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  1. Thank you dude I really appreciate it
  2. Corsair does seem to be more reliable then Razer from what I've read. A USB pass through would be a huge plus That's why the platinum seems good. With Leopold I would have to get it imported and the keys won't be the UK standard I believe. Otherwise that would seem ideal.
  3. I've been eyeing Corsair for a while. I'm not sure on which model though. The K95 platinum I can get for £150 which is well within my budget. I just want to know what else there is
  4. I want a mechanical. This razer one is too but I feel like the keys are cheap since its always felt inconsistent
  5. It's about 3 year old and I just don't trust the brand anymore. I've only tried their green keys which are equivalent to cherry browns I think. I might get the k95 platinum
  6. My razer keyboard is acting up. It seems to keep pasting the V and C keys even in Linux. It starts to happen after 30 mins. I'm sick of it and just want a new keyboard. I have a good budget of £200. What do you guys reccomend?
  7. It just happened again. I'm getting another log to see if we can see what it is. It appears to be potentially a CPU or RAM issue. The first time I made the thread it happened when I played metro and this time it was when I was using 7zip
  8. I'm sure I'm on the newest bios. powerwise I'm on 120v and not sure.
  9. This has been going on for about a year. It's intimitant and annoying
  10. I5 4790k 16GB RAM 650W PSU 980TI OC was up to 4.5ghz