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  1. Funny
    Senzelian got a reaction from Techstorm970 in I'm still mad… but buy it anyway - RTX 3060 Review   
    I'm so f*cked if my GTX 1080 dies.
  2. Agree
    Senzelian got a reaction from wkdpaul in Bluetooth without bluetooth?   
    Apparently you can try to stream the audio from your PC to your phone using Soundwire
    But to be honest I suggest you simply buy a USB bluetooth dongle. They are quite cheap.
  3. Agree
    Senzelian reacted to SupaKomputa in Want a LTT themed Crystal Disk Mark/Info?   
    Vanilla theme is just enough for me thank you.
  4. Agree
    Senzelian got a reaction from lewdicrous in Your Computer isn't Yours   
    But are you surprised that people trust Apple (or any other company for that matter)? I hope not.
    It doesn't matter who f*cks you; we're all being f*cked, but we should be aware of how hard we're being f*cked and from time to time decide to be f*cked by someone else.
  5. Agree
    Senzelian got a reaction from thechinchinsong in SSUPD Meshlicious   
    SSUPD the makers of ... uh... nothing? ,which is a collaboration of FormD and LianLi, released a new and quite interesting small form factor case for pre-order.
    With only 14.6 liters in size it's one of the smallest ITX cases, but is still quite a bit larger than the Louqe Ghost S1 and the DanCase.
    The differentiating factor between these cases and the Meshlicious is, as the name suggests, that it offers all sidepanels to be made out of mesh. 

    Rough translation: "It offers up to two 140mm fan mounts in the front of the case. Additionally you can mount a 280mm radiator, even if a long graphics card is in place."
    Rough translation: "The case can currently only be pre-ordered on Newegg for $119 for the base-model. A version with a PCI-e 4.0 riser cable can be had for $180."
    My thoughts
    I like!
    Something that bothered me about my Ghost S1, is that the mesh barely leaves room for the components to breath.
    One concern is noise tho.
    https://www.computerbase.de/2021-02/ssupd-meshlicious/ (In German)
    (Note: I wrote this article quite quickly at work. Hopefully this is fine. I was simply quite excited about this one, so I had to share it quickly!)
  6. Informative
    Senzelian got a reaction from Donut417 in Virtualization / Proxmox questions   
    Yup. I run my Teamspeak server and PiHole currently on ProxMox and have not paid a penny.
    I have them set up as a network bridge. You can read more about it here:
  7. Funny
    Senzelian reacted to SlimyPython in SSUPD Meshlicious   
    Ok i wrote it down. what should it look like?
  8. Like
    Senzelian got a reaction from TVwazhere in SSUPD Meshlicious   
    Thanks guys. I edited my post!
  9. Informative
    Senzelian reacted to TVwazhere in SSUPD Meshlicious   
    Formal Review:
    To note: this case has been in development since August, and review samples have bene around since December. SSUPD is a collaboration between Lain Li and FormD (who made the Sidearm T1)
  10. Informative
    Senzelian reacted to seee the state im in nooow in SSUPD Meshlicious   
    they're a new design company collaboration. if you've heard of the FormD T1 case and Lian Li, you're looking at their newest release under another banner
  11. Like
    Senzelian got a reaction from Drama Lama in SSUPD Meshlicious   
    Yeah I guess that's right. The S1 can be larger with the tophats tho.
    I'll edit my original post.
  12. Informative
    Senzelian reacted to HanZie82 in Looking for options to turn my PC on remotely.   
    It would work if you set the BIOS so that the computer wakes after powerloss.
    But power cycling a PSU that often isnt the best for them! Nor for your electricty-net.
    Personally i wouldve gone with the simple cable, if anything is wrong its easy to identify.
    Also if the cable has to much resistance, you could always just hook up a relay on the PC side and run 12V trough the cable. Which in my experience for low-powered switching stuff can run like 100meter on ethernet cable before its gonna act weird... (Maybe even more i've not tried)
  13. Informative
    Senzelian reacted to SavageNeo in Looking for options to turn my PC on remotely.   
    I have used starpup button. I have a 50cm cable with a button at the other and. So when i press the button the pc starts up. 
