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  1. if you're patient i'd try the motherboard with the core without an update. i got an x570 with my 5600X and never had an issue. if it doesn't work, try to get the boot kit.
  2. it's an antiglare coating they put on them. it's not normally an advertised feature, just something you might get with higher end displays.
  3. VioDuskar

    Static problem

    is this a desktop or laptop? regardless it's going to be hard to do. i'd check to see if there is any damage to the 3.5mm socket on the outside and in. see if there is junk clogging the hole. follow the wire for the 3.5mm socket back to the board and see if it's damaged. if it is damaged it can be fixed, if not, then you probably can't do anything about it.
  4. VioDuskar

    Static problem

    sounds like a grounding issue, or well, lack of grounding. try with a different mic, report results. i assume you're using an analogue tip, ring, sleeve in the 3.5mm jack on your computer?
  5. new builds normally fail to post due to user error. or, even bad configuration prior. (i'll explain in a minute.) my dad rebuilt a computer once, and brought it to me bacause he couldn't get it to display... he forgot to plug in the PCIe power cables to the GPU. i've had friends bring me machines that they failed to secure the RAM in all the way. or forgot to plug in the 8pin CPU power. recently i swapped my PCIe-3.0 GPU out for a PCIe-4.0 GPU. now normally this doesn't matter, but i use a riser cable in my mini-ITX build. the riser is only rated for PCIe-3.0.
  6. there you go. no need to upgrade for you, for now. unless.... you wanna buy my overinflated 1070 or 2070Super? i'm kidding. you can't have my spare parts. i horde like a dragon.
  7. OP, these other guys are right though. you're probably not going to see much (if any) performance improvement by moving a monitor off the primary GPU, but for 15$ it's not like you're being super wasteful.
  8. if you are satisfied with your GPU there is no reason to go out and buy another just to have one. if the games you play put out enough frames to match your monitor, you're fine forever. the best reason to upgrade a GPU is because you want to do something you've never done before. "I want to try VR" or "I want to get 144FPS to match my 144Hz monitor" or even "let's see what this ray tracing is all about" these are reasons to upgrade. not "my GPU model number is old"
  9. as long as you have a 2nd PCI-e slot you can use a 2nd card for a 2nd monitor. it will work. you won't be able to SLI/NV-Link them. the only benefit you would get is additional monitor outputs. just displaying out to a monitor isn't using much resources. are you attempting to do renders with them? what do you need the "resources" for?
  10. looks like it's running a sapphire BIOS by the revision number? https://www.techpowerup.com/vgabios/191262/sapphire-rx580-8192-170320 might just have to do a clean install of drivers. the GPU BIOS is probably fine.
  11. yes, i tried both. Aorus engine is just another clocking tool. it just reinstalls RGB fusion2.
  12. So... i have an Asus Mobo, with corsair peripherals. I recently swapped out my Asus 2070Super for a Gigabyte Eagle 3080Ti, only issue is, the lights are stuck blue. Corsair iCue doesn't detect the GPU, and RGB fusion doesn't either. RGB fusion crashes when i try to add a profile, and doesn't show anything anywhere else. any clues?
  13. yes, if you do not have a spare PSU you would need to use yours. depending on how well dressed your cables are, you may need to completely remove it. if your cables aren't dressed well at all, just hang your PSU cables out the side of your case. it's gross, but it works.
  14. yes, this OP MoBo, CPU, RAM, and PSU are a bare minimum to get the system to POST. all of these parts must be good. if your RAM is suspect, only use one stick. monitor is only required to see it post. GPU is needed if the CPU doesn't have integrated graphics. if you do not have a GPU in the PCIe slots, the CPU will try to put video out any on motherboard connectors.
  15. HMDI audio De-Embeder is what you need. Source--> HDMI out---> De-Embeder--> Video to Projector --> Audio to soundbar (Via RCA or HDMI or Optical TOSLink) depends on the de-embeder.
  16. that's amazing. tell intel that you'll sell it back to them to reverse engineer and create a new product that can beat AMD. don't take less than 5 million USD for it.
  17. yeah, i run a 2070Super on a 600W PSU.
  18. an m.2 is a Solid State Drive. it's just not a sata drive.
  19. OverClocks don't drain that much more power. Nvidia recommends a 750W PSU for an rtx3080, so it may be pushing it. your PSU drain varies based on how many fans you have, how many sata drives you have etc. if you're worried about it, don't get an 80 tier card. (not like you can find them in stock anywhere)
  20. the one you can find on the shelf. honestly, any 3070ti/3080 or lower would run on that PSU, but stock is pretty abysmal
  21. is the noise fan spin? that's normal. coil whine is less than normal nowadays.
  22. resolution refreshrate gsync/freesync HDR response time panel type in that order. most of the time panel type falls in line based on other criteria.
  23. there are some things corsair does well, and some things they don't. i think their mice and keyboards are just fine. PSUs and RAM is "your milage may vary"
  24. because i'm not a scalper like you, and by the length and width the specs fit the case. the other 2 cards i entered for would have fit. I didn't realize it wouldn't fit until i had already won it.