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  1. nope has to be a laptop and I am really wanting a convertible one
  2. School work, finances, programming etc. No Gaming or otherwise intensive activities.
  3. Hi guys, I am looking to buy a 2 in 1 (convertible) laptop and I was wondering whether you had any recommendations or advice? I am looking in the sub £250 ($370) area and for a 10" or larger screen size. Thanks in advance
  4. Thanks everyone for your help I had tried; urllib.urlretrieve ("http://www.example.com/songs/mp3.mp3", "mp3.mp3") before however it did not work, therefore I was looking for an alternative solution. Then I worked out that the URL I was downloading from had expired so that was the reason it would not work. Thanks anyway!
  5. what program is that in? powershell?
  6. I can't really use 3rd party programs, it needs to be using code that is in the default windows package or that can be converted to run within that environment
  7. I am using this script to automate these downloads so typing into a download manager is not what I am looking for
  8. Hi guys, Up to now, I have been using a small python script to download files from the internet (mainly Dropbox) when given the URL of the file. (see below) However this method takes a very long time to download files that shouldn't take that long at all. Does anyone have a better, fast method of doing the same thing?
  9. These are desktop HDDs with a sata to USB adapter attached. The problem seems to be now that I can mount one HDD successfully but as soon as I add another the pi frezzes until I remove it. I think this is because both identifiers are 0x000000
  10. so i am putting together a NAS with three hard drives and a pi but the pi tells me, when I try to mount the hard drive (within raspbian), it does not have a partitioning table! help???!
  11. So will this at as a modem as well? Like my original one?
  12. well whatever the box is that provides me wireless and wired capabilities