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  1. Also, to everyone saying something like "glass is glass so glass will always have breaking risk", I'm totally fine with other materials. E.g. if plastic is what I need to get what I want then plastic I shall get.
  2. A warranty service plan may be acceptable, as long as it is a one time fee for perpetual absolute coverage — e.g. if anything goes wrong, they do everything in their power to make it right up to and including paying for all shipping, parts, labor, and providing a comparable loner device while the shipping, etc. goes through.
  3. Phone companies have a perverse incentive to make devices that are as fragile as possible because if it breaks they benefit from a new purchase in most cases (and even in the case of authorized repairs, the only way to get trustworthy OEM parts at least for this phone, they still get a cut), so one needs some sort of system to hold them liable and accountable for damage that takes place, lest we get the current market of thousand dollar glorified potato chips*. That and to isolate myself from their perverse incentive's consequences is all I'm trying to do. That's very different from being "ext
  4. I'd be fine with this, but the person who did the repair on my pixel 4a, when I asked them about which protector I should get, said that they often see phones with protectors coming in and still having a shattered screen underneath, so I need a protector that verifiably prevents this, and the best way for that I see is for them to commit to paying for a screen replacement if needed. I just want a phone that will continue working indefinitely without me paying them more money for repairs. Laptops have this. Desktops have this. TVs have this. Hell, even cars have this to a much greater extent if
  5. Fuck off. If you have a nothing helpful or productive to say, then fuck off and let someone else who might have something helpful to say make their points. It's bad enough to deal with this absolute fuckwaddery from google, samsung, and other phone manufacturers, but then to have apologists like you is past the line. Seriously, you're not wanted in this thread.
  6. I'm looking to get a case and screen protector for my pixel 4a, but it would be incredibly easy for some company to put out a snake oil case that offers little to no protection, so whatever case and screen protectors I get needs to have a lifetime warranty on any accidental damage that occurs to the phone — e.g. if I drop it and the screen shatters 5 years from now I want them to be paying for whatever it costs to repair it. If the case is not snake oil, then this should be no problem as it should reduce the chance of damage enough to make the number of claims that they'd get under this neglig
  7. What did I do wrong? I simply put the phone in the case, and then used it as I would without the case. This means that sometimes there's insulating material nearby (e.g. if it's in my pocket or sitting on top of, but not wrapped in, a blanket), but never anything severe.
  8. I don't particularly mind some companies making this design flaw (a flawed design philosophy is a design flaw as far as I'm concerned, but this is just semantics), but I strongly object to it being damn-near the only option that is available to most people.
  9. If I had found this when I got my pixel this thread would not exist. Thanks for the link!
  10. What cases do you recommend? Every case I've tried is either too thin to be any good, or thick enough that it causes the phone to overheat (in one case, otterbox + LG G5, the battery exploded as a result of this heat, and the phone often got too hot to touch).
  11. I'm aware. I want a lifetime warranty in case the screen protector's breakage isn't enough to protect the much more expensive screen. Buying a US$0-20 screen protector occasionally would be an acceptable evil.
  12. This would be a great option if it had the ability to run modern android (I know that this specific phone has no way in hell of doing that, but I want an Android phone with a relatively similar design philosophy.). You got any recommendations there? I mainly use my phone for consuming video (1080p60hz screen is enough for this, no need for oled), phone calls, and a smattering of miscellaneous non-gaming apps (e.g. termux, navigation, looking up information, discord). I just want a simple, cheap, no frills device that will let me do this well indefinitely.
  13. I honestly don't understand how one can say this and see it as a justification, and not simply as more explanation of the problem. More reasonable interpretations vary from seeing it as a fundamental flaw of capitalism, to just overly greedy companies that need to start caring about both social good and profit (many business owners take this viewpoint, just not any major players in the smart phone industry unfortunately).
