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  1. The Shadow does not come with the internal LED-lights, its just the light in the front. Sorry for slow reply!
  2. Cool idea, we will be watching this for sure
  3. Have a plan, a vision. Explain to the vendor WHY your project is different from any one else putting parts in a case and show it on a forum. What makes your project stand out from others. You don´t need fancy renderings, pen and paper + photo of that does good, but explain and try to get the reader to see the same thing you see. Prepare to back your vision up with what you have done earlier. Do not count on getting sponsored in your 1st build. A regular sponsor email starts with "i´m putting a Intel 5960x and 52 Titan blacks into..." -- that isn´t anything spectacular, anyone with a load
  4. Most response we got today are "why not color XXX" I have almost the complete color chart of suggestions saved from all over the forums. Here is a video of the actual cases and not renderings.
  5. Bill @ mnpctech.com have one. You can find it here. http://mnpctech.com/bitfenix-prodigy-case-mods/
  6. I have one No, for real, i really have a personal one for my 6.y.o. kids computer. But if it is the eatx sized Rampage you are talking about, you may get into trouble with the Ronin. I´m not familiar about the motherboard size so i cant tell you for sure at the moment, but internal in the ronin you have a bulge where you can pull the 24pin and other cables, this one is 5-6mm higher than motherboard plate. A wider eATX could interfere with this and maybe even cause a short. About the h100i it depends, i have one in the top in the kids computer, it is a bit offset from center but in so
  7. When you have flipped the side panel, you can also change the buttons so the symbols on the buttons isnt up side down Its done in 3 minutes with a philips head screw driver. I personally think this is a better solution, not having the cables on the side door hanging there when opening the case.
  8. Hmm, i´m one of the people answering support tickets, but i have never heard of this before Do you have your temp probes placed in the case, or just in a bundle tucked away? Connected to USB so you can try the software from our website, or Phoebetria ? Doing this on both auto and manual mode is really really strange. No other connected stuff in your computer acting up, just the Recon ? If possible, can you record the display on the Recon while it does this strange things with your smartphone or similar, insert it here on the forums, or PM me a link.
  9. For a first timer it isnt bad. For improvement, try more even heat, as you can see out to the right corner you have to little heat (bigger radius) and the middle has more heat. Some heat guns have attatchments almost like a flat piece, this one is better to heat a wider piece. Also, prepare your bend, look for a suitable table, bench or something that can help you guide your bend. Personally i just use a cutting board, tape the acrylic to it so the bend lines up with the rounded edge and heat it. When it starts to sag by the heat its time to bend it. You can also use another piece of acry
  10. Of course you can, just use thinner pieces of acrylic and cover the sides and top of the drive bays if you want that hidden. Or make a completely new "shelf" for the motherboard covering the complete length of the case, i did that on a personal mod once. If you have the Prodigy M, just make a standing cover. Easy as pie (almost)
  11. You will show more of the motherboard plate with a Prodigy M panel on a Prodigy case, but if you know what you want, it sure fits. Front and side panels are interchangable between them.
  12. Sparkling, i cant drink plain water, tastes awful. We have state tap water here in Sweden where i am. Earlier when we had water from a well in the mountains i could drink right there in the woods
  13. Pandora Core does not have a display in the front panel, only a logo. Pandora or Pandora window have the display, the core version is a bit cheaper and without display. And yes, i have seen it