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Posts posted by VioDuskar

  1. 1 minute ago, maoh said:

    I'll try swapping the sticks and see if it really is the stick that is causing the problem. It's just weird that if its is dead, then w10 should not recognize that I have a 16gb total of memory right? 


    correct. it shouldn't detect the stick at all if it's dead. 

    i'd see if a slot change helps. be sure to stagger the slots, as that's how most of the dual channels are set up. 
    if this doesn't help i'd get the latest BIOS version 7B89vAD. are you sure that's the version you're running? 

    link for reference: https://www.msi.com/Motherboard/support/B450M-MORTAR-TITANIUM#down-bios

  2. 4 minutes ago, maoh said:

    Yes, on Speccy, it recognizes 2 sticks. My problem is I can't use the other stick. Only 8 gb is usable atm.


    under SLOT#1 and SLOT#2 what does it show? 

    you can swap the sticks to the other two slots and see if that fixes the issue. you may have a dead slot. 

    you can swap the sticks and see if the problem stick is an issue in the other slot. you may have a dead stick. 

    you can update the BIOS, you may have a BIOS issue. (this is rather unlikely.)


  3. 1 minute ago, maoh said:

    Hey guys, new here. And as the title says, one of my ram sticks is not being detected by the motherboard. In the bios, it only shows 8gb total memory. But the weird thing is whenever I check the task manager, it shows a total of 16GB of memory and the 8gb is reserved. I already tried all possible (afaik) ways to remove the hardware reserved memory.



    Ryzen 5 2600

    16 GB HyperX RGB

    RTX 2070S

    Mortar Titanium B450M (updated to latest bios version)


    Any ideas how to fix this? is my ram faulty? or is it my motherboard? BTW, this is the 3rd time this happened to me, I'm thinking my mobo is causing the problem.

    task manager shows slots used 2 of 4?  
    if OS tools detect all of your RAM your BIOS may just have an error reporting, in which case you can either ignore it, or update the BIOS. 

  4. 7 minutes ago, BobVonBob said:

    No. Once installed it stays liquid on the CPU for years. A day isn't going to hurt it at all.

    i have pulled off some super crusty and crumbly paste before.

    A day isn't going to hurt the paste much, but you should be worried about open air contaminants like animal hair and similar dust balls getting in your paste and getting stuck.  
    I'd just wipe off the paste and reapply in the morning. 

    just wipe it with some alcohol and paper towels/ cotton balls and put new paste on the CPU. 

    (if you use cotton balls make sure you don't leave any cotton strands)

  5. 1 minute ago, GoldengamerZ07 said:

    Yes twice i completely erase it and tried again only thing i havent tried is to delete the flash drive and reinstall it. And FAT and i tried MBR/DOS same result for both

    so you have a bootable USB, you're deleted the target SSD/HDD's partitions, and you'd unable to install the OS onto the target drive because it can't create a root directory?


    1 minute ago, Marcimo said:

    I dont care about my data and yes I have a 8 gb USB stick

    if you have a USB, you can download the Win10 media installation tool at this link https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/software-download/windows10
    download the tool, and go through the prompts to make a bootable USB. 

    once you have a bootable USB plug it in and select the USB as your boot device in your BIOS. then go through the prompts to delete your old partitions and start the OS installation. 

  7. 7 minutes ago, Marcimo said:

    Ik that repair disk is not the issue* 

    im just dumb okey ;-;

    boot to BIOS and see if the Disk is recognized in the BIOS. if it's not the drive is probably dead. 

    if it is in the BIOS, and it might be if you get startup recovery, then you may have issues with your boot table, or your drive letters are messed up. i've seen it happen recently after newer windows updates, but normally it only happens to systems with multiple drives. 

    if you don't care about your data you can just reinstall windows on the drive. 
    you might want to check the drive's SMART info to see if it's healthy though. 

