Asus is enabling mesh networking with many of their existing routers through “aimesh”. Expand on your existing router or just go really high end. Personally since im expecting to move into a bigger home in the near future now i can buy a AC1900 that will be sufficient for my current home and not worry about coverage in the future. Now we can mesh our big bad overkill gamer routers and have a hole nest of spiders! https://www.engadget.com/2018/01/03/asus-mesh-wifi-aimesh/ https://www.asus.com/AiMesh/
  4. Last year I delt with an RMA for a (PowerColor R9-290 PCS+) due to failed fans... It was not pleasant for me receiving a reference card in return that was super loud(So I RMA'd it again ) Turns out there was an issue with THIS RMA card that I did not find out until recently when I got a 144hz monitor (1440P/144Hz display port issue)... So I RMA'd for a THIRD TIME!!! I just received an Powercolor RX-480 8GB Red Devil... Their best card! Its quiet, cool, looks good, performs a bit better, and SHOWS THEY CARE!
  5. Best Buy has a an extended return period so I just bought an RX-480 that I need to return by Jan 1.... So far the 480 hasnt had any issues so i guess it was the GPU. I will use this 480, while I RMA my 290. If the RMA'd card still has issues Ill just have to craigs list it and buy a 480...
  6. @MrImnotMLG Even though the the FPS counter is part of the monitor? The Artifacting in the monitors built in FPS counter even after the game is closed has me wondering about the signal/monitor
  7. Problem Summary Ok so long story short, I got a new monitor (XF270HU), and for the first time Im using my GPU (R9-290) at more then 60HZ.... BUT now I get random Black screens and screen disconnects. I am Not sure if its the GPU, Monitor, Display port cable, or some crazy driver.... I usually play an older Indi game and I play 144hz all day long no problem, but if I switch to SW Battlefront, if I use 100hz, 120hz, or 144hz, I get random black screens where the sound still works and it is clearly not frozen. During the first load screen EVERY time, and randomly while play
  8. Are you majoring in video editing, graphic design? lets be real, no one spends time doing homework...
  9. Amp? If you don't have one the Philips Fidelio x2 are supposed to be top notch... if you do the HD650...
  10. Ok so I currently have a viewsonic vx2739wm; 27", 1080, 60hz, 1ms display. I want a better everything!!! PB328Q - 75Hz, 1440p, 32", unknown input lag. XF270HU - 144hz freesync, 1440p, 27", great input lag! So I guess it comes down to size vs performance... But if the 32" is better in every way then my current monitor does the extra performance of the 144hz really matter?
  11. Get the best Monitor- Pro- Monitors are much better investments. GPUs cost drop every year and every year a newer better card is available. Con- If you cant drive a great monitor then why buy it? If you have to get a monitor, because you your old one is shot... then invest your money so you dont end up buying a new one in a year or 2.
  12. do you have a VR, 4k, 1440p, or 100hz+ monitor... if not do you plan to get one... if not dont bother with a 1080...
  13. USB 2 will not bottleneck wireless.... So what your looking at is process time not through-put. A USB2 on the MOBO will probably have better access to the chipset then a pci card. The Pcie card just adds an extra layer of communication protocal and slows it down a ms or 2
  14. The twisting motion eliminates the need to digitally flip the screen, But in the process you now have a single point that has to twist, fold, and communicate... Basically modern designs realized that simply adding a position sensors to detect when the screen has flipped allows for sturdier designs.
  15. Best bet for on the cheep is buying a 2020+ Lepai Amp... figure $25 for the amp and $5 for a 1/8th to stereo cable... so about $30