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  1. Really interesting keyboard, definitely fits what I am looking for. Unfortunately I get a bit shafted by being in Canada again, 36$ shipping and most likely 15-20$ import duties. It ends up being another 200$ CND keyboard. But it is listed on amazon (unavailable), when it's back in stock in august it might also be available on amazon which might reduce the shipping cost. Great suggestion!
  2. Yeah, that's definitely an option I'm looking at. Unfortunately with shipping and import duties it's getting around 200$ CND. It's about as high as I'm willing to go but still within my budget, so I'm looking into it. I can also grab a bare-bone kit from amazon.ca or newegg.ca for around 120$ CND but I haven't managed to find 120 switches/keycaps at a reasonable price.
  3. Hello everyone, I'm currently looking for a new keyboard, I don't really follow keyboards development so I could use some help. I will be doing 50/50 gaming and development/office work so here is what I am looking for: Tactile, not clicky (so I guess Brown or equivalent) Full length keyboard I don't care for RGB (don't mind it either) but I do want back-lighting minimally I don't want to spend 300$ for a keyboard, I'd say my max would be around 150$ with some margin Media keys is a bonus but not a must
  4. Thank you for your input! I've read a few more reviews and "top 1440p" monitor threads (e.g. this and this) and the AD27QD is always highly rated so I'm leaning that way for now. It's also almost 100$ cheaper on newegg which makes this a bit easier.
  5. Hey all, So I'm ready to change my primary monitor and I've been researching most of the day but I admit that I'm not that good with monitors so I was hoping for some feedback on my research / conclusions. I've been using an ASUS VW266H for something like the last 10 years and I'm looking for the following in my upgrade (in order but all important): 1) Variable Refresh Rate 2) Higher frame rate 3) Higher resolution 4) Better image quality These 4 objectives led me to the following conclusions: 1) Variable Refresh Rate: I refuse to le
  6. 970 in my rig but I could certainly use a polaris card to upgrade my media PC.
  7. Never heard of them but hey, the right button just died on my current mouse so I certainly could use a replacement