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    I spent about 2000 hours playing Terraria, I still am bad at building.
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    Trying to figure out what paint makes things look good in Terraria.


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    i7 3770s(K)
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    ASROCK Z77 Extreme4
  • RAM
    Patriot Memory 1600Mhz 16GB
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    Sapphire R9 290x
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    "Wally, the Wall PC"
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    1tb hybrid drive
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    Corsair RM750i
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    LG Flatron E2742
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    Hyper 212 Evo
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    CM Storm Rapid
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    Gamdias Zeus
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    JBL Left and Right and Klipsch center and sub
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  1. I just double checked with Audacity and it's the same. This is what it looks like recording me speaking normally.
  2. Discord's mic test. When I use manual voice activity the slider needs to be set to about -85db in order for it to trigger, and the audio quality is poorer than I would expect and I think that is due to the mic boost being set to +30db.
  3. It came with a 4 pole splitter, they are plugged into the correct ports and the only control the controller has over the mic is mute. I can hear audio when I speak, it's just almost uselessly quiet.
  4. I've got everything I can find at max, including both of those and mic volume in Discord.
  5. I have been having issues with the mic on my HyperX Alpha being rather quiet while using them with my computer (plugged into onboard from the back). I have spent the last 2 hours researching issues related to Windows, audio drivers ect... I have determined in short that the signal should be amplified before it gets to my computer in order to make myself heard and to avoid distortion that, as I understand, is created by digital amplification. Keep in mind I am not well versed in the world of audio equipment. Also I have no need to amplify the audio going towards my headset, all that is working
  6. Is there any difference between EKWB's "non-Strix" Vega 64 waterblock and the Strix version? Non-Strix: https://www.ekwb.com/shop/ek-fc-radeon-vega-rgb-nickel Strix: https://www.ekwb.com/shop/ek-fc-radeon-vega-strix-rgb-nickel
  7. School is starting for me and I need a new laptop. I often need to design things in Autodesk Inventor for projects and whatnot. Much of this I have to do at home, where I can use my computer, and the rest at school on the aforementioned laptop. What I require in the laptop: 1: It must be light and portable, physical size is less important than weight (it's going in my backpack, so it needs to be somewhat robust as well). 2: It must be capable of running Autodesk Inventor and the ram hungry monster known as Chrome at the same time. 3: It must have more than 3 hours o
  8. For the past hour I have been trying to find a "bay style" reservoir for a custom case I am designing. The requirements are as follows: 1: It must be clear all the way through, like a window with water in it. 2: It must be smaller than 200 x 140mm. The depth is not much of a concern. 3: It must have G1/4" ports placed somewhere that allows an unobstructed view through it. 4: The price must be reasonable, say less than $200 USD. Also, I do not care much if there is a pump or not. Hopefully if there is a good option I can finish the design
  9. That's what I'm using right now, but it can't even change the leds on my Trident Z RAM. When you try to start the software, it just says that there is no RAM, which makes tons of sense.
  10. I have done a lot of searching and I can't find a motherboard with the above specs. Does such an item exist and if so, link?
  11. I may have found the true cause of global warming... folding on Vega 64. If there is a fire in Reno, Nevada, you know the cause.
  12. $60 USD or less. Even though I already ordered the mic Enderman mentioned, I would still welcome other ideas.
  13. To the google. Sounds (pun intended) good to me. Finding a stand should be easy enough of a task, and if their attachment methods don't agree, I always have duct tape.