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  1. So I’m looking to buy a monitor for my dual monitor setup. Things I want in a monitor are 4k with 60fps or more flicker free gsync or FreeSync doesn’t matter hdr 5ms or under response time ips panel HDMI 2.1 preferred and usb c to connect to my iMac any monitor that fits that?
  2. So I have gone into bios and lowered my fan speeds but than temps get higher and thus the fan curve I set doesn’t matter because the temps get to the new high point and run fast again. Fractle case I have has noise canceling pads all over plus I went ahead and bought some Silverstone 2 noise canceling foam and put it all around the inside of the case but still sounds kinda loud. Glad to hear the temps are good tho
  3. My 2700x with a Noctua d15s cooler idles on average at 42c with ambient temps of about 27c. When I stress test it using prime95 it gets too 67c on aida64 it gets to 60c are these temps normal with my cooler and stock speeds. Also how can I lower the volume of my case I want it as quiet as possible. My case is a fractal define r6 with a14 Noctua fans.
  4. I am wondering what’s everyone’s ryzen 2700x tempatures at stock. For me at stock on a ASUS Crosshair hero vii with a Noctua d15s cooler and a room tempature of 26.6c my temps at idle are around 38c to 48c and under load it’s around 68c
  5. Didn’t work i went ahead and did 1.25 volts and as it was loading into windows it crashed.
  6. So leave everything else auto and just change voltage to Manuel of 1.2? Since clock speed will still be on auto it should be stable right?
  7. Just built a pc with the 2700x and the ASUS Crosshair hero 7 and I have a Noctua d15s cooler on it and the temps under stress test of aida64 show temps at max of 80c after running it for half an hour on stock speed. I’m worried its maximum tempature is to high like shouldn’t it be in the mid 60s with a high end aftermarket cooler at stock speeds. 80c is my max and the average u see full load is 75c. I was looking at some reviews and they are using stock cooler and stock settings and hitting max temps of 67 and I’m using a better cooler hitting 80c
  8. No my ram is clocked at 3200 I was Overclocking my 2700x to 3.925 with 1.186 volts my issue was I was having my processor at that 3.925ghz at 1.16250 thinking it was stable but windows memeory test showed there was an error detected but when I clocked my cpu to 1.186 it passes all stress tests too but also windows memeory checker doesn’t show an error
  9. F4-3200C14Q-32GFX is the memory I have and my cpu is a 2700x ryzen. I overclocked all cores to 3.9 at 1.186 volts and now my memeory should be stable to. I’m super happy temps are as high as 72c with prime95 and realbench running at the same time
  10. Correct it’s 3.925ghz. I just ran the windows memeory diagnostics And it didn’t find any memeory issues when I went from 1.168 volts to 1.186
  11. Ok I didn’t know that. So even though my computer might not freeze or blue screen at 1.168 volts the memory is affected by any amount of instability in my processor and that’s why it fails when Overclocking?
  12. Hey so I recently build my pc 2700x with the ASUS Crosshair hero 7 X470 motherboard and when I run Windows memory test it shows it found an error only when my cpu is overclocked with 39.25gzh at 1.168 volts which I know is stable because it passed all stress tests with 1.158 volts. My memory is using xmp of 3200 with cas 14. When I run the test with my processor running stock but the memory overclocked no issue found during the test. When I run stress test on my whole system including the ram there doesn’t seem to be any issue with memory. Should I just ignore the issue found by windows memory
  13. Oh yeah definitely. I’m Overclocking it and stress testing it right now actually. When I went from 4.1gzh at 1.16250 volts it crashed after stress test. Than tried 40.75ghz at the same voltage and it lasted through almost all the stress tests but failed once I ran two at once prime95 and realbench benchmarks. Now I’m testing it at 40.50 and no crashes after 20min but since I know it crashed with .25 more I’m probobly going with 39.50ghx at 1.16250. Just want to be able to have low temps and a decent clock speed
  14. Hi guys I just got a 2700x and I’m testing my Overclocking with my processor. My motherboard is a ASUS Crosshair hero 7 with WiFi. I’m wondering once I find the voltage and clock that is unstable with my computer how much lower do I have to go in clock speed and keep that same voltage. For example if I find 4.1gzh at 1.25 volts is no longer stable and I want to keep the 1.25 volts how much lower clock speed do I have to go to know it’s stable. I was thinking dropping the clocks to 4.0gzh or is 150mzh less better at 39.50ghz to guarantee its stable
  15. I know that but I’m wondering if my voltage now 150mhz lower than when it crashed is enough of a difference to keep it stable at that voltage of 1.16250. And is 66 on prime95 good for that voltage and clock speed considering the cooler I’m using
  16. Hi guys just built my ryzen 2700x system with an ASUS Crosshair hero 7 with WiFi motherboard and I got a question with Overclocking. I think I settled with 3.95ghz @1.16250 volts. I wanna get ur guys thoughts on underclocking to get better temps. My system crashed when running prime95 with 1.16250 volts @ 4.1gzh. So is a drop of 150mhz enough to keep it stable at 3.95ghz like I have it now. Also I’m running a Noctua cooler and my temps at 3.95 are around 66 under prime95 load. Is that good?
  17. Ok so u think my voltage spikes of between 1.3 to 1.45 are normal? Never owned an and processor so not sure if that is normal for it. Also my other big question is when I’m in my motherboard bios my temps are between 45c and 57c but when in Ryzen master in Windows I’m at 35c. Why is that?
  18. Oh yeah I remember reading somewhere ASUS turned on certain things to make processor faster but caused temps to go up. I don’t remember the settings though. Any ideas? Also would a faulty motherboard or processor cause high temps and high voltage?
  19. Hi everyone. I want to get you guys opinions on why my 2700x Ryzen cpu is showing temps between 42 and 57 on idle and core voltage on stock speeds go from 1.3 to 1.45 volts. The colts don’t seem normal especially at idle as well as tempatures reaching close to 60 at idle. I’m using an ASUS Crosshair hero x470 and a Noctua d15s cooler.
  20. Yeah I saw that thread but not sure I fully understand it. Its saying Samsung b die is best but that Hynix works almost as good. What would be a good set based on what I mentioned above.
  21. Hi guys I need some help picking ram for my new build. The motherboard is a ASUS Crosshair hero X470 with a 2700x Ryzen cpu. I’m trying to find two sticks of 16gb for a total of 32gb if ram that aren’t rgb and have Samsung b die since I here those are better with Ryzen. Looking for low timings and high memory frequency. I found this ram with good timings but I don’t believe it’s samsung b die F4-3000C15D-32GVR
  22. Oh awesome I didn’t know that. Could u explain in more detail the difference between the lanes of “dim” and cpu lanes. Like what do I look for on a motherboard to let me know how many lanes it has on it’s own