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  1. Dude I said upgrading from Ryzen to Ryzen 2 was never going to make sense...
  2. Well if AMD want PCIe 4 for Zen 2 or Zen 3 on the workstation and server they might as well do it on desktop as well, well as long as they go the same route of Ryzen 1 of using the same die for the consumer space as the workstation and server, the only problem then is designing the boards which isn't terribly difficult for a PCIe change. I suppose you could ague the reason they when for 64 and 128 PCIe lanes on TR and Epyc was because they were not going to go for PCIe gen 4, although PCIe gen four was finalised PCIe gen 4 in Oct 2018 and AMD only recently announced the design was finished so
  3. Ehhh I dunno PCIe Gen 3 x4 is already becoming a limitation for NVMe although I must admit a doubling would ease that for a while which can be done with PCIe 4 and the Titan V has already run into limitations with PCIe gen 3 8x assume the next high end GPU adds another 70% performance and the one after that then you are going to be limited by PCIe gen 3 16x PCie gen 4 is definitely something that consumers will need soon after Zen 2 like another year maybe.
  4. Errr you think they are going to implement PCIe 4 on a AM4 board which would mean that they would need to support both PCIe 3 and PCIe 4 on the CPU, or did you mean Zen 3 and considering Zen 3 is probably not going to come out early in 2020 depending on when PCIe 5 is finalised in the year say it's finalised in Jan 2019 if AMD went for a late 2020 launch which they probably will anyway then that leave lots of time, and according to other sources it's 12 months, although that was Tech quickie and LTT isn't where you should get your tech news on anything more than a superficial level.
  5. Erm I think your talking about Zen 2, Zen 2 will be Ryzen 3 as Zen+ is Ryzen 2 and it will almost certainly come in 2019, although my guess would be at easilest it will come is May 2019, as on AMD charts right now they have Zen 3 coming in 2020, the chart isn't numbered but it ends in 2020 and it has Ryzen 3 on it, also given comments by AMD saying that they will have new CPU's on AM4 until 2020 to 2021 late 2020 for Zen 3 makes sense, this was back when Ryzen had just launched though so there was less certainty than there is now. Although I believe Zen 3 will not be compatible wit
  6. Well then you are going to be let down, if you already have a Ryzen processor with the right number of cores for you Ryzen was always not going to be a worth while upgrade, wait for Zen 2 / Ryzen 3 like I am if you already have a Ryzen CPU or have a CPU which is good enough for purpose, Zen+ was made so that AMD could stay semi competitive between the long wait between Zen and Zen 2 as a stop gap, as 12LP is really only an improved 14LPP process and that's the only "big" difference, there are the tighter cache timings which should improve AMD's performance in games at extremely high frame rate
  7. Eh engineering sample no need to get your knickers in a twist, they are likely testing what clockspeed they could get right now and may do another respin before finial silicon anyway, for the moment all we can do is say there is certainly a clockspeed improvement for the moment.
  8. Ah I know what the problem is, 504 will take the temps directly from the tCTL and for the 1700X and 1800X AMD have put an offset on the tCTL for reasons, so for 504 if your running a 1800X or 1700X you can take 20C off the temps, Hope that helped. Also after upgrading and downgrading the BOIS because of the fan noise I was able to change my RAM speed upto 2400Mhz even though before I both with the upgraded 504 BOIS and 502 BOIS before downgrading I was unable to... wtf? Edit; I see the why the timings were loosened, I'll see if I can get to 2600Mhz then it might be wo
  9. On the show in reference to Game Mode you were saying that a frame rate increase of 2 - 5% is not worth it, paraphrasing here. But for this kind of thing what you should be looking at are frame times and frame pacing. Because if the OS is throwing enough interrupts at the game to effect average frame rates by 2% - 5% you can be damn sure that frame times are suffering a hell of a lot more. Because an average frame rate of 60fps doesn't matter much if your getting stalls down to 30fps on a semi regular occasion. All the other stuff you and Wendell were saying though was spot on.
  10. Just aiming for a resolution that the 1080 could draw at a 60fps ish would have been a start on two of the tests they only got 25 and 28 fps, which for CPU porposes is useless information almost any CPU from the last 6 years could play those games at 25 and 28 fps odd FPS. And the is a reason for using 1080p and getting rediculious frame rates it simulates a GPU upgrade and the load of games increasing over time on the CPU.
  11. Why are you testing a CPU with a 4k resolution? You do know that a i5 750 overclocked 3.7Ghz can run most games with overclocked GTX 1080 at little or no loss of framerate compared to a i7 4790k overclocked to 4.5Ghz @4k linky here: I'm trying to keep it civil and get across how... ... ... breath ... ... ... Taking a vape on my e-cig... ... ... getting the thesaurus to find less insulting words to use... ... ... inane, ill-advised, irrelevant, laughable, half baked and nonsensical it was to use a 4k resolution to benchmark a CPU. The words to describe how ridiculous i
  12. I seem to be making a habit of this but on the WAN Show again Linus and Luke were mistaken about something again, they said that this generation of consoles are weak, and the unsaid implication was that the last generation were powerful, not ture... When the PS3 lunched back in Nov 2006 you could for $653 buy a PC with 7900GT for $200 "With $40 mail-in rebait" AMD Athlon 64 X2 4200+ $184 1GB RAM $100 250GB HDD $70 MB MSI K9VGM-V Socket AM2 $38 430W PSU $34 Case $30 "Prices used were Sourced from Waybackmachine.org and Newegg.con from 14th November 2006." Which a 7900GT was alm
  13. Sorry was just trying to bash this out as fast as possible because I don't care that much, as I personally use a desktop and there for a wired connection almost all the time so it doesn't effect me. Also misconceptions of people in generally don't matter as long as the people developing it understand so its going to come one way or the other.
  14. In WAN Show Linus and Luke seemed to be mistaken about how you would use Li-Fi and how it would work so I thought I would explain the biggest misconception is that you would have to have a separate light for lighting you home and the lights for LiFi nope, what you could do is replace your lights in your current light fittings with Li-Fi lights with powerline adapters to boost download speed when used in conjunction with WiFi or the Cellular network for uploads. this means the light will be as strong as a normal light so not only do you not need a direct line of sight if your doors open in
  15. If you want a new AMD system your going to have to wait for there Zen architecture in late 2016 so if you can wait that long GOOD FOR YOU!!! But the only thing really coming in 2015 is Intel. And really they should has just scrapped Broadwell unless its going to be cheap, like really... All it is is the Ivy Bridge CPU's just shrunk down, Skylake is the Architectural improvement... Like seriously... they would have to be a good $70 cheaper for anyone to buy them. Unless they just increase the price of skylake a little and decrease the price of Haswell a little.