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  1. So I'm having alot of trouble setting up my Nexus 7 to be a car dashboard, mostly software and os wise. I'm looking for someone in the Vancouver region who is willing to help me with this in person.
  2. Does anyone know if the Coolermaster Eisberg would fit into the FT03 Mini by silverstone? The block itself seems alittle high, and plus the tubing sticking out the top, will it interfere with the power supply? Will EK GPU waterblocks fit in the FT03 mini?
  3. I love the water-resistant / waterproof design, and the front facing speakers are a blessing. I like how dbrand uses 3M vinyl and not some other cheap solution, makes the wrap seem premium!
  4. I love the unusual thinness from Asus ROG series
  5. Love the no side button concept. Rockers are so easy to break in my experience.
  6. But as far as I know, there's such a thing as a USB splitter vs USB hub, and a USB splitter looks to be much simpler in design. Well the real reason for asking this is because I'm modding my Das keyboard to have a 1 Mini-B socket and theres supposed to be 2 usb out for the keyboard, I wanted to make the 2 cables go into 1 socket.
  7. So, for example, you have a mouse and a keyboard but only 1 USB port. And for some stupid reason you did not want to go buy a USB hub and decided to cut the two wires and solder them together as 1 USB cable, will the computer be able to recognize them? (Assuming I plug the cable into a high-power usb port so power is not an issue)
  8. Love the metal build quality, as the same with the M7, its finally something worthy of 700+ dollars. So sick of cupping my Samsung S4, the Boom Sound is simple, ergonomic.
  9. Well, when a true 32-bit 8k panel hits the market, I may have to sell myself into slavery then huh?
  10. I've been wanting to get a pro grade monitor for a while now. But I came across the 29 inch wide screen and it was the same price. Which one is better for the money? I don't use adobe suits and don't have a 10 bit graphics card at the moment. However I am doing alittle bit of photography. And I may upgrade to a workstation grade desktop soon.
  11. Personally I'd choose the option 1 or 3, I've had a cheap Asus monitor, I'd say it looked pretty good, but the glossy bezel and stand just looked obnoxious and theres no tilt. So the question is, do you want richer colors for a smaller screen size, or do you want a bigger screen size and thin colors. (assuming the 24" is a mva or pva panel)
  12. Would've loved to buy Mayflower because of support on forum and excellent reviews, but couldn't find any official dealers in Vancouver and purchasing online is not an option for me.
  13. As far as I know, electrical signals can cause interference with audio equipment, which is why most audiophiles choose to use external DACs and Amps when connected to computers. But will wireless signals such as 2.4ghz and 5ghz wifi signals close to audio equipment cause the sound to distort? If the wireless AC router is 1 meter away from the DAC + AMP will it cause a major problem?
  14. I grabbed myself a O2 + ODAC Combo Unit by JDS Labs for my DT 990 600ohms edition. I was wondering if there was any noticeable or even any difference at all between the Mayflower O2 + ODAC Combo Unit and the JDS ones. To me it just seems like MSI and Gigabyte making Nvidia cards... If anyone out there is able to confirm this question that would be great!