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  1. I switched from EKWB ZMT to Tygon A-60-G with my last tear down. The ZMT doesn't seem to have as tight tolerances since some of my EKWB Torque fittings were loose and some were so tight I couldn't get them to compress. I split the tubing and noticed the Tygon is much smoother as well. Other people report having lots of flaking from the tubing and having little black specs stuck in their waterblocks. I didn't experience this personally but since the Tygon was cheaper per foot and shipped from the US I decided that was the way to go. I ended up with 20 feet from USPlastic.com since I needed two
  2. 5950x, EVGA 3090 FTW3U. Both with Optimus blocks. Superposition 8k: 8752 https://benchmark.unigine.com/results/rid_6fc60e5feb1544f59aa087091952f5e3
  3. I figured it out. My OG Acer Predator X34 at anything more than 60hz causes the card to draw much more power at idle. By kicking it back down to 60hz I'm back to an idle of 28w on the video card. I hope this helps someone in the future.
  4. I've never changed it. I used DDU this morning to try to resolve it.
  5. Power management is normal, open apps are discord and chrome. Closing those brings it down to 95w.
  6. Hmm. I'm on two 3440x1440 and one 2560x1440 all of which are gsync displays.
  7. Well damn ... That sucks.
  8. I have three monitors attached via DP to my watercooled 3090. How can I get the card to idle at a normal level? It's obvious capable of drawing less wattage as shown in my screen shot.
  9. Nice rig! I take it this is just for bulk plotting then offloading the plots to some other box?
  10. Just to leave a solution:. I reseated my graphics card and it worked like normal.
  11. Hey there, I just setup my new system with a 5950x and Dark Hero motherboard. It is 'working' however I get about 1 frame a minute in the bios. It sits on a few post codes for quite some time while booting and sometimes seems to hang during post. CSM is disabled. Any ideas where to start? Thanks in advance!
  12. Your chiller would need to keep the water above the dew point. So if the dew point is 25º F then you must keep the chiller operating above 26º F to prevent condensation. The dew point is the temperature the air needs to be cooled to in order to achieve a relative humidity (RH) of 100%.
  13. Any arm with adjustability and articulation is going to have to be mounted for leverage. The only arms you will find that sit atop the desk are the pole style. The problem there is that for the weight of the average ultrawide you're still going to have a huge footprint. Any reason you can't use a clamp mount? I had a cheap Ikea desktop that said to not use clamps so I got a couple cheap pieces of wood from Lowe's and clamped the mount to those so they sandwiched the cheap desk and distributed the weight evenly. This also exists. https://www.amazon.com/HUANUO-Monitor-Reinforcement-Tableto
  14. I have a dual XTOP D5 from EKWB. I run it at 100% all the time. It's silent. You won't introduce any more stress on the pump as it's designed for a lifetime of 100% usage. That is unless you have air running through it constantly which would also explain lots of noise.