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    CaSsE reacted to Limecat86 in The Water Cooling Gallery   
    Made the switch to hardline. Also replaced the Phobya Flexlight with Darkside rigid ones. Now I'm still pondering if I should add Mayhems UV dye...

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    CaSsE reacted to McSnuggles in The Water Cooling Gallery   
    2ND water cooled build thinking about trying my hand at hardline tubing 
    i7 6700k
    rampage viii formula 
    32gb trident z ddr4 3200
    980ti poseidon 
    corsair 750g psu 
    monsoon modular resevoir w/d5 pump cover

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    CaSsE reacted to Snef in The Water Cooling Gallery   
    my latest build: Mjolnir   I really love all mat black with gold   Parvum Ssytem M1.0 whit triple layer option Intel i7-5820k  @ 4.2 Asus Sabertooth X99 16gb (4x4) Gskill DDR4 2400 2 x GTX980 reference SSD Kingston Hyper X 120gb 3 x Seagate 500gb 7200rpm 2.5" HDD EVGA 1050g PSU  
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    CaSsE reacted to Charlie_2510 in The Water Cooling Gallery   
    Just moved all my watercooling gear from my Air 540 into this White Air 240 case. Had to swap a few things, ATX down to mini ITX board etc but loving the new compact version.

    Was quite a squeeze getting 3 rads in her...


    PSU: Corsair AX 760i
    Mainboard: ASUS RoG Maximus VII Impact
    CPU: i7 4790k @ 4.7GHz
    GPU: MSI GTX 970 4GB
    RAM: 16GB HyperX Fury 1866MHz
    SSD: Corsair GS 240GB
    HDD: WD Red 2TB
    CPU Waterblock: Watercool Heatkiller IV Pro
    GPU Waterblock: EK Water Blocks EK-FC970 GTX TF5
    Pump, Top + Reservoir: EK Water Blocks EK-DDC 3.2 PWM X-RES 100
    Radiators: 1 x Hardware Labs Black ICE Radiator GTX-Lite 240 1 x Magicool G2 Slim Radiator 240mm 1 x EK-CoolStream XE 120
    Radiator Fans: 5 x Corsair SP120 (4 x Quiet series , 1 x Red LED)
    Case Fans: 2 x Arctic F8 80mm + 1 x BitFenix Spectre Plain BLACK 120mm
    Tubing: Primochill Primoflex Advanced Tubing 13/10 - White
    Coolant: Mayhems X1 - Oil Black Concentrate
    Fittings: EK Black Nickel (mostly, ran out inside the back but no-one will notice.. )


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    CaSsE reacted to Sulfatron in The Water Cooling Gallery   
    My Mercury S3 build;

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    CaSsE reacted to 3teng in The Water Cooling Gallery   
    Some update of my rig. Changed the flex tubing -> PETG tubing and some paint job to most parts.

    NZXT Source 530
    ASrock Z97 Extreme4
    G1 Gaming GTX970 SLI 
    Avexir Raiden Series Blue 16GB RAM
    128gb SSD+500gb HDD+1tb HDD
    Seasonic P-760 PSU

    Swiftech H240x expanded loop.
    Apogee XL CPU waterblock
    EK-FC970 GTX WF3 Waterblock x2
    EK-FC Terminal DUAL Serial 3-Slot
    Nemesis-120GTS Radiator
    Nemesis-240GTS Radiator
    3x CM Jetflo 120mm
    2x Swiftech Helix 140mm

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    CaSsE got a reaction from chrisprice12 in Reservoir inlet/outlet   
    that´s normally the inlet to prevent splashing. 
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    CaSsE reacted to Akula in The Water Cooling Gallery   
    Project ARMADA











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    CaSsE reacted to alpenwasser in The Water Cooling Gallery   
    I see you went for the holy grail: Water cooling your GPU and keeping that awesome
    stock cooler on it.
    That's the downside of having such a nice-looking stock cooler I suppose.
    it usually goes away when putting the card under water.
    Anyway, I got my machine assembled finally:

    (build log link in sig, for those interested)
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    CaSsE reacted to alpenwasser in The Water Cooling Gallery   
    Finally looped up my motherboard, currently working on assembling the build:

    Build log update: http://linustechtips.com/main/topic/11201-helios-caselabs-smh10-blackcopper-evga-sr-2-black-edition-norprene-tubingcopper-fittings-by-alpenwasser/page-47#entry5944092
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    CaSsE reacted to brandishwar in The Water Cooling Gallery   
    Recently moved to an external pump and reservoir mount. Next phase on this build is to actually move the radiators external as well -- and probably get rid of the southbridge cooler.

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    CaSsE reacted to hugteddy in The Water Cooling Gallery   
    My first water cooling build.




