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    i5-2500k @ 4.8Ghz
  • Motherboard
    ASUS Maximus V Formula
  • RAM
    Corsair Vengeance Blue 1866Mhz
  • GPU
    EVGA SC 1070.
  • Case
    Nzxt H2 in black
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    240GB Corsair Force 3 SSD + 1TB WD Green
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    Bequiet! Pure Power 730W
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    BenQ XL2411 + Dell U2713HM
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    Bequiet! Dark Rock Pro 2
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    WASD 105 ISO w/ Blank caps + UV Print. Cherrymx Browns.
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    Razer Deathadder 2013
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    Beyerdynamic DT990 PRO 250Ohm
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    Win7 Ulti

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  1. Reinstall did nothing unfortunately. Maybe helped a little at most. Still not getting what I should be.
  2. Used DDU to do a fresh install of the Drivers to no avail. I may just reinstall windows tomorrow.
  3. Evening guys. I'm currently having serious GPU underutilisation issues over the past few days. I fired Rocket League up as per usual and went to play and everything felt sluggish compared to usual. After checking with EVGA precision X I found out that my GPU usage is only 35-50% compared to the usual 100% or there abouts. My FPS in games like Rocket League has been halved and it's noticeable on my 144hz monitor. I've had stuttering issues alongside the underutilisation. Do not tell me to switch the 2500k out, it is still going strong and before the current issues I was getting a solid 144FPS i
  4. I've personally played roulette with Dell about my U2713HM that I still have. The first I had from Scan.co.uk was very bad in terms of backlight bleed. The second I ordered direct from Dell (Silver version) turned out very nicely in terms of backlight bleed but one of my pixels died early on but since it's unnoticeable I can't be bothered returning it to play roulette again. Asus still need to step their game up regarding QC. Whoever is producing the panels needs a kick in the teeth as it isn't acceptable by either the supplier or Asus in the end.
  5. As someone who owns a rather large "Drone", I say good luck to an sort of bird of prey taking my TBS Discovery down, especially when it's spinning 15 inch carbon propellers at a few thousand RPM. Edit: I forgot to mention the example that they showed was a Toy grade Syma x8c, which by all accounts is a joke of an example.
  6. Ddm5

    $84000 gaming rig

    He's the only one that came to mind, not sure why you have to be a dick about it but hey. A decent simulator won't provide you with the actual experience but it's a compromise for people who are hardcore into Motorsport. A simulator can only provide so much in terms of realism as everyone is aware of. Also, you mentioned you wouldn't take DJ'ing advice from him when ironically he doesn't like to be referred to as one since he doesn't personally class himself as one.
  7. Ddm5

    $84000 gaming rig

    A lot of people just aren't getting it. Deadmau5 made a perfect point on something similar to this as he has a fairly expensive simulator himself, around 20k or so. If you have the money and you're into hardcore into Motorsport this will be perfect for you. What else can provide you with the ability to test any car on any track in the world whenever you want and for however long you want?, it may be over priced but it's worth it to the right person.
  8. It can be cheap. For around £200 you can pick up a very cheap setup. Which would be a 250 size + Full FPV, but if you don't have things on hand like batteries, a charger, etc it can get more and more expensive. I've put a lot of money into my TBS Discovery on spare parts, upgrades, etc.
  9. It's disorientating at first when I first started FPV. My setup just uses a cheap board camera and goggles, you may have used something that has head tracking which can track the movement of the users head and pan the camera this way, the cheapest solution for this is typical made up of 2 servos and the camera itself, with the logic board receiving data from the head tracking unit. The VR aspect I'm unsure about. There is a 3D set of goggles from Sykzone which is uses 2 cameras and technically 2 video transmitters but I didn't look into it much.
  10. I'd say this post is way behind current events. I have a Quadcopter, a 480 size TBS Discovery with full FPV and recording capabilities, but that's for a different time. "Drone" racing is becoming quite popular and the 250 scene is very popular. The first video is Charpue, if I spelt his name correctly which I highly doubt. He's a very well known pilot in the current scene. He loves his free style flying and acrobatics, etc. The racing scene is picking up very quickly and events are hosted all over the place, the "Underground" aspect of it sounds odd. It's a hobby. A lot of what we do is and is
  11. You were right. In the updated version of AI Suite 2 there is a thing called Wifi Engine. Which I'm going to try and use.
  12. I tried that too but it wasn't great in terms of usage. It had to be left minimized and closing the window would close it out completely.
  13. I went through the processes of doing it through the command prompt. It works and it works great. But it did drop itself completely at one point and I had to re-enable it through the command prompt.
  14. Are either of these solutions permanent?, my computer seemed to drop the hotspot either when I locked it or whatever I did, I can't quite remember.
  15. I've currently put the Wifi module back onto my Maximus V Formula motherboard and would like to find a way of enabling the wifi and setting it up as a hotspot so that devices upstairs can access the internet through my computer. Do you guys have any idea of how I would go about doing this effectively?