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  1. We're looking for a good Windows 10 antivirus suit that isn't bloatware, isn't adware, isn't trying to sell us 50 different versions of their security products every time we open the program window. If it is a paid program we're ok with that as long as it isn't outrageous, and we're not interested in endless subscriptions. We just want a good antivirus that works and doesn't slow our Threadripper PC to a crawl. If it has a plugin for Brave that would be nice but if it doesn't that's not a dealbreaker. You know what to do LTT Forum, and thanks in advance. P.S. We're no
  2. Some games are starting to require SSDs because of how they load assets. Asset streaming is being used by a few games now including Star Citizen, Dual Universe, and the upcoming New World. The new consoles will take advantage of this too. In Star Citizen they use Object Container Streaming which reduced the game client's rendering load and completely eliminates the need for loading screens. This means when you ride an elevator or a train from one place to another it isn't a disguised loading screen like the subway in Spider-Man for the PS4. That train and/or elevator moves through the game wor
  3. I've notice DX12 adoption has been slow while Vulkan adoption has been on the rise. No surprise, support for it is baked into Unity and UE4 and it makes porting to Linux easier, and Linux's market share has been rapidly climbing.
  4. There is Shadow which is promoted by a few channels I follow, I think Linus visited their offices once. It gives you a full Windows 10 PC with desktop in the cloud. It is basically a fully accessible PC for running games and apps which you install yourself. What makes them a little different from Stadia and GeForce Now is they're building-out data centers across the country to shorten the distance to their users. The reason why Cloud Gaming hasn't really exploded is due to latency as @Kisai pointed out. The further you are from the data center the higher the latency and this is an issue for FP
  5. My research into our issue found that running into problems with this update is completely RANDOM. Two people with the exact same specs can install Windows 10 on their machines. One has no issues and everything works. The other has nothing but constant problems. It baffles me as to why but it is true. The problem with Microsoft, in their purge of staff years ago their QA Team has been massively reduced. Now, you can't go a month without seeing articles about how a new Windows update breaks something. It would be funny as hell if weren't so sad.
  6. By a lot of Blood, Sweat, Tears, Some Thunder of Thor's Hammer and a lot of crying, we got Update 2004 for Windows 10 to work though it required a fresh install and a BIOS update. It's unclear if the BIOS update really helped, because we had one successful Boot before the update, and we also had failed boots after the BIOS update. But I kept messing with the settings until it started working. Here's what the settings are (NOTE: These are for a Socket TR4 ASUS ROG Zenith Extreme so your mileage may vary): Set Optimized Defaults Fast Boot = Disabled Boot Config
  7. It was offered by Windows Update, tried to do it on its own the first time and failed. I have 2004 installed on a Ryzen 5 3600, so I don't know why it isn't working on the Threadripper machine. If we can't fix this we're going to have to do a reinstallation and that will be very inconvenient because the machine was configured as a server and it takes a long time to set things back up again.
  8. We are trying to update a 1st gen Threadripper system to Windows 10 Pro 2004 from 1903. We used both Windows Update and the Windows Upgrade Assistant. Windows Update threw up an error, but we remember what it was (it was some hex code), and now it says we are up to date but the 2004 update has not been applied. The Upgrade Assistant doesn't throw an error. Using the Upgrade Assistant the follow keeps happening... It downloads the update Applies the update (or so it says) It reboots Windows and there are no update messages The computer quickly reboots, flashes t
  9. That overkill for what I need. I bought the FIFINE 4 Channel Stereo Line Mixer which is exactly what I was needing. I had to get some adapters but it works great.
  10. The majority of that new positive reviews appear to be bots or were done using several hastily created accounts. None of them show any considerable amount of playtime. They all have short names, the reviews consist of one word or sometimes one letter. These have been reported to Steam. If Paradox did this it is against the Steam TOS and grounds for immediate expulsion from the platform. They take review score manipulation very seriously. I've been told Valve is investigating.
  11. I'm too used to dealing with people who go out of their way to hurt you because they don't like what you say. tl:dr - Trolls have made me jaded. That being said, I'm rather upset nobody else is talking about this because of the comparisons to the EA Sim City Debacle. Paradox has been scrubbing their forums of any posts protesting the launcher, but on Steam there are a few roaring dumpster fires. The Links... The Initial Developer Post The short nonchalant announcement post about the launcher that caused a Chernobyl-level meltdown of the CSL community. (Be war
  12. This one apparently does, and the source is reply posts in the Steam forums. That thread has exceeded a thousand posts so what you want is in there...so get crackin! I've got no skin in this game. I don't play Cities Skylines but my co-host does and he's been melting down over all of this and I've looked over the Steam forums to see what other people are saying. Nuclear Dumpster Fire is an apt description. I haven't seen anything this bad since Fallout 76. That nobody else is talking about is shocking, actually.
  13. A few days ago, January 22, Cities Skylines received an update which sparked a major fan revolt. It goes beyond just gamers being angry, the publisher may have violated the EU's GDPR and based on evidence I've seen they are also violating Steam's TOS by manipulating the game's review score. Let me give you some background so you'll understand what the hubbub is all about. As you know, Cities Skylines took the mantle of premier city builder in the wake of the Sim City debacle. The issues with Sim City is that it had to be always online, you had to sign in to play the game. EA would
  14. I'm in need of a simple stereo audio line input mixer that can take 3 or 4 3.5mm headphone or RCA stereo analog inputs and output them all to the same set of powered speakers. The speakers already have an amp and I also have a headphone tube amp I can use, so the mixer does NOT need an amp. Powers or passive is fine as long as it doesn't amplify the audio. Never feed an amplified audio source to powered speakers...buzz city! What I'm trying to do is put audio from two computers and a Bluetooth audio receiver and have them all output to one set of speakers at the same time. I'm hopi
  15. The drive isn't being detected by the operating system. It spins up but then start clicking loudly after that. The data is likely ok. If you know of a service that won't cost thousands but maybe hundreds that is doable. We found some backups of a few important files, so this disaster wasn't as catastrophic as the "current user" thought.