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  1. Searching for v373 on msi.com yielded 17 results. 13 non-Super cards, 4 Supers. Odds are, that image is of a non-Super card, and probably not even a Ventus variant. And I just got my card last week. It has 6+8pin for power. Anyhoo, that PCB is not the same as mine either. Not even the same as what I thought it was. From MSI: "Your graphics card model is -V372-261S. PCB version is V372-7.1." Still won't send me an image tho.
  2. Have had a pretty good back-and-forth with EKWB support, and it turns out the image above is actually of the 2070 Ventus PCB. Not Super, and not OC. You can tell it's a Ventus from the decorative aluminum bracket thingy next to the slot cover. You should be able to tell from the number printed on the actual PCB, in this case V373 (as well as the version number after it). The number on MSI RTX 2070 Super Ventus OC PCB is V372, which puts it in line with the entire 2070 Super, 2080 and 2080 Super lineup. V372-249R is the complete number, so there is a chance that this PCB is identica
  3. Hi, I don't mean to revive an old-ish thread here, but as I can't seem to find an actual image of the MSI RTX 2070 Super Ventus OC anywhere, could you confirm this is actually it? I asked MSI very nicely about what kind of PCB layout they used for the card, and they were super vague about it. It's "based on NVIDIA public version," whatever that means, and is also "basically the same as the 2080 Ventus," again, whatever than means. When I press them about it, they say the same thing over again. I've asked MSI for PCB images now though, cus EKWB are kind enough to check i
  4. Been playing since the alpha. I actually like the fact that it's a more casual option to LOL and DOTA2. HotS is just good, clean, quick fun.
  5. would be nice to have one of these in the living room...