  8. 1 hour ago, bonkers1234 said:

    Wait sorry I think it does mean I should be able to get into BIOS but that there is still an issue with the ssd. So it must be a display or cable issue. I am temporarily using a TV as a monitor with a HDMI cable until my proper monitor arrives, do you have any advice with what I should try.

    is your tv set to the right input? 
    it should work fine enough


  9. 16 minutes ago, bonkers1234 said:

    I am 100% sure it's the boot LED that's on. I have tried booting with no drive, with just m.2 ssd and with just an old sata hard drive all give me the same boot Q-LED. Also I said white light above mistakenly I meant to say green light. The boot debug LED is green. 

    Right now I'm just trying to get into BIOS but I will definitely update BIOS if I can get the PC to post. And I don't have a spare GPU, old computer had iGPU.

    if the boot LED is greed you should be good to go. i think you might have a display cable and monitor issue then.


  10. 5 minutes ago, bonkers1234 said:


    so, it's a boot LED? are you sure? you should get through POST and into the BIOS even with no bootable drive. do you have a spare SATA drive? 

    it must be a CPU, RAM, VGA issue. boot is the last thing checked. 
    i'd pull out all of the drives to see if the LEDs change, and then try a spare SATA drive to see if it will let you into the BIOS. 

    it might be worthwhile to update the BIOS if you can get it to boot. 
    also, if it's a VGA issue and you're running a PCI-e 4.0 GPU, you may need to slot an older GPU and switch your PCI-e mode to 3.0 in the BIOS. 
    do you have a spare older GPU? 

  11. 3 minutes ago, jeanmichel said:

    No, I am replacing all previous sticks with the ones listed above so they are all the same model, speed, etc.

    However my MB supports 1333Mhz while they are 1600. However I believe they will underclock automatically to match the MB speed (?)

    check the documentation on your motherboard and see if that model number of RAM is supported. i'd say you might be looking for different RAM soon. 

  12. 9 minutes ago, Onoykazi said:

    Last year i bought a Lenovo Legion T530-28ICB(from france if that helps) on a pretty good deal, with an i5-8400 and rtx 2060. Now i want to upgrade my cpu since it seems to bottleneck in games like warzone or fps games in general. Upon inquiring about my PSU (I dont have the guts to open case and check), a Lenovo community forum expert said i have a 350watt PSU.

    How is that even possible? Forget about upgrading, now im worried about my PC blowing up. 

    Can anyone help me? Hopefully the tech dude was wrong, since I've seen some people saying mine should have a 500watt PSU.



    The product page in english shows a 500W PSU. open the case and check the side of the PSU. remove it if you have to. it MUST be labeled. 

  13. 6 minutes ago, jeanmichel said:

    My MB is ECC memory compatible, so I do not know where the issue could come from. System boots fine with original ram sticks

    Can anyone suggest further troubleshooting procedures ? Thanks.

    so your RAM sticks speeds are mismatched? are you mismatching ECC and non-ECC? 

  14. 7 minutes ago, dumbnooba said:

    GT 1030 ( crap ik but planning to oc ) and upgrade later on

    seagate barracuda 2tb hdd ( installing windows on this )

    these are the only things i'd work on replacing/upgrading/changing soon. 
    your GPU needs an upgrade bad if you plan on playing anything newer. 
    your 2TB HDD is okay for long term storage, but i'd get an NVMe m.2 SSD for your OS. even a 256gb just for the OS would be much nicer. 
    you can still use the 2TB for storage. just move your windows install off of it. 

  15. 9 minutes ago, KickinGravy said:

    Yes I have done that, but the issue keeps happening. Also the ssd's in my system aren't showing up in the load order section of the bios, have to manually select the drive with windows on it to boot into windows. 

    is your bios set to UEFI? 
    do you know if your boot flags on your drives are right? 
    are your drive letters right on your partitions?


    i recently ran into a computer that had multiple SSDs and after an update all of the partitions got drive letters when they shouldn't have. C: became F: and windows became unbootable.