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  1. I wish they'll discuss this topic on the WAN show and maybe do a strawpoll to see what most viewers actually think.
  2. Hi, i recently found this big flowchart for troubleshooting pc problems. Might be helpful for some of you edit: you might have to click "full resolution" to be able to read anything
  3. Hi LTT community, recently task scheduler stopped working. At least I can't open it anymore. Following message appears (see picture 1) "task scheduler is not available task scheduler will attempt to reconnect to it". clicking "OK" does nothing (message appears again). I can open the task scheduler library through "computer management" (picture 2) but once i click on "task scheduler" the same message pops up again. The service is started under "services.msc" (picture 3). I noticed this because Shadowplay, MSI Afterburner and SpeedFan (which I recently switched
  4. apart from Dota2 (which shows no problems) no other games tested.
  5. No, it was a german server (we live in germany) and the server browser showed 25ms ping for this on (so pretty good). The problem was the same on different servers though. It does not happen in Dota2. I do not like wifi, too. But that can't be the reason, because at my parents place they have a similar connection with wifi (10Mbit/s) and Battlefield works without a hitch there. I'll try an ethernet cable but I don't think thats the cause. A consistent low ping is important for a game like Battlefield. Of course more Mbit/s are better but 10-15 should be e
  6. d'uh obviously. The question is why it is increasing once the game is running. It's unplayable although his connection is good enough otherwise.
  7. Hello, I wanted to play some Battlefield 3 with my brother but he had some serious problems! He couldn't move at all (called "rubberbanding"?). His system: AMD Athlon X4 760K, GTX 750 Ti, 8GB DDR3, 256GB SSD, Win 10 64bit, Wifi connection, Internet "good enough" around 12Mbit/s. When trying to play Battlefield 3 online his ping gets very (unplayably) high. It jumpes from 30ms to 500-900ms and "rubberbanding" happens. When pinging "www.google.com" in cmd constantly ("ping -t www.google.com") it always shows around 30ms but also jumps very high once he's in ga
  8. Ok. Well if you still have warranty I'd contact the support and tell them about the crashes (and that you didn't overclock). If it crashes in different applications the graphics card might be defective somehow. Still it could be something else but I have no clue.. Good luck!
  9. If it only occurs in BF4 and no other game (also try a few stress tests like unigine valley/heaven and furmark and report the temperatures, voltages etc.) it's probably a software problem and has nothing to do with your graphics card. You said you tried re-installing drivers.. other than re-installing BF4 I have no idea right now unfortunately.. Edit: The maximum temperature of the gtx 970 is 98°C as stated by nVidia: http://www.geforce.com/hardware/desktop-gpus/geforce-gtx-970/specifications so you're definitely fine. Which particular model (manufacturer) do you hav
  10. allright. So I'll wipe the drive with DBAN, then re-install Windows and shut the system down once it asks to insert the name? Thats easier than I thought Thanks!
  11. Hi guys, i found someone who wants to buy my notebook. Of course I cant give it to him the way it is right now. I need to erase my private data and the Windows 10 license (the laptop came with Windows 10 Home installed) has to go into his ownership. I saw that Windows 10 has a built in reset option ( Start>Settings>Update&Security>Recovery) that deletes all files. -> But what about the user name? Wouldn't I actually have to re-install Windows and then enter his Name so that his Username folder gets created? When I first got the laptop and
  12. Thanks a lot for the help! (Yeah i forgot the hdd).
  13. Allright. Thanks for the helpful input!
  14. Hi guys, my brother needs a new pc (currently gaming on an old laptop) for mainly Dota2. Budget is around 350€ (384USD) preferably lower. This was my first idea, do you have any suggestions or advice? I'd say it's enough performance. Anything wrong with my selection? I just want to check with you guys... 1 x AMD Athlon X4 860K Black Edition, 4x 3.70GHz, boxed (AD860KXBJABOX) 1 x Kingston HyperX FURY schwarz DIMM 4GB, DDR3-1866, CL10 (HX318C10FB/4) 1 x Zotac GeForce GTX 750 Ti, 2GB GDDR5, 2x DVI, Mini HDMI (ZT-70601-10M) 1 x Gigabyte GA-F2A78M-HD2 1 x LG Electronics GH24NSC0 schwarz,
  15. Maybe there is still hope... try a different connector at the back. For example if you were using DVI, try HDMI oder DisplayPort.