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  1. Thank you, you are my hero . It worked perfectly, and the windows 10 are installing at the moment.
  2. Hi guys, I have new Lenovo Ideapad B50, with freedos, and original (with product key) windows 10 on DVD. I don't find a way to boot from DVD to instal windows 10. Here is some pictures what is appearing on the screen. If anyone has a solution for my problem, I will be very thankful. This is boot menu: There I pressed Fn+F10 and it starts loading (it's supposed to start reading from DVD)... But this is the screen I've got, instead of windows 10 installation screen: Any ideas or tips what should I do?
  3. Thank you very much for your help! I hope it'l work (it must!! ) I did, I tried everything, but nothing worked. Now I'm trying what youdothat2me suggested.
  4. Yes, laptop came with windows pre-installed (windows 8, but I got licence for windows 7 at work, also I prefer windows 7 ). Laptop doesn't have option for both disk to be instaled at the same time. Can I format ssd disk using cabel to connect ssd disk with USB port? So now it's the best to put HDD back and boot pre-instaled windows, than format ssd disk in other computer and then replace it again with ssd and instal windows 7?
  5. I did that but it's still the same ... DVD is spinning, I can hear it in the beginning.
  6. I did, but display became black for a second and then the same screen appears again. I also try to boot from USB stick but it's the same.
  7. Hello everyone! I have big problem, so I hope you can help me. I just bought new Lenovo ThinkPad E540 laptop and new ssd disk (laptop has HDD originally). Before I even turn on the computer, I replace HDD disk with SSD disk (in computer is also SSD M.2 16GB, which I don't need, as I have SSD 500GB). When I turn on computer and put DVD with windows 7 (original not pirate windows) it doesn't boot from DVD no matter what I do. It only opens a window in the picture bellow ... please help what can I do!?!
  8. So I can't install windows 7 on M.2?
  9. Hello everyone! I'm buying new laptop. I like this one on this link (http://www.computeruniverse.net/en/products/90548229/lenovo-thinkpad-edge-e540-20c6008fge.asp), but I have one question. I have intention to replace HDD disk with SSD 500GB (already have it). But this laptop has 16GB cache SSD M.2 with windows 8 already installed. Is this SSD M.2 on motherboard or is this a hybrid disk with HDD? I must instal windows 7 on my computer (got licence at my job), so what is the best solution here? To remove SSD M.2 (if it is on the motherboard) and instal windows 7 on 500GB SSD, or to dow