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  1. I know these GPUs are on the Low-end side. My main rig packs quite a punch and that's where I do the heavy stuff and demanding games. I'm building this PC as a second system, either for a 2nd player to game on it with me, or to take it with me to play at someone else's place. So games played won't be on the fancy side, and it's going to run them either on 768p or 900p (depending where I'm at). Also, high settings aren't something I'm looking for, just low-ish to medium settings, without AA (on the very easy to run games I'll probably tune it to high on some stuff, but I'm not wil
  2. My country has a 50% tax for international products that go over 25USD and don't have a reduced import tax. Most of the computer parts aren't reduced in tax, so even if that offer had free shipping (which is often 10-40 usd for those stuff when it doesn't) it would still be over budget. So buying a GPU from other country isn't on the plan. Still, thanks for the suggestion
  3. Hello, I'm from Argentina and I'm trying to build a old and used PC for dirt cheap. So far I've collected a 650w bronze PSU (superflower oem), a case with decent airflow, a 500gb HDD, a modded Xeon X5460, a LGA 775 mobo that had no problems taking said Xeon and can OC, a good enough CPU cooler, and 4GB DDR 800mhz. Everything for around $90 (usd). Which might not be an earth-shattering deal, but considering the local currency, it was quite an achievement. I've been scouting the used area for a while, and GPUs are a tough find. I've found around the $70-90usd area (which is about t
  4. 4 cores 4 threads on a 200+ USD CPU? What is this 2016???
  5. Bitwit kyle didn't do a much better job with his usd850 budget PC that used a $25 non-80-plus EVGA PSU... Paul's build is much more balanced, my only critique (mind you a small one) is that he could shave some bucks here and there for a 30-40usd Air Cooler, which would definitively be better than the stock one.
  6. The same build I suggested has a video now. The RX 550 is supposed to get a price drop soon. It makes up for a decent system.
  7. Specially with mods, you would be much better off getting a CPU that has strong cores. The Pentium G4560 comes with hyper threading @3.5ghz for CAD$75. It won't need an additional cooler, and a cheap CAD$65 board would be more than enough for it. This CPU's IPC is much higher than the Athlon's, and minecraft would love that. It's pretty much an i3 with a Pentium name and price. Regarding the GPU, you don't need much tbh (unless you go into crazy shaders), personally I'd get the RX 550, which is a step up from the 460. It's CAD$120. https://ca.pcpartpicker.com/product/LsNypg/sapphire
  8. This is my point much better explained. It's as simple as this. Imagine most consumers on their PCs suddenly decide to uninstall windows and go with some non-commercial Linux distro (let's say something like Clear Linux, it could be other). They would have to use the software that those OS support, which means that Adobe doesn't have a market leading platform, Ubisoft won't keep pushing things with their Game Client, and Microsoft won't be able to gather money from Office 365 subs. Give it less than a Month and we would get the support of most games out there, all running with Vulkan
  9. I mean, technically speaking, we don't own the Internet. Anyone who knows about Internet's history, about how it started as a US military network that opened their infrastructure and then moved on to leave it as a commercial platform for trading and communication can tell it isn't something the consumer owns. There were many institutions and councils that made the standards and "opened" it for everyone, but the bones of it are the physical connections, servers and equipment. It's money what keeps it afloat and commercial motives what keeps the investment going. The only thing that pe
  10. At first there were some problems with specific audio configurations and sound cards, so some people wouldn't be able to use it properly. Also, the software got frequent updates which required a system restart. This was during the first couple of months with Razer Comms, it drove lots of people off. Some of the bugs were never fixed. These are the main reasons people abandoned it. Later Discord became the go-to platform.
  11. I got questions! Where is the space reduction you are looking for on mITX? You want a short case (height)? A case that's not long (depth)? or a case that doesn't take that much space (Slim)? One goes itx for the sake of compactness. A 250D is smaller than an ATX case, but it's fatter, so on a desk it will have a larger foot print than any ATX mid tower. A Node 202 is very slim, but it's taller than a Cube case. There are also cases like the Lian Li Q01 that is very short (depth-wise) but more chubby than other options. I know the examples I gave won't fit the AiO you mentioned,
  12. They pretty much confirmed they aren't going to keep pushing the idea they had some time ago, where Ubuntu will be a complete ecosystem, useful for tablets, phones, notebooks as well as desktops. The idea canonical had was similar to what apple was doing, but keeping things open, and "linuxy" as always. Mir and the smartphones are also going away, so the development rolled back to the days before unity. It's just going to be a straight desktop and server OS now. http://www.cio.com/article/3187740/linux/canonical-kills-unity-mir-and-ubuntu-phones.html
  13. Why did you posted this 3 times on 3 different categories? That's not how you use the forum Basically what the guy said was: My hard drive had physical damage, so I copied it to another one while ignoring errors, I booted with the copied drive in order to back up my files and reinstall windows into a healthy drive. What you should do: Do a proper disk check, don't use the windows scan and check, use proper tools. If your drive appears to have any sort of damage, you should replace it for the sake of not going through this again, and not loosing your personal data. Grab any per