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    Intel Core i9 10940X
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    Aorus x299 Gaming 9
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    64GB Corsair Dominator Platinum RGB 3000mhz CL15
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    Quadro P2000
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    Corsair Crystal 460
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    Corsair Scimitar Pro Black
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    LG Soundbar (forgot model name), Sennheiser HD 599 Special Edition
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  1. uhh yeah kinda... It also works with other motherboards with supported connector. My Aorus X299 Gaming 9 is not on their support list but it works flawlessly out of the box. Only requirement is 4x slot and TB3 connector.
  2. I always thought that any PCI-E card would work on any PCI-E slots. There would be consequences like if you put an RTX a6000 in a 4x slot you'd lose some performance. But yesterday, I learned that some 4x card straight up doesn't work at 8x or 16x slot. For example Titan Ridge (rev 2.0) REQUIRES a 4x PCI-E slot. What makes it so that this card doesn't work in other slots? Every other add in cards I use that requires a 4x bandwidth works perfectly fine on a 8x or 16x slots.
  3. https://www.techpowerup.com/gpu-specs/rtx-a4000.c3756 This seems kinda unreliable because the article says this launched this month but there is nothing released by Nvidia this month so far. But at the same time, this is oddly specific with it's information regarding this card. (Also a very likely hardware choices) As a Quadro P2000 user, I was looking forward to an Ampere Quadro (lol, Nvidia RTX now) this is a good news but sounds pretty unlikely. Has anyone else heard of any news regarding single slot workstation GPU?
  4. Oh wow, thank you so much for such an in-depth explanation. I have fully cleaned out my loop since then but I am very happy to know the exact reason. I really appreciate this answer!
  5. I assumed that this was a calcium build up and today I tried vinegar and bleach but neither were successful. Anyone know how to clean this? What do you even call this? I'm referring to the line at the top of the reservoir. That's where the coolant was topped off to. I am using Corsair coolant (clear) with mainly corsair parts with a few EK parts. Only copper/nickel.
  6. Going to be a fun weekend! 😄


  7. basically that blue part is always blue. rest can be any color or off. That part of light just doesnt change color or turn off. I'll try draining capacitors tomorrow. Never unplugged more than like 30 seconds. Thank you for a suggestion
  8. Hi everyone, On the bottom left, the RGB light is stuck on Blue. I usually control it via bios setting. However, I realized that my color won't change so I tried: - CMOS reset - Gigabyte RGB fusion - Gigabyte SelLed None of them fixes the issue. That blue light stays on even on hard shutdown (I have my windows configured to actually shutdown). Is there a firmware just for the RGB LED on that part? Or any other way of fixing this?
  9. Cable management update!

    I can still make it better later :P



    1. FakeKGB


      I'm confused
      what cables

  10. https://www.amazon.ca/Displayport-DisplayPort-Dispalyport-Compliant-Angled/dp/B085LKKK4J In that link, something that looks like P2P3. DP 1.4 Cable that is 10cm (0.1m) - 15cm (0.15m) long with 90 degree angle head on both end. I'm trying to connect my GPU to TB card without cable mess. Edit: NVM, I found it! I like how I couldn't find it for days and I find it literally 1 min after posting here LOL https://www.amazon.ca/DisplayPort-Display-Adapter-Extension-P4A-P4T/dp/B088CQJQP7
  11. Thunderbolt is a PCI-E platform. Headers are there for "security" functions but it feels more like a feature that exists to lock down cards to their own manufacturer motherboards. For example, Gigabyte thunderbolt cards "need" to be plugged into proper gigabyte TB header along with PCU-E connection. I say "need" because you can short the header and bypass it. So you can technically connect any TB card into any motherboard. Also, don't get that TB card. Get ones with DP 1.4 in. (example would be Titan Ridge REV 2.0) You want to use DP1.4 from your video card to c
  12. Aight, here are the results that I ran with that specific configuration. 1. Yes, it got display signal. Display 1.4 signal. 2. USB signals are not going through. When I plug anything into monitor it will only charge without connecting to the PC. Power comes from the monitor power itself.
  13. I see, thanks for the reply. Our assumptions are same. I know that the cable I ordered and my monitor supports Alt Mode. It all comes down to my Quadro's support. I guess we'll figure with solid proof in a few days! XD