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    ARikozuM reacted to Arika S in The AMA   
    I never learned to play it, but it would be the Harp. String instruments are by far my favourite type of all instruments. the harp is the most graceful in my opinion and the most interesting.
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    ARikozuM reacted to Cyberspirit in The AMA   
    That's unfortunate to hear. Being lonely sucks but, that doesn't justify being a dick to anyone.
    Also, I'm sorry to say but, from my experiences and the things I've heard it sounds like being a girl/woman sucks big time.
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    ARikozuM reacted to Arika S in The AMA   
    I've given up on using voice chat. The "good" experiences outweigh the bad in terms of numbers only. but the bad experiences outweighed the good in terms of everything else. Most of the time the reaction was "cool a girl" that's it. Just wanting to get a girls attention is rarer (at least in my case), generally it was people berating me, verbally abusing me (for any little mistake, or even like dying in a FPS game where respawning is a thing) sexual comments, unwanted PMs and friend requests. Some people just get really weird when playing an online game and they know there's a girl, it's like they lose all semblance of how to act normal because there's the anonymity of being online.
    It's also part of the reason why i hid my identity on here for so long because of the similar demographic.
    not necessarily part of the answer to your question but there was someone i was friends with that i met on a game that we used to play together, but it turned sour when he was under the assumption that i was his girlfriend and i liked him (we never spoke about being in a relationship at all) it was just that i was the only female that he was friends with (both on and offline), so i guess it was inevitable that he would develop feelings. Ever since then, i feel like i need to tell people "Don't mistake friendliness for flirting".
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    ARikozuM reacted to Arika S in The AMA   
    I haven't had many "hardships" in life, but the thing that stands out most would be bringing my self to drive again after a car accident when i was 19 that i had no right in surviving, let alone walking away with a few minor scratches. came over a blind hill as some guy crossed into my lane trying to turn into another street (80km/h speed limit so effectively around 140-160km impact for both cars). hit head on, airbags (which are not soft in any way) car written off. Ambulanced to hospital, xray'd, only had a scratch on my cheek from the (metal rods in) airbag. nothing broken, no internal bleeding. but just the feeling of dread in the split second. i didn't drive for the next like 8 months
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    ARikozuM reacted to Arika S in The AMA   
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    ARikozuM reacted to Arika S in The AMA   
    think of a bogan like an urban redneck.
    obnoxious "dudebro" rarely seen in anything except shorts and a singlet (also known as a bluey) loud/large cars/"trucks" (known as Utes) speak in your stereotypical Australian accent "HOAWZITGARN'?" mostly uneducated, know it and proud of it only drink VB  
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    ARikozuM reacted to Dissitesuxba11s in The AMA   
    What brought you to this forum, and what keeps you here compared to other forum?
    For me, I noticed that Alex from LTT went to the same college as me, and that we joined the same club. Small world. I am still here because since it's such a small but growing community, it makes it easier to talk to people since most of the time it's the same ones.
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    ARikozuM reacted to Arika S in The AMA   
    It started when i was researching what laptop to purchase. But I do this thing where i research too much and the longer it lakes the less likely i am to pick something and just go with it. So i wanted to get other people's opinions instead of just reading reviews and the manufacturer support forums. I never intended to stick around, but the longer i stayed the more i started learning about different things regarding technology. Plus there's some good people on this forum so i decided to stick around, and 3000 posts later, here i am  
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    ARikozuM got a reaction from Cyberspirit in The AMA   
    Damn, she's good. 
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    ARikozuM got a reaction from Arika S in The AMA   
    Damn, she's good. 
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    ARikozuM reacted to Arika S in The AMA   
    A bit of both. while it is essentially simulation lite and more game like, there is still so much you need to pay attention to. In Australia there's a large amount of double trailers and they are much harder to deal with and adds an additional factor that you don't really have control over.