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    Rogaland, Bryne, Norway
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    Gaming and computers
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    2nd year of high school


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    Intel core i7 3770k
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    MSI Z77 MPower
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    Corsair dominator 16gb 1866mhz (8x2)
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    GTX 970 Strix
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    Fractal design r5 white
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    Western digital black 2tb & intel 520 sdd 120gb
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    Corsair AX860i
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    Benq xl2420t 144hz
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    Corsair h100i
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    Corsair k70 cherry mx brown
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    Razer mamba 2012
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    Razer hammerhead pro
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    Windows 10

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  1. Uhm well I think mu PGU IS DEAD! I changed a gpu to a gtx1060 that was in another system and so far no random restarts.... EDIT: happened again after an hour, back to square one
  2. Still wierd since it didnt start occuring before over a month since I buildt it
  3. I guess I`ll have to tear the system apart tomorrow then.
  4. I reseated the power connectors, changed 24 pin cable from a custom braided to the stock one. I have done a BIOS flash already.
  5. They are not overheating, been monitoring them both. Also funny thing it restarted while I was writing a message to you. The GPU fans arent spinning because it isnt warm enough, I have observed them ramp up when it`s doing anything intensive-ish and the cpu is at sub 40 degrees and it still restarted.
  6. Well I am having a good old bad time with my system again. It keeps restarting at random moments... Usually when im playing something. Sometimes it can do it while almost idle. Event manager says Event 41, Kernel-Power Task category (63) Some places says its about drivers and such on the system, but after a clean reboot of windows and fresh drivers it`s still going. The system is not old, got brand new parts a little over a month ago from a RMA case with my retailer. My PSU fried my system. I`m thinking its my PSU again, which really frustrates me since it`s the same brand an
  7. Yeah I was thinking of getting a new cable and see how it goes. And im more happy if its the monitor since it is cheaper than getting a new GPU.
  8. I just booted up my system after leaving it off for a month because of vacation and such. I have started to notice my monitor is flickering now and then and it has been in three different colors so far: black, white and red. The latest thing I did was update my GPU driver. It wasnt in this state when I left it a month ago so any thoughts?? Also this is a GTX 970 strix 4gb if anyone is wondering.
  9. Yeah I am happy I did not go straight to the manufacturer though. This retailer got a really good rep here in Norway.
  10. Especially considering the parts were 4 years old
  11. I`m not too fuzzed really, I dont do much beside playing games, and it`s a boost in gaming perfomance if I remember correctly.
  12. Pressed enter and posted too early, fixed now.
  13. So about two weeks ago my PSU`s 24 pin connector got shorted and fried my motherboard. It killed the SATA-bus and made the motherboard unusable. Well I sendt my PSU together with the motherboard and CPU in because of the damages. After the retailer I used (Komplett.no here in Norway) troubleshooted the components themself and found the same faults I did, they are now sending me a full set or replacement components for free. They even added in brand new RAM sticks since I just have DDR3 laying around. Components I sendt in: Corsair AX860i Msi z77 m-power Intel core i7 3770k