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    CaSsE reacted to Knuxz in The Water Cooling Gallery   
    Copied and pasted the specs from Instagram so I didn't have to type it again. Wiring isn't completed at this time. Hooked it up quick to run some benchmarks and ensure everything was working properly. Thanks all! 
    First time poster, long time LTT fan. 
    - @amd Ryzen 3950x
    - @asrock_official x570 Aqua
    - @hyperx Predator 32 GB 3600 CL17
    - @asus @rog_na Strix 2080 Ti OC Edition (x2)
    - ASUS ROG 3 Slot Bridge
    - @teamevga 1300 G2+ PSU
    - @kingstontechnology KC2000 NVMe 1 TB (x2)
    - Kingston UV500 SSD 2 TB (x3 in raid0)
    - @phanteks Enthoo 719
    - @ekwaterblocks FLT 360 Pump/Res
    - EKWB Quantum Strix DRGB Blocks (x2)
    - EKWB Nickel Backplates
    - EKWB Torque Fittings, Nickel
    - EKWB 360mm Radiator SE
    - EKWB 360mm Radiator XE
    - EKWB 480mm Radiator SE
    - EKWB Electric Purple Cryofuel - 16mm OD Hard Tubing PETG
    - @noctua_at Chromax NF F12 (x10)
    - Noctua Chromax NF F12 IPPC 3000rpm (x3)
    - Noctua Chromax NF A14

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    CaSsE reacted to Alphabear1978 in The Water Cooling Gallery   
    On the bottom we have my work rig 1 (teaching, research, writing papers,...) : 
    Intel 9900k (Overclocked to 5.0 Ghz on all cores) Asrock Z390 Phantom Gaming ITX/AC 16 GB of Corsair Vengeance RGB DDR4-3600  EK Waterblock for Intel CPU's AMD RX 5700 with Corsair XG7 Corsair XD5 (Reservoir and pump) Corsair XR7 240 Rad Samsung 970 EVO 500GB On the top we have my work rig 2 (data science, virtualization, gaming):
    AMD Ryzen 3950X  MSI MEG X570 ACE  32 GB of Ballistix Sport LT DDR4-3200 (overclocked to 3600Ghz) NZXT Krakken Z63 Gigabyte Aorus Geforce RTX 2080 XTREME WATERFORCE Corsair XD5 (Reservoir and pump) EK CoolStream PE 360 Samsung 970 EVO 500GB Samsung 860 EVO 1TB To power the systems: Phanteks Revolt X 1200W Platinum
    To cool the systems: 5 Corsair LL120 RGB + 3 NZXT Aer RGB 120mm + 2 NZXT Aer RGB 140mm
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    CaSsE reacted to Prairiemedic in The Water Cooling Gallery   
    CPU: 3950x
    GPU: 5700xt liquid devil
    Mobo: ASRock X570 Aqua #915
    RAM: Trident Neo 3600mhz
    NVMe: Samsung 970 Evo 500gig
    SSD: 3 tforce RGB 1TB ssd's
    Pump: EK kinetic RGB D5
    Radiators: 2 360x30mm and 1 420x30mm
    It's my very first hard tubing build. All blue acrylic tubing at 16mm od. I'm terrible at bends hence the 90 degree adapters. 

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    CaSsE reacted to Tonberry in The Water Cooling Gallery   
    Pardon my poor photos & lighting





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    CaSsE reacted to MaratM in The Water Cooling Gallery   
    The project is finished, so I decided to post some pictures here

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    CaSsE reacted to MaratM in The Water Cooling Gallery   
    i5 9400f
    asus z170i pro gaming with a z270i waterblock
    Sapphire vega 56 pulse with Bykski waterblock
    16 GB Corsair vengeance RGB RAM
    A custom made aluminium copy of Motif Monument
    240 Barrow rad 60mm thick+2 noctua NF-A12x25
    Soft tubing
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    CaSsE reacted to kla3 in The Water Cooling Gallery   
    Joining in on this, this is my rig number 2, rig number 1 is still getting its loop done!

