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  1. Meant more of the fun attempts of adding 500 or so rocket boosters together, let it lift off with over 30 or so disconnections and have it all shake and blow up at a glorious 2fps. Could also go into ark, and just console command 5k rexs, a mecha/chrome dragon or two, and a few mod bosses for your game to crash to all hell. Granted, then the question is whether you mean demanding due to what we add into the game, or whether it is demanding on vanilla with highest settings, or if it is due to just poor optimization; which was particularly my point in the first place.
  2. Wouldn't say that it is due to graphical settings. The issue is more of how much crap you have on screen rendering all at once. In that case, you can do far worse with kerbal space program, or even skyrim, fallout, etc with console commands and mods.
  3. I looked at the tea leaves and it just said: Bethesda/Zenimax... wait for after release and ask again.
  4. Is it worth getting the gsync, or is it better to get a decent lower cost monitor without it?
  5. If you really are worried on price, you could technically shave off a good deal on the price by going Korean import. I've done it in the past and haven't had much problem with the monitor at all. Only real downside with it is that the stand it comes with leaves much to be desired (probably why the price is cheaper); granted, it can be vesa mounted, so it isn't that big a deal. The panel itself is usually samsung or lg, so you should be fine regardless. So 250-350 usd for a 27" ips, 1440p, 60hz monitor (can technically oc to 90). I purchased from green-sum from ebay back in 2015, an
  6. Fair enough, as you can see from my request, the only real requirement is size 24-27" and high refresh rate. Beyond that I'm quite open. If you have suggestions on specific monitors with decent reviews, please share.
  7. Computer specs listed in signature, though I plan to probably upgrade gpu to a 1070 or 1080 sometime soon. Current display is a 1440p ips (27"). It can technically oc to 120 (apparently best at 90), but korean imports can be funky about that and I was too lazy to bother. So I'm looking towards a 24-27" gaming quality monitor, with the standard <2ms response time and ~144hz refresh rate. 1080p is fine, but wouldn't mind 1440p if that is available (already assume that is unlikely). IPS preferred, but also understand that it is far more likely for it to be a tn panel, so I won't be
  8. @Vode @CostcoSamples Very true on the stock i7 vs the i5. The 4690k and 4790k are truly differentiated by number of threads, but the 4790k runs perfectly fine without an oc, while 4690k usually is oc'd to get around the same (or a tad better) performance when oc'd (yes, you can oc it for far more, but we don't need to get down to the level of liquid nitrogen, etc). If not overclocking for great performance is fine enough, why bother to go through the extra, and potentially destructive/unsafe, effort? I personally would go equivalent i7 if you can afford it, even if
  9. No worries. There is also the issue on @CostcoSamplesthoughts of going i5 quad core to i7 quad core (for himself), but that is possibly more viable/sensible in that it will give him hyperthreading, as i5 (at least, last time I looked at them) did not have such features.
  10. I only said GPU, not CPU. I hadn't planned on any upgrade when there is obviously no need. To be fair, I did ask if there were any current GPUs that may be throttled by it, but that was more out of curiosity, and for future reference.
  11. I did mention what I was considering, so those questions were unneeded. It looks like I'll get a 1080, or wait for the 1080ti.
  12. @WereCat I was thinking 1070 or 1080 (latter in case I eventually consider getting a 4k setup). A 1060 would practically be a near even trade, so it wouldn't be that worthwhile. @CostcoSamples Probably game on one and use the other for multitasking. I don't really do racing or other game genres that would make decent use of having the game split into multiple monitors.
  13. I was considering upgrading from my 970 to manage a dual monitor setup with 1440p ips and 1080p 144hz monitors. What is a worthwhile change, and should I worry on bottlenecks at this point?
  14. Better to just bring up the real reason why no one suggested the xbox one. There are no exclusives, thus you might as well get pc and upgrade it as you wish. If you liked any of the exclusives on ps4, then that is another option. Getting an xbone just don't seem as sensible after all things are considered. As for power, both microsoft and sony are creating 4k ready versions, so that is also a moot point. When you add that into the equations, you are still only paying more money for a shinier xbox with games that can all be played on pc.
  15. The minix avior is decent, and ambidextrous in design. I use the naos and find no complaints with the brand. People would suggest the 7000 variant over the 8200, as there won't be mouse acceleration. Hope that helps.