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    I7 4770k 4.2GHz
  • Motherboard
    MSi Z87-g45
  • RAM
    Hyperx genesis 8gb 1600
  • GPU
    Asus gtx 770 2gb
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    Nzxt phantom 410
  • Storage
    Kingstion v300 240gb - WD 1tb green - 320 gb toshiba
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    Corsair CX750m
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    Acer G246hl and some old dell 4:3
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    Hyper 212 evo
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    Razer Blackwidow Tourment Edition
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    steelseries rival 100
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    Sound blaster z sound card - Status audio hd2
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    Windows 10 - Elementry OS

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  1. someone else may wanna correct me here rma may take a while, so maybe see if the store can do a replacement for you, but not sure how itll effect you if other parts were killed by the psu if you do a store replacement
  2. a work around that might work is on the mac download a windows vm parallels has one in the app store pass the usb to it and write the usb media, using the windows method https://developer.microsoft.com/en-us/microsoft-edge/tools/vms/ link to a free windows vm from mircosoft completely missed that this thread very old
  3. big oof on that internet in addition to ^ if you cant find a solution on windows, some 4g networks will run around 30mbps could set up a hotspot, also depending on what hardware you have some motherboard manufactures also have bandwidth limiting software as part of there ehternet package suite
  4. the easy part, just run the game from the script, after changing the hdr settings instead of binding launching the exe to a script for changing it back prob possible cant thing of how off the top of my head
  5. join the r/hackintosh discord and ask for help there thats the best way i found to get hackintosh help
  6. looking to comfirm a few things context, i have an old pc with a 8 pin mobo connector, specs i5 4460 gigabype h81 mobo, gpu, maybe a 1050, failing that an 8400gs or just use the igpu, want hdmi so i have two power supply i can use for this pc, which one do i use 1 dell l265am-00 rated for 265w is almost twice as heavy as the winpower one 2 some winpower atx 500w feel like its hollow inside attached the rails specs as pictures which one should i use? i'm leaning towards the dell since it see
  7. a powershell script should be able to do all that
  8. why not just spin up a docker container and run the pi software you needed in that
  9. unless the drive is encrypted, and if you run out of other ideas a linux live usb, might be able to get the data back without dealing with the permissions issue
  10. did you try a different usb port? maybe use something like unibeast and multibeast
  11. creative sucks for linux support, all the drivers made are done by some community members. best bet is to use motherboard audio or pick up a usb soundcard
  12. depends on what you want to do with your windows vm, ^ without that all the responses are gonna be based on assumptions
  13. try unplugging and re plugging the gpu again,