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    ARikozuM reacted to rockking1379 in EU governments plan to ban secure encryption   
    Look...the only way we get this to stop is for it to actually go through. And then have their personal devices compromised directly as a result of it and all their dirty dealings and secrets openly published. Then point to their legislation and show them how they fundamentally Allowed it to
    happen to themselves. At that point they either repeal the law. Or they never have privacy again and are forever under public scrutiny 
  2. Informative
    ARikozuM reacted to GDRRiley in Zoom lied to users about end-to-end encryption for years, FTC says   
    zoom claimed they were using end to end 256bit encryption but kept the keys on their servers, this has been going on sense at least 2016. They claimed to be during 2016 and 2017 HIPAA complaints guides. (medical privacy laws)
    My thoughts
    Not a big shock, they aren't using end to end while claiming they do. I don't trust almost any of the video calling providers but signal.
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    ARikozuM reacted to Sakuriru in Your debt collectors may soon be adding you on Facebook   
    Ah, good ole American healthcare.
    I'm not in debt but I'm one serious unpredictable medical emergency away from one
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    ARikozuM reacted to Brooksie359 in Your debt collectors may soon be adding you on Facebook   
    Sometimes people go into debt even when they are being careful so its easier said than done. Went into the hospital once and had a single xray and it cost me 3 grand after insurance. Now I had enough savings to cover the cost but it had also took quite a bit of time to save up that much money and had I got that bill when I first started working then it would have been pretty bad. Also I am lucky enough to have my college paid for and come out with no debt but that is often not the case and most people have student loan debt after college 
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    ARikozuM reacted to akio123008 in WhatsApp lets messages vanish after 7 days   
    Your chemistry teacher does haha.
  6. Agree
    ARikozuM got a reaction from Mark Kaine in Watch Dogs: Legion Source code leaked   
    Molds, castings become unusable after several uses. Source code does not. Source code can be made better and community support should be allowed 10 years after dev support ends. 
    If a game is multiplayer-enabled and the developer/publisher no longer has servers they should be forced to give up the code to the server or release a package to create p2p connections. 
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    ARikozuM got a reaction from Delicieuxz in Watch Dogs: Legion Source code leaked   
    All source code should be public after 10 years. This is just advancing the movement. 
  8. Informative
    ARikozuM reacted to zuofx in Watch Dogs: Legion Source code leaked   
     Ransomware gang "Egregor" have claimed to have breached Ubisoft and Crytek and acquired the source code for Ubisoft's upcoming AAA, Watch Dogs Legion. The leak totals to approx. 560GBs worth of Data according to IGN.
    My thoughts
    This is probably a disaster for Ubisoft, a week after full release of the game, opening the game up to all types of mods and probably makes it vulnerable to piracy. I'm not sure how this will play and I'm not sure what I feel about it.
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    ARikozuM got a reaction from kelvinhall05 in Watch Dogs: Legion Source code leaked   
    All source code should be public after 10 years. This is just advancing the movement. 
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    ARikozuM reacted to Sauron in Watch Dogs: Legion Source code leaked   
    It really isn't, piracy is going to happen no matter what and there's nothing wrong with mods... not that you usually need the source code for those.
  11. Informative
    ARikozuM reacted to Spindel in New antitrust complain against Apple in france   
    So iOS14s upcoming Anti-Tracking promt, that requires users to give permission for users to allow ad tracking, apparently is something bad and anticompetitive behavior. 
    My thoughts
    I'm on Apples side in this, but here is some fodder for big bad monopolistic Apple people
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    ARikozuM reacted to BuckGup in New antitrust complain against Apple in france   
    Oh no are advertisers are butthurt boo hoo. I don't care at all and I want Apple to keep progressing in the realm of security. It's sickening what tech companies do to people just to make money 
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    ARikozuM reacted to Sauron in Uber allegedly bullying drivers into supporting California Prop 22 re-classifying app workers as self-employed   
    Yeah yeah sure, except if you don't work you starve. No real difference there. There aren't enough jobs for everyone (there literally can't be, read an economy book) so the idea that companies need to compete with one another for unskilled labour is absurd.
