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    Defeating a sandwich only makes it tastier
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  1. Dammit, I have a Galaxy S4, and I would love to get rid of it. I seriously hate touchwiz. I'd flash CM or something, but mine has a locked bootloader because of AT&T.
  2. I never really cared about Overwatch since its a pretty blatant TF2 clone. They just took each class in TF2 and split them into two classes.
  3. Coming from experience: No, it's not worth it. While it may perform similarly to an i5 for single player games, multiplayer is a whole different world. In games like BF3/4 multiplayer the 8350 will bottleneck faster cards. (Used to have an 8320, which is almost identical to the 8350, with my 780ti, fps nearly doubled in BF3 after I upgraded to my current processor)
  4. I honestly have never thought about getting Star Citizen. I have a huge opposition for early access games, and Star Citizen seems no different than the others except that it has a lot more hype around it. Sure it looks pretty, but unless it's functional that doesn't mean anything. From the moment I heard about it, I thought it would never be fully released (like 95% of early access games) and perpetually stay in alpha, beta, or whatever you want to call it. Of course, I could be wrong, and I definitely hope so. I just won't trust any early access game until I see a finished product.
  5. I don't have Amazon Prime, and I don't really plan on getting it. Most of the stuff I buy online is tech related, and like I said earlier, I mostly use Newegg for that.
  6. Yep, this is the prime (heh) reason I try to avoid using amazon for purchasing tech related things. I don't like that they try to hide the price of the items to make it seem like you're getting a good deal. That's really shady, and no company should be allowed to get away with that, because it's essentially false advertising. Personally, I use Newegg to buy tech stuff because I know they don't lie about the prices, and they are much more straightforward about where your package will be shipped from. Plus, one of their warehouses is a ~4 hour drive from me, so my packages often arrive the n
  7. Well after messing around with some stuff today, I found out the problem. The port on the back of my motherboard has always been blocked slightly by the IO shield, as in Ethernet cables wouldn't go in enough to click, but it would still connect. It turns out these new cables I got don't connect unless they are fully seated. Found out when I was swapping cables, and finally got one to seat properly (first time I've ever got one to do this, by the way). After I did this, it connected. I'm glad it wasn't anything serious. However, I'm now having a new issue. I don't seem to be getting ful
  8. After moving my server computer downstairs and hooking it up to the switch with CAT5e, it works just fine, and the 1000Mbps link light on the switch is flashing. So it seems to be something wrong with my computer. I've Googled my issue many times with different wording and I can't find anyone else who has the same problem. I hope it's something that can be fixed through software, because I really don't feel like shelling out the cash to buy a good gigabit NIC.
  9. So I bought some new network equipment for my home network (a new router and a 8-port unmanaged gigabit switch) to upgrade it from 100Mbps to 1Gbps, and I have run into a very strange issue. My computer (the one listed in my signature) refuses to connect through the switch if I connect it with a CAT5e cable. Windows reports that the "network cable is unplugged." If I connect it directly to the router with CAT5e, it works just fine. It also works if I connect it to the switch using CAT5. I have connected my Raspberry Pi to the switch with a CAT5e cable to test if it connects, and it does. Gra
  10. I personally have Adaway on my Galaxy S4, which is universal (that is, it works on all apps). Adblock's solution just seems dumb to me, especially since most big websites/services have their own apps, which likely have ads in them.
  11. Why does only the sport model get the trans-reflective screen? Also a shame that it's an LCD not an OLED screen.
  12. I've seen that Alienware system at a Microcenter nearby. Rest assured, it looks just as fugly in real life as it does in pictures.
  13. Adblock. Whether or not you use adblock, though, having ads on something that you essentially payed money for is ridiculous.