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  1. Just bought an 8700k myself and I find everyone using auto voltages is complaining about bad TIM or "my CPU runs to hot". 


    I tried it the good old way:

    • AUTO voltages and my aimed core speed-> look what the board uses and drop it
    • use lowered but fixed voltages -> try reducing it as much as possible

    So now my CPU is on 48 all cores and not even touching 60°C after hours of gaming. After 1 hour P95 its around 65°C sometimes touching 70°C (22° ambient).


    Proves for me: nothing has changed till 5 years ago, AUTO is always easy but more wearing on your hardware.

  2. Few pics of my rig & some benchmarks:


    GPU temps are around 32-36c depending on how long I'm gaming / what clock speed I'm at.

    1600 mhz on the GPU & 8830 mhz on the memory is stable in most benchmarks as long as I keep the GPU lower than 34C.   


    Running an external 1080mm radiator, with 5 fans on it right now, going to order 9 new fans to put on it, since it has room for 9x120mm fans.


    Specs are in my sig




    with this setup you shouldn´t have any flow in the GPU, or am I  wrong?


    I was wrong  :D it´s just parallel with uneven flow or smt...time to sleep.

  3. This one looks like a good product and it wont take up a drivebay, but i have several setbacks. First it uses 3 pin connectors and my fans are 4pin(not sure if this will be a problem). Also it requires a usb hookup and im out of internal usb ports.(im sure i can find an expansion card).  When using splitters will i still be able to controll the fan speeds or will it read out as 1 fan?


    Using 4 pin fans on 3 pin connections is something i havent tried and heard of yet.

    USB is just needed for installation, after that you can unplug the USB and it works on its own. (sure, you cant monitor anything on desktop then)

    You are controlling each fan header. So if you connect 2.3 or 4 fans on 1 header all will run the same speed. 

  4. If you mean, reverse the flow of the CPU block, then there will be a performance drop! 


    Espacially with the "new" jet plates which most of the new blocks have. (Reducing diameter to increase velocity to a wider spread) That principle doesnt work the other way around.


    But, you could still do it with a loss of performance.