    Irrelevant. In fact that makes it worse - imagine exploiting people for the sake of a business model that doesn't even make you money.
    Again, not everyone can chose not to take the first job opportunity they get.
    Read below to learn how that's not what they're doing at all.
    Also I could literally make the same argument to defend slavery - surely it's just an extra "opportunity" to have the ability to sell yourself to a slaver in exchange for food and shelter, right..?
    Taking advantage of your economic power to force people into unfavorable contracts with you is exploitation.
    By treating workers as though they were self employed Uber gets around a whole lot of taxes and they don't have to provide the most basic job security to their workers. In places like the US you can add health ensurance and so on. Even if they got a fair wage they'd still be royally screwed compared to people working similar positions as regular employees.
    Also their presence can heavily affect competing businesses which don't exploit their workers as much, which means that people with an objectively better job get shoved out of it - it's not really a net benefit on local employment rates and opportunities.
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    ARikozuM reacted to LAwLz in Stadia Creative Director Triggers Uproar on Twitter   
    No, fuck this cancerous "cancel culture" you are trying to push.
    One employee saying something on his personal Twitter account should not be a reason to boycott a company. All that will lead to is that employees are no longer allowed to have personal social media accounts. It won't actually change how anyone thinks.
  15. Agree
    ARikozuM got a reaction from Velcade in What feature in your car could you not live without?   
    Cruise control. 
  16. Funny
    ARikozuM got a reaction from Eschew in The Age of our Members..?   
  17. Agree
    ARikozuM reacted to Mark Kaine in Amazon employee (now fired) sold my info to 3rd Party   
    If you work for a company you automatically represent that company, so it was Amazon who did that, if it's against their own guidelines or not... It's their responsibility. 
  18. Agree
    ARikozuM reacted to Vitamanic in Amazon employee (now fired) sold my info to 3rd Party   
    Whether or not you think it's dumb, it's how the legal system works. Amazon is at fault and is responsible for damages caused by employees in almost any scenario.
    With your logic, literally every decision and outcome is decided by a human at some level and therefore a company should never be held liable for anything they do. You know, since individuals are the ones making decisions, not the company. See how silly that is when applied at scale?
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    ARikozuM reacted to SolarNova in Industry-leading dirt-bags ZeniMax / Bethesda allegedly deliberately destroyed one more game before selling to Microsoft   
    The AAA game development and publishing industry is a steaming pile of crap tbh.
    The last thing i ever want to hear about is a liked franchise being published or otherwise developed and released by large AAA publisher/dev.
    On the flip side, if i hear some AA Dev/publisher or indie team working on an old franchise that was well liked, I have hope and look forward to such releases.
    Ofc theres exceptions to everything, and here is one.
    if such a small AA or indie dev/publisher picks up a game, then announces its got Chinese company backing or otherwise intends to go F2P / mobile. That also spells disaster.
    Case in point. Torchlight 3.
    While the dev made the better decision to change over to Single payment PC and console game, the foundation was built for a F2P ,almost mobile like game compatible with the Switch, and it shows. The game is shallow as fk, even for a ARPG, but demands AA prices.
  20. Informative
    ARikozuM reacted to Delicieuxz in Industry-leading dirt-bags ZeniMax / Bethesda allegedly deliberately destroyed one more game before selling to Microsoft   
    Ragnarok, the publisher of Rune II, has updated their lawsuit against former Rune II developer Human Head to include Bethesda and ZeniMax. The lawsuit alleges that those companies conspired together to sabotage and kill Rune II before and as it launched to prevent it from competing with the Elder Scrolls series, and Ragnarok is seeking $100+ million in damages.
    Ragnarok alleges that Human Head held secret negotiations with Bethesda and allowed Bethesda to play an early development version of their game, in defiance of confidentiality agreements, and that after playing the game Bethesda regarded Rune II as a threat to their Elder Scrolls series and decided to sabotage its release together with Human Head (a studio which was, themselves, destroyed by Bethesda back in 2012).
