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  1. The fact that it is able to project a big screen from such a short distance is just amazing!
  2. That Keyboard looks nice and clean. Would enjoy it!
  3. SpeedNirvana https://www.vessel.com/videos/JemZ8O7Hy & https://www.vessel.com/videos/JYZEYDYx0
  4. Does anyone even checks their sources at The Verge?? They even linked to the Reuters article. Unless they have their own contacts with Microsoft, I'm not buying it. (not intended). I think they are only talking about China, although I do hope I'm wrong. Can anyone find an article/statement with what the Microsoft dude literally said?
  5. My Tri-X 290 runs @ 71-72C with 40% fan speed (about 1850-1900 rpm) while playing bf4 for more than an hour or so. I wouldn't call it silent, but it isn't loud either. Ok, i'll admit it's not a windforce 670 or so (In a good ventilated case (200mm fan blowing at gpu, some cooler master case I think) that thing is freaking silent). I have seen 780's and 780ti's with aftermarket coolers do the same temps as my 290, or even worse. People that compare the power consumption (not tdp!) of a 290 vs a 970 are just comparing incorrectly (in my opinion). The 290 is a generation older, just keep t
  6. This might be a little handy thing! And as always, thanks for the giveaway!!
  7. Mmmm, could be better but should certainly be enough.
  8. Should not be running that hot, certainly on stock clocks. I had a fx8350 on that same motherboard for some time with a similar air cooler, never ran hotter as 60c on socket. Room temperature was 28c at that moment (summer). As said above, try re-applying the thermal paste, might fix a lot. Or at least is one of the possible solutions. But be careful, those sockets are freaking sensitive. @op: What case are you using? Good airflow? Enough fans (in-out) ? I do not remember it (usb) ever going over 40c to be honest, in the same software.
  9. Yeeey, another great giveaway! I would build a x99 pc instead of a z97 one which I plan to make soon!
  10. Yeey, awesome giveaway again from LTT! If I win this I will have to buy me a G-sync monitor for sure!
  11. FRONT facing speakers! The dbrand skins look cool, might order one for my Nexus.
  12. On the second page of the article they mention the following: Anandtech also has an article about these apu's. http://www.anandtech.com/show/8291/amd-a10-7800-review-65w-kaveri
  13. Don't want do get something started, but for G-Sync you need a 650Ti Boost or above... Anyone with something like a 580... nope And a 580 is still decent in my opinion. But I must admit that 600 series was launched way earlier than any of the GCN 1.1 cards so the backwards compatibility is bigger. I don't see why they can't support the 1.0 cards fully, the 1.1 update is not that big (lower power consumption, Trueaudio, Crossfire XDMA thingy, more HSA stuff,...). Anandtech has a good article about the changes in 1.1 I do understand what you want to say with the R-series and so on t