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    CaSsE reacted to turbz in The Water Cooling Gallery   
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    CaSsE reacted to othertomperson in calling all germans   
    Ja, sie haben Google.de
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    CaSsE reacted to AlexCom in Black and white watecooled build!   
    Hello community!
    I posted some problems in the watercooling section about this, but they got solved in the meantime, so I`m posting it here, happily.. finally.
    Well, after waiting a few months for parts, mostly because of knowledge issues, I built my first fully watercooled PC!
    PC parts:
    CPU: 5820K OC at 4.5 Ghz with 1.3V
    GPUs: GTX 980 a bit OC
    MB: ASUS X99 Deluxe
    Memory: DDR4 Corsair Dominator at 2666 Mhz
    PSU: Corsair H1000i
    Case: Phanteks Enthoo Primo
    Watercooling parts: Alphacool rads (one thick 280 and one medium 480), fittings and D5 pump, EK waterblocks, fans for the rads Corsair Low Noise High Static Pressure and for general airflow around the case, the Phanteks fans.
    Unfortunately, I can`t put the wire shield/reservoir holder because of the second card.
    So here are some pictures, I hope you like it!




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    CaSsE reacted to rhyseyness in BEWARE Buying Seagate 2TB 7200.14 ST2000DM001 Drives!   
    Wikipedia is your reliable source?
    I have the same model HDD. It's silent and is more than fast enough.
    I think the one you recieved was probably just broken.
    Please don't go posting crap like this: "Don't buy product x because I bought it and got a broken one."
    You were unlucky, it's not the manufacturers fault. They didn't make it like that on purpose.
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    CaSsE reacted to Ghost in What's the point of leak testing for extended periods?   
    I persoanlly run my loop for 60-120 mins and try and pull the tubing out of the fittings to see if it holds.
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    CaSsE got a reaction from winny3141 in How much difference does RAID 0 actually make for hard drives?   
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    CaSsE reacted to LinusTech in Linus's cat may have been found!   
    In the best mood ever right now and I'm about to go out for dinner, but I want to thank a few others as well as our forum community.
    Missing Pets in BC has a great Facebook page that I wish more people were aware of. It's great that I have this huge (and awesome) group of people to help support me with something like this, but not everyone does, so I'd love for everyone who reads this to take a couple moments to find out if there's a similar local organiziation or facebook page or something and give them a like. What they do is so important to so many people.
    They do more than just post the pets, but they can give advice and support about what information to provide and local animal shelters and the like.
    I'm just so glad he's coming home... The last time I went out looking for him I didn't knock on doors... I was actually trying to see if I could smell decaying flesh in the woods near my house because I just wanted to know what happened to him...I tried not to but sometimes at night I couldn't help but lie there and think about how much it must have hurt to die from being eaten alive... And that that's what probably happened to my baby... I'm so glad he's safe. Even if whoever found him decided they didn't want to give him back, I would still be so happy to know he's okay... The fact that I'm getting him back is unbelievable.
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    CaSsE reacted to Ghost in Two SLI links??   
    That would kill your GPUs.
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    CaSsE reacted to colonel_mortis in 250gb Samsung 840 series for £50!?   
    It depends on how much they'll loose. If the cost to them if £100 per unit, and they sold 2000 of them (say, it did go to the top of the best sellers list for a couple of hours), that's a lot of money. Plus personally it would actually make no difference to how I treated amazon if they didn't fulfil the orders, even if it would to some people.
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    CaSsE reacted to Ghost in This Is Madness - Messed Upo   
    Both top ports on the bottom GPU are used as an outlet, both bottom ports on the top GPU are used as an inlet. Bottom left port is half "passthrough" to the second GPU. The top right port is a passthrough outlet.
    It works, you either get it or you don't. No point discussing it, we could be here for days if you don't get it right off.

    You will most likely end up using a SLI/Crossfire Bridge which does this inside the module anyway.
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    CaSsE reacted to Windspeed36 in Does gold plating help?   
    Gold is not the best conduct of electricity - silver is however it is less malleable and is prone to wear. Gold connectors make better contact with receptacles due to the malleability of it. 
    We don't use silver in cables because of the cost. 
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    CaSsE reacted to airdeano in Is there a way to have your pump speed/power/voltage correlate directly with your PC usage?   
    my point exactly. the heat does effect life expectancy. it is an un-planned spec.
    rated 12v-24v, can run 8v (usually start voltage) supply voltage.
    if plans are for a vario (5-step selector) you'll spend a lot of time switching speeds.
    its best to find the slowest, best thermal, and quietest setting tolerable and go with
    that. switching speeds really doesn't subtract monster degrees of performance.
    i kinda stay on the track of set it all up on one speed and worry about other systems
    than if the fans/pump are throttling and what the temperatures are doing.. just making
    more work (limited or no return) for short amounts of gains.
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    CaSsE reacted to Judahnator in Is GreenLuma illegal, if so what are the odds of getting cought?   
    Not true at all @Snapy1
    Look at it this way:
    A movie may last around 2 hours. I usually take around 10 hours to finish a campaign, and on some games i have over 200 hours of gameplay. Could you watch 200 hours of the same movie without getting bored?
    There are many other reasons why a video game costs much more to make then a game. In my opinion, the extra cost is well worth it.
    If you dont want to pay so much for AAA titles, you can always visit the land of "indie games." They are usually a bit cheaper.
    I do not in ANY way think stealing is ok, and the excuse "its too expensive" is just pathetic. Would you steal an expensive car, and when the cops come knocking expect to get away with it saying "it was too expensive, so i stole it?" People work hard so you can enjoy it, do them a favor by buying the game.
    Why not ask for video games for Christmas or your birthday? If that isnt an option, then get a job and buy them yourself.