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    parameswarkishan got a reaction from Hiya! in CoolerMaster MasterKeys Lite L RGB Combo   
    Bought this about 2 weeks ago and Absolutely loving it..Thought I'd review it, This is my first time reviewing a product...Let me just say, I highly recommend this.
    They're using what coolermaster calls "Memchanical" switches, Pretty decent travel distance and a bit on the clicky side, but the click is mostly the plastic.
    The keys feel plastic-ish .and the RGB lighting is bright and easy to see.
    They are cherryMX compatible and can be easily pulled out and switched
    The lighting is controlled entirely on the keyboard with no software necessary. The lighting is controlled using the Function Key + F1-F7 combos.
    Fn+F1- Random solid colour ( hold for 10 seconds to reset all the modes)
    Fn+F2- 5 Steps of Red Lighting
    Fn+F3- 5 Steps of Green Lighting
    Fn+F4- 5 Steps of Blue Lighting
    Fn+F5- Switch between 8 modes
    Fn+F6-Change lighting pattern in specific modes
    Fn+F7- Change the speed of lighting ( 3 stops)
    Lighting modes :
    1-Breathing Light: Speed Control,Use Random colours with F1
    2-RGB Wave: Speed Control ( Calm to Epileptic)
    3-Lightwave: Wave of light travels from the pressed key, Left to right, Right to left, Centre to edges, Centre to edges and bounce back.
    4-Changing colour mode: Speed Control
    5-Single colour wave: Left to right, Right to left, Centre to edges, Centre to edges and bounce back. 125 colours
    6-RGB Random Zone switch- its kinda horrible,2 directions
    7-Solid Zone lighting- Custom 6 zone lighting, can set 125 colours for 6 different lighting zones.
    8-Solid light- Set any of 125 colours
     Build Quality:
    The keyboard is quite heavy and has no body flex at all, it is entirely plastic with a matte black finish, the keycaps are invisible when the lights turn off
    Other Minor Details:
    F9 and F10 controls the key repeat rates, 1x and 8x respectively.
    F11 and F12 are Keyboard lock and Windows key lock

    Its satisfyingly clicky, It has 4 DPI modes, It uses Omron Switches with 10 million click life, 5 Buttons, + DPI button
    Has a few combos to control lighting.
    2 modes of lighting, RGB and Static.
    DPI + Scroll Click is for mode switching
    DPI + Right Click is to turn the lights off and on
    DPI + Back Button changed the lights in static mode
    DPI + Forward Button changes speed of colour change in RGB mode

    Pricing :
    It costs 4000 Indian Rupees \ 62.480 US Dollar \ 79.503 Canadian Dollar
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    parameswarkishan got a reaction from catzambia in Transition from "poopy" gaming to "omg" gaming   
    He's right, you get more time to react, its actually easier to play.
    Maybe if you just clench hard enough
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    parameswarkishan got a reaction from MrDrWho13 in I have a question for buying a new PC   
    i5 7400 with 8gigs and a 1050..the i3 might bottleneck your 1060
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    parameswarkishan got a reaction from Mug in Hello World   
    I'm kinda new here, been a big fan of LTT for a long time, I'm from Kerala, India. I've been a Gamer and Tech Geek for as long as I can remember. My new specs are in the description. I'd like to look into what happened to my old pc. but since this thread isn't supposed to have tech stuff, I'll do it elsewhere.