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  1. Now that you guys have the workshop I suggest you build custom wireless pc monitoring (temps, usage and these kinds of things) solution using esp8266 or esp32 with small oled panel. it could also be implemented as DIY case mod. Also it could include 3D printing the enclosure for that display. Short Circuit material?
  2. We are going to build a pc for friend from our unused parts as a surprise gift: CPU: intel I7 3770 Ram: 4x4 Gb ddr3 (do not remember what ram) Monitor: 60hz 1080P We have Gtx 770 and Gtx 1050. which of these two would you use in this build? We need to buy new power supply after we decided which card to use. Also, can somebody estimate what kind of performance this build can get in 1080P casual games (rocket league, Minecraft, Cs and these kinds of games...) Yeah, the CPU and motherboard could fail at any time, because of their age. But it is be