    Asus Rampage Extreme X299
    I9 7940x
    2 x EVGA 1080ti
    64gb G-Skill 3666mhz
    2 x Samsung 960 EVO plus (512gb)
    4 x 6 tb Ironwolfs
    1200w FSP Platinum
    2 x EK SE 360 mm radiators
    EK blocks on CPU and GPU
    LianLi 011 AIR
    Noctua IPPC fans

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    CaSsE reacted to Lobstar in The Water Cooling Gallery   
    Just wanted to show off my ZMT and Monstas. I personally think these tubes have an industrial beauty.  I could have hidden these connections in the back but I like them up here

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    CaSsE reacted to TWakeboarder25 in The Water Cooling Gallery   
    First Water-cooled build with some challenges.
    Case: Phanteks Evlov Shift
    CPU: Ryzen 3700x
    GPU: ASUS 2080 Super
    MB: Asus B450i- Gaming
    EK water-cooling equipment
    Noctua fans
    650W SFX PSU
    *Side panels created some challenges with space. Then ordered angle fittings some being super low profile on GPU
    *Case is specced for 1 120mm radiator. Was able to fit 2 down to the mm with a slim Noctua fan on the vertical mounted radiator. 
    *Drilled holes to slide power supple flush with side of case to relieve some room for GPU power connectors.

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    CaSsE reacted to TootY in The Water Cooling Gallery   
    Ok, this is my first hardline water-cooled build, personally, I think I did OK  - I've learnt a lot for next time but here it is (It looks Blue in the pics but in person it actually is White)





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    CaSsE reacted to GMart84 in The Water Cooling Gallery   
    Finally finished my first somewhat successful hard line setup:
    Thermaltake Core P5
    Maximus X Hero
    32 GB G.Skill Trident Z
    2x EVGA GTX 1080 Ti SC Black Edition

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    CaSsE reacted to GMart84 in The Water Cooling Gallery   
    Showing off my 8 year old’s build.  It may not be much but she is extremely proud of it as I am of her for taking the time to do this.
    Next she wants to cutout the front of the case so it can breath with the look intact.
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    CaSsE reacted to jacob_samd in The Water Cooling Gallery   
    This is my baby. There is a whole description on the weblink! Give it a thumbs up if you like it!

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    CaSsE reacted to ewplayer3 in The Water Cooling Gallery   
    I've been itching to build a new machine for a while. I've started doing some video editing and wanted to do it with my PC, but my old i5 rig was woefully underpowered. After seeing all of the show build madness online, I decided to take a shot at doing one myself. I present.... The Purple Bit Eater; themed after my favorite football team.
    P.S. This is my first ever water-cooled build, AIO or otherwise. Though, I've been building PCs for about 20 years.

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    CaSsE reacted to itsmyjobtoknow in The Water Cooling Gallery   
    Intel Core i7 6850K 
    Asus X99-M WS
    HyperX Predator v2 32GB DDR4 3200Mhz (4x8GB)
    Sapphire Nitro+ RX Vega64
    Fractal Design Define C Mini
    Samsung 960 Evo 250GB NVMe SSD
    Samsung 860 Evo 1TB SSD
    Western Digital Black 500GB NVMe SSD
    Seagate Barracuda 2TB 3.5in HDD
    Seagate Barracuda 2TB 2.5in HDD
    Seasonic Platinum SS-860XP2
    EKWB EK-Velocity RGB - Full Nickel
    Alphacool GPX-A Vega M05
    EKWB EK-CoolStream SE 120
    EKWB EK-CoolStream SE 240
    Phantek Reservoir (PH-R160_BK01)
    Swiftech MCP35X PWM DDC Pump
    Mayhems X1 Coolant -  UV Blue




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    CaSsE reacted to TekRed in The Water Cooling Gallery   
    Will share my latest build here as there may been many who didn't not see the build log. I will be finishing another project this week and will post that as well once completed

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    CaSsE reacted to Haemish in The Water Cooling Gallery   
    One summer about 10 years ago I decided my computer was too noisy. I "fixed" it with an aquarium pump and a Ford Fiesta heater core. Given that there was 5 gallons of coolant the heater core was probably not necessary. I just  stumbled across the photo and thought it might amuse people.

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    CaSsE reacted to TahoeDust in The Water Cooling Gallery   
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    CaSsE reacted to Limecat86 in The Water Cooling Gallery   
    My Asus X99-A motherboard died a week ago and is replaced with an Asus X99 Sabertooth. Not really much has changed on the loop except that I had to go back using my EK Supremacy EVO CPU block. Had to mount it with the logo upside down so I wouldn't have to switch the tubings going in the GPU on the bottomside. 
    Also, replaced the Thermatake Riing fans for Corsair's LL120 and a new color mixed from Mayhem's UV ice blue and a little bit of laser green.