    Also i have seen remote pc starters that work with USB 3.
    SilverStone ES02 works with 9 pin USB
    your remote controller works with PCI slot
  14. Informative
    Senzelian reacted to igormp in Looking for options to turn my PC on remotely.   
    Hmmm, wake on lan can actually turn on a pc from standby, so as long as you didn't turn off the PSU it would still work, I've done so with many computers.
    Otherwise, wire up an esp8266 + transistor into the mobo's power pins and have it wifi enabled.
  15. Informative
    Senzelian reacted to Kleiner in Looking for options to turn my PC on remotely.   
    I use PiKVM for my home lab, extremely slick project-- it's a remote management IPMI type platform you can build for around $90 all-in.
    It has instructions for ATX power control using a breadboard, but I haven't bothered as I leave my servers powered all the time.
  16. Like
    Senzelian got a reaction from HanZie82 in Looking for options to turn my PC on remotely.   
    The long ass cable idea is probably the best.
    Wouldn't be a problem to source the wiring - I can get that from work. Or maybe I'll use a Cat.3 cable, just to make it look nice. Then I would also have two additional wires for the LED. Yeah I think that sounds good...
    Edit: lol, if I use Cat.3 I could patch it into my existing patchpanel. Wouldn't even need to run a wire since I have an additional RJ45 keystone jack open here. 😶
    Or maybe the stick? The stick is very tempting!
  17. Informative
    Senzelian reacted to IanCutress in Linus was right.   
    Just to add this in, as it wasn't included in the video.
    AMD's ECC for Ryzen is not POR (plan of record), which means it isn't post validated. A system can very well say it's running ECC, and it'll show in the options that ECC is running, but that doesn't actually tell you if ECC is enabled. The only way to truly see if it's enabled is to force a bit-flip and see if it catches it.
    I responded to Torvalds' thread on RWT with this info at the time.
    Secondary, DDR5 has ECC per chip, not per module. It's quite a different and important distinction designed mostly for the memory cell reliability than correcting errors. Most DDR5 for consumers will be non-ECC, and ECC variants of DDR5 still require that 9th chip to enable true SECDED support.
  18. Informative
    Senzelian reacted to IanCutress in Linus was right.   
    Check the link I posted on how AMD systems potentially say that 'ECC is enabled' but it's just a register check and there's a chance it isn't actually enabled unless you test for it.
  19. Agree
    Senzelian reacted to DanWhite in Looking for options to turn my PC on remotely.   
    big stic good idea
  20. Like
    Senzelian reacted to Aereldor in Looking for options to turn my PC on remotely.   
    Use a big stick /s
    I'm actually gonna second that Silverstone device. Just glue the remote to your desk, easier than running a long wire, trying to hide it etc.
  21. Like
    Senzelian reacted to HanZie82 in Looking for options to turn my PC on remotely.   
    The only thing you really need is a way to temporarily short circuit 2 contacts.
    Hell you could even just run a long cable and a button on it probably.
  22. Like
    Senzelian reacted to manikyath in Looking for options to turn my PC on remotely.   
    backing the "really long wire" idea, if you're capable of sourcing a long wire, a button, and a header, and then to make the 4 related solder joints.
    there is no 'practical' limit to the length of the cable going to your power button (and power LED for that matter).
    i'm probably way overengineering this, but i'd probably just 3D print a pcie slot cover with space for a pin header, make a splitter cable for the front header (you know, so that the case's features still work as well), and then just run a long ass cable from that header to the desk, and mount a fancy backlit power button there.
    me being me, i'd add in the vareous power rails, probably front audio as well, and maybe some gimmicks like RGB...
  23. Funny
    Senzelian reacted to DanWhite in Looking for options to turn my PC on remotely.   
    Grab a large stick, make a hole in the wall, and use the stick to press the power button
  24. Agree
    Senzelian got a reaction from Mark Kaine in everything working as expected?   
    Run 3D Mark instead. Userbenchmark is simply not a good way of evaluating performance.
  25. Agree
    Senzelian reacted to Benny-fields in Case Decoration   
    Life just isn't fair man...