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  1. Just unboxed my new radiator, wondering which fittings to order ? I just wanted to share this, because for me as a watercooling PC guy, this is hilarious. Wondering how much LTT fans could be mounted on that thing ?
  2. Just bought an 8700k myself and I find everyone using auto voltages is complaining about bad TIM or "my CPU runs to hot". I tried it the good old way: AUTO voltages and my aimed core speed-> look what the board uses and drop it use lowered but fixed voltages -> try reducing it as much as possible So now my CPU is on 48 all cores and not even touching 60°C after hours of gaming. After 1 hour P95 its around 65°C sometimes touching 70°C (22° ambient). Proves for me: nothing has changed till 5 years ago, AUTO is always easy but more wearing on your ha
  3. that´s normally the inlet to prevent splashing.
  4. with this setup you shouldn´t have any flow in the GPU, or am I wrong? I was wrong it´s just parallel with uneven flow or smt...time to sleep.
  5. A kill coil has nothing to do with corrosion, it´s only against algae and biological "life". To prevent corrosion you´ll need something like http://www.aquatuning.de/water-cooling/water-additives/concentrates/178/anticorrosive-anticorro-fluid-50ml
  6. DHL is superior. Alphacool products are awesome, but the onsite shop I don´t know anything about.
  7. I like the Kuhler the most even if I could use all of the stuff anyways :-D
  8. Seeing a different route: The need to try several startups is normally a sign of bad power delivery (PSU or onboard failure) could be your board died while changing hardware?
  9. this should work http://www.microsoftstore.com/store/msusa/html/pbPage.Help_Win7_usbdvd_dwnTool
  10. http://www.hardwaresecrets.com/article/Does-RAID0-Really-Increase-Disk-Performance/394/6
  11. dishwasher works fine for radiators. just make sure you probably dry them. otherwise you´ll get rust inside the sidecovers.
  12. you wouldnt have any flow in both cards because the water would go straight from top to bottom. | i | | | | i | | i |
  13. It´s a hobby like pimping a car...not usefull but makes you happy ;-)
  14. There are "Watercooled" supercomputers, or at least 1 in Germany, named SuperMUC. http://www.lrz.de/services/compute/supermuc/ http://www.lrz.de/presse/ereignisse/2010-12-13_supermuc-vertrag/warmwasserkuehlung/
  15. Most, if not all, Pumps work in "pull"...so they pull their material (water, concrete, doesn´t matter) from a feeding source. It´s urgent for the first filling, after that you got a "nearly" closed loop thats not effected by this "pull" principle at all.
  16. This is really a nice job. I´m pretty jealous!
  17. Using 4 pin fans on 3 pin connections is something i havent tried and heard of yet. USB is just needed for installation, after that you can unplug the USB and it works on its own. (sure, you cant monitor anything on desktop then) You are controlling each fan header. So if you connect 2.3 or 4 fans on 1 header all will run the same speed.
  18. Alphacool Heatmaster ( I or II ) http://www.alphacool.com/product_info.php/info/p999_Alphacool-Heatmaster-II.html?language=en just use splitter cables to run multiple fans off one port.