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    Rutwik Mishra

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    People and technology
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    A person who like to save people while gaming
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    DOCTOR MBBS done , pursuing PG


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    I5 4690K
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    ASUS z97 sabertooth mark 2
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    24 GB mixed Rams at 1866 :P
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    Gigabyte GTX 1080 windforce oc ed to 2050mhz and +475 mhz mem
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    CORSAIR 500R
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    Samsung 840 240gb , hyperx 240gb SSD , WD black 1 tb HDD , WD green 2tb HDD
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    Seasonic 620wtt 80+bronze
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    Acer VG271Hu 144hz 1440p IPS, Samsung 1920X1080p(23in)
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    Noctua NHD15
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    Redgear cherry MX brown
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    Logitech G403
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    Senn HD 558 modded, hyperx cloud , SoundMagic E10C ,Pamu slide, HUB earphone, Samsung 2.1 speakers
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    Windows 10 64bit pro

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  1. Sorry but i am still having trouble syncing it with my CM argb controller, how do you use the front panel setting ?
  2. Check the updates I am now trying 1.275 v with 45x with VCCIN at 2.0v YEAH passed Intel XTU 5 mins cant upload pics some -200 error Load temps- 81c and idle after XTU -45-52c Should i try 46x or should i go for more stress tests? Crashed with cinebench r 20 ? Changed cpu input voltage to 2.05 v and retrying - clock watchdog timeout error when running cinebench r20 , Swiched off cpu integrated fault management again crashed ? Cpu core voltage increased to 1.285 v still gets the clock watchdog timeout error ?
  3. VCCIN I change and I crash into bios failure. And I did tighten the screws . Adaptive voltage with 0.4 negative offset and 1.195 additional cpu turbo mode seems stable for Intel xtu for 45 mins after switched off EISI. Gonna just try manual voltage and try x45 Update - clock watchdog timeout error at 45x with 1.25v on cpu core clock 7 mins into Intel XTU Update- clock watchdog timeout error at 45x with 1.26 v on cpu core clock 2 mins into Intel XTU Update - changed cpu input voltage to 2.0v same clock watchdog timeout error ?
  4. I tried that but as soon as i do that it crash and have to reset bios ? may be some setting i can change for not tripping something that causes this crash in the bios
  5. I have a seasonic S2 620 watts 80+ bronze psu and I am running a i5 4690k at 1.19 v, 43x multiplier and cpu cache ratio 40 at 1.19v and ram 24gb at 1866 mhz , GTX 1080 oced at 2050 mhz and +475 in mem , NOCTUA NHD15 with both fans, a DVD drive ( just because my mom wants it) , 2 HDD , 2SSD , 2 front case fans , 1x200mm side fan and 1 rear fans , possibly getting another 2 fans for top . I live in India So Is this psu good enough so should I go for a new one ??
  6. Okay I know it's a very old cpu but that doesn't stop me from tinkering with it ? So I have an i5 4690k with noctua NHD15 with Asus z97 sabertooth mark 2 Mobo and 24 gb's of ram ( 2x8 GB and 2x 4gb in appropriate slots ) and I have oced to 4.3 ghz with cpu core voltage at 1.190 and cpu cache ratio 40 and cache voltage at 1.190 and the DDR3 ram Freq to 1866mhz at 75-79 on load with prime 95 small ffts ( its stable ). The thing is I tried everything from increasing the cpu core voltage to changing cache ratio but I can't get 4.4 GHz ? and when I set the BCLK Freq from auto to 100.som
  7. Ohh yes I have stored them on my WD black will try to move them to my is windows SSD and report back Thanks again
  8. Got stable on 4.3ghz at 1.16 cpu core voltage and cpu cache multiplier at 43 and cpu cache voltage at 1.19 , but still I stutter when wallpaper changes ?
  9. Welll i wil try ocing it on monday after my classes and let ya know
  10. Yeah but on an avg it shows 100 % usage now like on task manager , will test more and let you know Is it worth getting a 1080ti over a 1080 now I wonder for a 80$ price more than my 1080 assuming I could sell it for a good price ?? Sorry for late replies been busy with Studies
  11. Its a lot high on my CPU 80-90% mostly bought a noctua cooler NHD15 to oc this cpu and check again ??
  12. No it's with the default Nvidia control panel you just have to have a freesync monitor that's it and switch on Gsync but kind of hit / miss with many monitors with freesync , Check this out Btw switching off freesync didn't work still getting fps drops when playing ???
  13. Well with recent updated Nvidia drivers freesync can be used with Nvidia cards
  14. Sorry the late reply been busy Well the colour change is constant in my 1080p monitor and I don't know how to remove it And yes the 1st 1440p monitor doesn't have gsync it has freesync and I have switched on gsync from Nvidia control panel , I will give it a try after turning freesync off and let ya know
  15. So i oced my GTX 1080 to corevoltage-0%, Powerlimit-100%, Coreclock-140 MHz, Memory clock-+475MHz and max temp under load-74C and i have a dual monitor 1- Acer 1440p 144Hz on AMD Freesnc on, monitor 2-1080p , 60HZ (setup as extend displays) I have a 4690K not OCED Well the problem is 1) the game has a 20-30 FPS drop in APEX and other games on monitor 1 while there is wallpaper changes in monitor 2, 2) the monitor 2 has had a yellow tint on it for some reason and i cant get rid of it So am i doing something wrong with OCing or is the monitors creating problems??