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  1. Thanks for confirming the hookup is right. I am still a bit confused about the temps. It looks like iCUE is giving me the COOLANT temp and not CPU temp. Is there a way I can change that? Also still slightly confused by the two differnet reading by ASUS AI, one says 39 the other says 50, CPU vs CPU package? I would think they'd be closer together?
  2. Hi guys, running a new build finally but i have a question on how I set it up. The ASUS Hero VIII WiFi board has 3 headers by CPU CPU_FAN CPU_FANopt AIO_PUMP Right now I have the Corsair H115i Platinum, so the AIO plugs into the AIO header, and then the fans actually plug into that lead that comes off the AIO pump. Am I not doing this right? I know the H115i manual says to plug it into CPU_FAN header, but most mobo's i've dealth with in the past didn't have a speicfic header for AIO pump. I did get CPU fan warnings when origianlly booting
  3. Yep, the AMD GPU driver situation worries me. A LOT. I'd greatly prefer an RTX 3080 if I can get my hands on one. Preferably FE, but ASUS Strix/Strix OC would be 2nd choice for me. I'm pretty undecided about the case too. I'm not huge into RGB on the PC itself (mine sits to my LEFT so I'll miss out on seeing most of it anyways, and I'll eventually find it quite distracting when I sit at my PC for 9+ hours a day for work too). However, the H115i Platinum cooler isn't much more expensive than the non-RGB version, and the RAM is like the same price right
  4. So sadly only local stores near me are BestBuy (which is a joke when it comes to PC enthausiast hardware... i'm still shocked they're the retailer for FE cards.) and Microcenter, which is always my go-to place, but they just have signs up that say they are all out of RTX 3070, 3080 and 3090 cards and online orders are not an option, no preorder, or order head and your only option is to get lucky and show up at a store when they get a shipment in and that's it. I wish there was a waitlist online for a major reatailer like BestBuy or Amazon so we can all just get on a list and get c
  5. Budget (including currency): $5,000 USD+ Country: United States Games, programs or workloads that it will be used for: Will be wokring on it during the day (work from home) for 9 hours, plus gaming after hours/night time, weekends, etc. I am coming from a 5th gen Core i7 with a GTX 970, so it's time for an upgrade for sure. I know RTX 3080 is still *impossible* to get - any advice on that would be appreciated it. Would go for ASUS Strix 3080 if not founders edition. I have the AX 1200i power supply, and the Odyssey G9 already for my existin
  6. Thank you for all this! With the info on #1 and #3 it makes me lean more towards an AIB even if I have to wait just a few short weeks. on #2 I mean't are 30XX FE cards or their coolers going to be worse. I remember in the past a lot of talk about reference/FE cards having worse coolers resulted in higher temps or working harder to acheive the same temps as AIBs.
  7. Fair warning, I've been out of the loop on GPUs for a bit. I'm looking to upgrade my aging GTX 970 card with a RTX 3080 most likely. I'm very anxious to replace it ASAP, but I'm not sure of a few things. 1. Do FE cards become available before AIBs do? If so, by how long? 2. Is 30XX FE cards and their cooling design going to be worse (have to work harder, louder in order to achieve same temps as AIBs?) 3. Are FE cards still much more expensive than AIBs? Or is it the same now? I will likely NOT be watercooling it at all, will be doing st
  8. That's kind of where I'm leaning, 3080 and a Zen 3, unless there's any actual evidence that 11th gen Core i9 chips are actually coming anytime soon, but again that seems rpetty unlikely at this point IMO. Assuming they do a logical naming scheme, I would be under the assumption that I'd want a Ryzen 9 4900 then, yes? Thanks for the insight! I work on my PC for 9 hours a day as well but nothing that's THAT CPU intensive, more RAM and just a decent CPU is all I need for that. Gaming is what matters most for the core of the build though. Od
  9. New GPUs are one thing... there's wild speculation on both sides about Ampere and Big Navi, but I will most likley end up with a GeForce 3080 Founders Edition as I need a new GPU as soon as possible. Currently trying to drive a Odyssey G9 on a GTX 970, and it's not fun. After a new GPU is installed, I am trying to figure out my next move. I want to do a whole build around the new GPU, but am really struggling when it comes to processors. Zen 3 is supposed to release soon, but Intel Core i9 still boasts better gaming performance in benchmarks. Ryzen already has PCI
  10. Wonderful! If you make a new post I'll get notified by email and that will remind me to re-enable PowerToys updates Thanks so much for all the information here. I apprecaite it a lot!
  11. Oh wow, THANK YOU for this. 18.2 works great now... This is a pretty big difference. I have some pretty random and arbitrary zones setup for where I want certain windows to show up at and now they show up properly when opening them. I can add new zones here and windows I always want in a certain place I'll put in those zones and paired with shortcuts to restore windows to the positions I want them in with DisplayFusion should result in me only having to do a single keybaord shortcut when I log back in to get everything back where I want it.
  12. So I just tested this as I went to get lunch and this isn't working for me either. It does up until my monitor goes into sleep mode, but as soon as the monitor goes into sleep mode, and I re-open something like Discord, or even the "new email" window in Outlook, it forces it back to the top left of the monitor. I know setting the monitor to never sleep is an option but then it's always on, backlight always on, making heat, etc, 24/7, I'd really like to avoid that I think.
  13. Oh, I've heard a lot about FancyZones but didn't know that was an option. DisplayFusion I thought did the same thing but DF has SO many options it's pretty insane. I'll give FancyZones a try too and see what that does instead. Do you happen to know if it just forces it to a zone or will it force it to open it its last known location? like if I have it at the middle of a zone non-maximized?
  14. Update to this - I've had better luck really taking some time to configure DisplayFusion and Window profiles for it. WinKey + NumPad0 is my shortcut for my work layout (which has the most windows by far). Still some annoyances here as some windows such as GOG Galaxy, Discord, Spotify, etc all want to open up in the top left corner if they aren't actually open when I restore the windows. Was hoping to find a full-blown fix still.
  15. Thanks, all sleep settings are already off on the monitor, there's only 2 options. It's a Samsung Odyssey G9 so it's far from a lower end monitor. But it's incredibly frustrating to happen constantly.