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  • Birthday May 31, 1988

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    Architecture, Mountain Biking/Trail Riding, Computers and Computer Accessories, PC Gaming, Cooking, & Drift Cars.
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  1. More shiny pictures of things! More to come as soon as I can get a day off.
  2. At some point I might swap it out. But for now its 1000% better than the laptop I had
  3. Thanks! I didn't want to waste my friends charity and not use it. lol
  4. I set the font to automatic I hope that fixed that.
  5. Like lightning, creativity can hit a person from any direction. Inspiring them to take a new path. Project Reliquary is that path for for me. As a student of Engineering, and a Gamer I need the tools to stay successful and be able to create when I need and be a refuge in my down time. This build is an expression more to myself than to others but like every person every build has its story. - Jan 9, 2015 The first pc I ever worked on was when I was very young in 1997. I was just helping my mother put in a 5” floppy drive and a Creative sound blaster sound card into her upgraded Windows 95 Pa
  6. Aw yeah I almost forgot about G3's. This is going to be fun to watch this progress! Following!
  7. This is an Industrial Design Win! Major props for designing it! How was pricing with ProtoCase? I'm guessing fairly expensive.
  8. This is going to look sweet when your done. One question what color you going to paint it or are you just going to stain and varnish it?
  9. Mmmmm that Dark Rock looks good in there!