    Just 5 days before Rune II launched, Human Head shut-down its studio and let Ragnarok know that they'd sold themselves to Bethesda, with all of Human Head's staff becoming employees of the newly-created Roundhouse Studios - a studio which Bethesda had created two weeks prior to Human Head's surprise announcement. And with its sale to Bethesda, Human Head gave Bethesda all of their Rune II development equipment, which included Rune II's source code and trade secrets that were the property of Ragnarok.
    Ragnarok says they demanded the hand-over of Rune II's source code so that Ragnarok could continue to support the game themselves, but Bethesda refused for months, despite that the source code was exclusively Ragnarok's property. When Bethesda eventually handed-over the source code, Ragnarok says they found that it was also sabotaged, with parts of it missing and parts of it altered in damaging ways.
    If you're familiar with Bethesda's history, then you already know that Bethesda has a lengthy history of doing things like this, and that Bethesda even purposefully destroyed Human Head back in 2012 as part of a hostile-acquisition attempt that failed but left Human Head financially destroyed and unable to work on another large project until Rune II.
    If you aren't familiar with Bethesda's history of evil business practices, you can read of some of them in this thread:
    I really think that people should stop supporting Bethesda. Aside from them being industry-leading scumbags led by all-around not good people who not only rob other developers but their own customers as well with awful paid-mods practices, they don't make good games, they have about the worst (as in, completely moronic) writing in the entire "AAA" industry, their production quality certainly isn't anywhere near "AAA" level, and Todd Howard is a painfully shallow-minded and talentless hack who only knows how to take things away from a game until it's an utter pile of generic, boring crap. I fully think that they don't deserve even a third of the popularity they've had.
    As for Rune II, Ragnarok have not given-up on the game. They've formed a new development studio, called Studio 369, to carry-on development and support of the game, with the game (which was previously EGS exclusive) being 'reborn' on Steam on November the 13th.
    Ragnarok's relaunch of the game takes direct aim at Human Head with its rebranded title of RUNE II: Decapitation Edition. And Rune II's Steam store page says:
    The re-launch of the game looks to be greatly expanded over the state Human Head left it in.

    Rune 2 publisher sues Human Head Studios for abandoning the game
    Bethesda intentionally sabotaged Rune 2 to protect The Elder Scrolls, lawsuit update claims
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    ARikozuM got a reaction from AluminiumTech in Youtube-DL DMCA'ed by RIAA   
    Hmm... Sounds like they need to have no protections to see if their business model should continue to exist. I'm just saying the libertarians should speak up on this matter. 
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    ARikozuM reacted to RejZoR in iPhone 12 Pro so expensive in India that you can fly to Dubai to buy it, come back, and still save money   
    It's so hilarious people yet again going like "omg greedy Apple" yet it's the India smacking ridiculous "luxury" taxes on tech products making them absurdly expensive. Yet everyone rushes to piss on Apple because you're not cool if you're not endlessly pissing on Apple these days. How old are you all, 8 ?
  23. Agree
    ARikozuM reacted to Trik'Stari in Stadia Creative Director Triggers Uproar on Twitter   
    As if I needed any more reason to absolutely HATE the idea of Stadia any more than I already do.
    Game Streaming services like Stadia need to die horribly in a fire. Because shit like this is where it leads.
  24. Agree
    ARikozuM reacted to Radium_Angel in Stadia Creative Director Triggers Uproar on Twitter   
    And here's the problem. Everything is a license, nothing is owned outright any more. Every dev wants perpetual money.
    Fuck that noise.
    I buy CDs and DVDs on occasion, but thanks to fuckwits like the RIAA and MPAA, I buy them used.
  25. Informative
    ARikozuM reacted to Random_Person1234 in Stadia Creative Director Triggers Uproar on Twitter   
    Alex Hutchinson, a creative director at Stadia, triggered an uproar on Twitter today by tweeting that streamers should pay devs a fraction of the revenue they gain by streaming the dev's game. This has brought "Stadia" to number 2 trending in the United States. 
    My thoughts
    This is probably some of the most publicity Stadia has ever gotten. Does anyone even use it anymore?