  14. The fact that these protection plans are so expensive tells you all you need to know about the phone market. It all but proves that the business model is to make phones that fall apart quickly so people are forced to buy more. This is a fundamentally immoral business model: it is too one-sided for the business's benefit over the consumer's, it causes significant environmental problems, and dealing with all this ewaste also creates serious health hazards for those who do so. As for ruggidized devices, feel free to recommend some and if they match what I want I'll probably get one. I
  15. Being a piece of glass that breaks like a kitkat bar *is* a design flaw. All modern smart phones have design flaws, some more than others. It's not too hard to imagine a phone that has an easily replaceable piece of glass, though, protecting the more expensive screen in all common failure modes.
  16. I got a screen protector for my 1st phone. And my second. And my third. Pixel 4a is #4 (I bought into the cell phone trend quite a bit later than most people). I was simply tired of having to pick a screen protector and case for each end every new phone. Would it have been better to have one? Sure. Should it be needed? Absolutely not. A phone that requires 3rd party modifications (albeit really simple ones in this case, but the point stands) With regard to your claim that I sound "stupid," consider this: if the screen protector really works, why should it quit working after some pr
  17. Yes, shit happens. I'm sick and tired of phones being designed as if we live in some fantasy world where no one ever drops them, batteries never wear out, and other such fictional nonsense. If a phone can't handle these events, it has no business being sold as a phone. At the *minimum* common failure points need to be easily replaceable (e.g. replace just the glass on the screen, a user replaceable battery, and the USB port being on its own board behind nothing but a few standard screws). People would rail against it, and rightly so, if the common failure points on a car were not replaceable —
  18. I'm very angry right now, so bullet points it is to get the point across: I bought a Pixel 4a in November, after a long string of phones that fell apart way too early, so I decided to take a chance on a higher end product. $300 is a lot of money for me to spend on a phone, as I was previously getting very old generations that still had some semblance of repairability in them, but of course all the software just can't keep working there (at a reasonable speed)! That would just make too much sense! It was alright, but not great, for awhile, about as I expected, but then I was sitti
  19. Tbh I'm in dense areas infrequently enough for some serious deprioritization there to not be a major issue, although perhaps a stated bandwidth limit in the most dense areas of the US would be preferable.
  20. Some recent events have happened (I'll spare the details, but suffice it to say, it's vile) with Sprint, and I'm done with their shit. What US carriers aren't absolute shitbags? This means: unmetered data (technology to provide this has existed for at least a decade), proper live chat and phone support that will just fix whatever I have the misfortune to call about without breaking to the point of unusability, ping ponging me between different agents, and having people who are just script readers on nearly the same web interface that I can access on the website as opposed to people can actuall
  21. I currently have this chair, and it's the best that I've ever had, but the metal on the bottom has worn through and it is no longer level. I'm looking into getting a replacement bracket which I think would be sufficient to fix it, but I'm not hopeful because this chair was discontinued (and recalled, idk why) a few years ago. It's covering is also shedding, but this is an aesthetic issue so I'm not too concerned about it. As such, I would like to ask for recommendations for a new chair. Ideally it would also be common enough that I can easily find an in-person store (in US) to try it out befor
  22. @minibois@Oshino Shinobu I moved it to the other slot, and it worked, although why that is so is unclear to me.
  23. I recently pulled an M.2 SSD from an Intel NUC and installed it in my desktop computer. After doing so, the drive fails to be detected in both the bios and OS. I tried two OSes (my existing Linux install, and the installer for the new version of Linux that I want to install alongside my current version). A few years ago, the SSD worked fine in the NUC, running a different Linux distribution, but I have not tried to use it since. I tried moving my SATA connections (for one SATA SSD and another mechanical HDD) to the appropriate SATA ports in order to prevent any conflicts, but this did not fix
  24. My pixel 4a is in the mail, and I need to protect it properly. I don't coddle my phone, and I tend to carry it with my everywhere, so dropping *WILL* happen, and I need proper protection to make this a non-issue, even if dropping happens frequently and/or from a significant height. For previous phones, I have just gone on Amazon and picked something that didn't have any clear red flags and offered a sufficient warranty, but this has recently failed me where my case (an otter box) for my LG G5 caused the phone to overheat to the point that it was a bit too hot to touch, and then the battery res