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    AMD FX-6300
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    gIgabyte 970A-DS3p
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    2X Kingston 8GB Vaule ram LOL STILL
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    AMD MSI Radeon RX580 and ASUS Strix GeForce GTX 980 For Cuda and stuff like that
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    Corsair Carbide SPEC-05
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    Samsung 840EVo 120GB /Kingston SSD 480gb / 4TB Seagate Green 2 wd blue 1TB in raid 1 BROKEN PINS
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    EVGA 650W
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    MY TV Sharp Somting
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    Corsair H55
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    Razor cynosa chroma
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    Corsair Vengeance M65 Pro RGB
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    some old pci card
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    Windows 10 Pro 64Bit / insider
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    I Wish

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  1. I do, this is a project some things may be unnessary like the fact that I am going rack mount redundant power supply ext… stuff like that I also want something on it like squid proxy I live in an area where internet is slow 5mb at best and like they have in schools, and they have all the users on a server an any computer can log in to a user account I am not planing to that for a bit but I want it to be capable of doing so
  2. Basically I want to be able to saturate the network meaning the CPU/HDD or SSD or whatever combo needs to not be a bottleneck <unsure ri9ght now need more brain intake first not really 5g ish it can sound like a jet and eat an entire power plant (I have solar power so no running cost) Na want new got bank like that
  3. Hey People of the Forum I am planing to make my first file server well this is not really my first but the first one I am building from ground up, and I am not to sure what I am gonna to need I have used old system as basic file server but now I have to re start all my computer thing but properly this time the reason being I had a house fire a year ago and lost all my computer stuff so let get to what I would like it to do basically I want 20tb of usable space and be able to lose a drive or 2 speed is also a big thing I want to be using it for system files as well (program data appdata u
  4. This is just based off personal experience but when I had that issue right to the light and fans even GPU fans, I didn't even get bios it turned out my CPU died then it happens again (my fault this time) id died for about 2 days that came back to life 2 cores short from the full 6 I had, down to 4 cores i than re applied thermal paste and a couple reboots all 6 are back Now reboot when gaming can be power related any way you have any log files from when it reboots do to crash ? I know this is not a fix but at least some help ... I hope
  5. This is the problem this error effects windows stability but this is all I can to help I don't have a specific solution for that here is a link to a Microsoft help page for the error Microsoft Event 41 Troubleshoot
  6. Have you tried change the refresh rate ?
  7. Well your power supply should be good but if you are doing any OC you may be hitting a power limit have you made sure all drivers are up to date also try logging system events to see what causes your issues windows past into start menu and enter this will bring up event viewer alternately just search in start event viewer %windir%\system32\eventvwr.msc /s
  8. Have you tried a Different program i used DS4 Windows
  9. Well it has been a long time since I have been using any forum recently got my bc rebuild (house fire PC was fine just smoke damage) anyway I want to up date my signature and I forgot hot on the LTT forum that is all simple I know but I got lost some were and would like some assistance
  10. it sounds like windows faild somewere try to go into safe mode and see if it works if so than possably sonthing non windows if not try restore points repair via use worst case may have to be reinstalled from expernce os boot issuess is drivers or system file corecption and not from the hardware itself if you can boot to at least the windows logo than mots likly hardware is fine good luck
  11. also "open-web-control" "false" well stop it from opening web control on startup or running (makes you need to uise the tray icon)
  12. well how far into boot do you get befor it resets as well what is your storige syster (like do you have 1 drive with everything or more than one with one for the os) i hav had issuess like this befor but from verious reasons (i tinker to much) boot loops are caused normaly be somting not loading right and the os is trying to restart to fix what was loaded normaly happens after somting updated i do suggest system restore points you may need to fresh install
  13. when you are playing have you tried watching resource monter to see what is being used that is a good way to see what is being used and may help your issue also look at the amout of ram and well 2080ti it shouldent be the issuee have you look in your biso to make sure all thing are there i once install a 6 core (my cureent cpu) and only 4 of 6 shoed in bios