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    CaSsE reacted to Mic Vox in The Water Cooling Gallery   
    Extremely new here. Figured I'd show my last water cooled build...
    CPU: AMD FX-8350 BLACK
    RAM: 32GB Corsair Vengence series
    GPU: (2)NVIDIA GTX 650TI (SLI)
    HDD: (2) CORSAIR SSD 250GB
    (3) WD 1T BLACK
    PSU: CORSAIR AX1200i 
    It looks really trashy compared to most of y'all's builds!!! My next build will definitely feature hardlines!! Love em!!! And you guys have some amazingly beautiful setups!!! 

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    CaSsE reacted to KWelz in The Water Cooling Gallery   
    I was getting near 90c on my CPU while doing gaming lately so decided it was time for a system cleaning.  CPU block top was cracked so I ended up replacing it.  New tubing all around and decided to go with a no bend setup.  I think I am going to do a vinegar and high pressure flush before I add coolant.  What do you all think would look good in this system?   I am thinking white, green or blue pastel.  

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    CaSsE reacted to Zammin in The Water Cooling Gallery   
    I just recently finished my first hardline build in the PC-011 Dynamic case as well haha. Must be popular.
    - 8700k @ 5Ghz
    - Strix GTX1080Ti OC
    - Maximus X Code
    - Trident Z RGB 3200Mhz 16Gb
    - RM1000i PSU
    - Intel 600P 256Gb OS Drive
    - Samsung 850 Evo 1TB Games drive
    - 3TB Hard Drive Storage
    Watercooling components:
    - EK Supremacy RGB CPU Block
    - Phanteks Glacier RGB GPU Block
    - EK Xres 140 Revo RGB D5 Pump/Res Combo (with extended reservoir tube)
    - EK XE360 Top Radiator
    - XSPC EX360 Side Radiator
    - Bitspower DRGB Flow Indicator
    - EK 16mm OD PETG Tubing
    - Corsair ML120 Radiator Fans
    Took a lot of time to squeeze everything in there. Hope you guys like it. 

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    CaSsE reacted to TekRed in The Water Cooling Gallery   
    Have this posted in my build log but wanted to share it here too
    AMD threadripper 1950x
    Asus zenith extreme x399
    G.Skill Tridentz 64gb 3200mhz CL16 
    Asus Strix gtx 1080
    Samsung 970 evo 250gb x3 in raid 0
    EVGA SuperNova 850 G1+
    CableMod ModMesh custom cables
    InWin 303c
    InWin polaris 120 rgb fans
    Watercooling by Bitspower 
    Coolant extreme white pastel with custom mix dye by mayhem 

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    CaSsE reacted to bling in The Water Cooling Gallery   
    I forgot to post the pics of my build so here there are





    I still have some work to do like the psu shroud but I'm pretty satisfied so far.
    More detail on the build log
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    CaSsE reacted to Capnspace in The Water Cooling Gallery   
    Project Suite and Tie
    Case: air240
    Cpu:i77700k delidded with rockit88 kit applied conductonaut ti cpu die
    Also, replaced intels ihs with rockit's beautiful copper ihs. Temps stayed dropped hard after installation. 
    Gpu: 1080 ti founders edition
    Ram: 32gb (4x8gb) corsair vengance lpx 3000mhz cl15
    Ssd: Samsung evo 960 1tb
    M.2: Samsung evo 960 250gb nvme m.2
    Mobo: asrock z270m extreme4
    Psu:SeaSonic Electronics PRIME Titanium 650W 80 Plus Titanium Modular Power Supply
    Fans: 3x corsair ml120 white 
    Custom Waterloop
    Gpu: ek full cover waterblock
    Cpu: ek supremacy evo 
    Radiators: 240mm ultra stealth black nemesis white radiator & 120mm ultra stealth black nemesis white radiator
    Reservoir: Alphacool: 150mm eisenbacher reservoir
    Pump: ek d5 pump
    Tubing: thermaltake petg (the best tubing known to man. So easy to work with)
    Fittings: eK white hardline fittings
    Fluid: cl1000 opaque white
    Peripherals not shown in pictures:
    Mouse: corsair m65 pro
    Mousepad: corsair mm800 rgb
    Keyboard: corsair k70 rgb rapidfire
    Headset: corsair void pro
    Monitor: acer predator x34P overclocked 120hz (just bought this baby today  )
    Back of case tubing: ek zmt matte black soft line tubing with ek soft line fittings and horsepower spout
    Custom cable sleeving from mainframe customs
    *custom wires ti exact length with custom sleeving.
    Also added a custom side panel made of clear acrylic with 1/2" standoffs (painted copper). Lastly, added custom acrylic floor paneling and custom acrylic top paneling with square cutouts to allow air to pass through.