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    I7 4930K @ 4.4GHz
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    Asus P9X79 LE
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  1. While yes it's a pretty good OC for a 7700k it's definitely not a golden chip, one of my 7700k's will do 5.3GHz at 1.45 after a delid...
  2. Trust me, they don't actually play competitively with 27" monitors though and since the OP asked what monitor to buy to get into comp play 24" is the correct recommendation...
  3. Exactly. This thread has made me feel this way too..
  4. It's not 27" monitors... If you play CS competitively at all you'd know it's all about consistency and switching between 24" and 27" is ANYTHING but consistent... VERY few CS pro's are using 27" monitors
  5. Yes.. And many of them played CS prior... And it's their personal preference, which is what I was trying to say.
  6. You realise almost no pro's play on 27" monitors right....? At least in CSGO... And there is a reason ALL the tournaments run 24" monitors...
  7. Again, that tradition came from the early days of CS! And It's minimal at best
  8. That's only the oldschool 1.6 players who play stretched or 4:3 and even then many have started to transition to 16:9 and native res.
  9. That might be the Res you play on in-game but you shouldn't be buying a 1024x768 monitor...
  10. If you want to get into competitive CSGO you NEED a 144hz monitor so I'd start there. A really good option that has stuff like black equalizer and digital vibrance built in is the BenQ xl2430T, it's an awesome option and the choice of a lot of pro players and CSGO tournaments
  11. The Titan's wouldn't even run at all after 2 way SLI... Since SLI needs PCIE x8 minimum and Z97 Motherboards only have 16 PCIE lanes