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  1. have a 970, seems it will be put in the dirt by the rx480 by a bit in dx11 and by a big margin in dx12 so a litle upgrade would be nice
  2. I have the exact same config, stugling to chose the motherboard aswell, I found for @ 100€ on my country the Gigabyte Z97P-D3, MSI z97 PC mate, Gigabyte Z97 HD3 and ASrock Z97 pro3, I think all of them offer the same, see the price on your region
  3. So, I decided to reuse this post... I read on the web that some motherboards aren't compatible with devil canyon CPU's out of the box and they need a BIOS update first, and for that I need a older CPU to be able to do that. Should I be worried about this or since it has been some time since the release I won't have any problems?
  4. Oh, I though you needed to purchase your own, -5€ then, thanks. Btw, it's a bit on the wrong forum but I chose a carbide 200r as my case, Following the corsair website the case hold up to a 165mm tall CPU cooler, the 212 EVO has 158.5mm, Are the measures given by the manufacturer trustworthy?
  5. Okay, thanks, I think I made my mind then
  6. Hi, so, I'm still picking the parts of my new build and I'm far way more confused than I was at the beggining. My current dilema is between this two options Core i5 4690k (will OC) + MSI Z97 G43 + CM Hypere 212 EVO + thermal past Artic Silver 5 for @ 400€ (portugal btw) AMD FX 8350 (will OC ofc) + MSI 970-Gaming + CM Hypere 212 EVO + thermal past Artic Silver 5 for @ 325€ This will go with a g1 gaming 970 So, I will use the computer for some college work, coding and gaming (lots of gaming) I like to play LoL and the AAA titles like Assassin's creed, Far cry, Watchdogs (It isn't only U
  7. Thanks guys, I will get the corsair then, I'll stick with the 550W as I don't fancy SLI configs. Preffer the stability of a single card
  8. So, Is this one good enough? http://www.corsair.com/pt-pt/vs-seriestm-vs550-550-watt-power-supply 550W, 42A on 12V, 80+ (white)
  9. So, I desmantled a old computer (10 years or so) before making my new PC, everything was trash except the PSU that was replaced more recently The PSU is this one: http://www.extreme-computers.ro/Detalii/NOX-Urano-600--AT-600P12P---PSU-/ 600W, not 80+ (<72%) with 38 amps on the 12V (by my math atleast) with all connection I need for the new RIG (2 SATAS and 2 6+2 PCIE pins). The new PC will have a 4790k and a g1 Gaming gtx 970, So, do you think it's safe to go with this one and use the budget somewhere else (monitor most likely) or buy a new PSU?
  10. Thanks for the input so fa, I didn't know it only has one connection, I will get 500 or 600 just to dont have to buy the molex to pcie adapter, what about the dilema on top, should i stick with the i5 and the 980 or swap for i7 with 970 for easier upgrade later?
  11. So, in the next couple months I will be building my first Rig, @1500€ bidget including monitor KB and mouse and this is what I have so far CPU: INTEL Core i5-4690K MB:GIGABYTE GA-Z97P-D3 RAM: Crucial Ballistix Sport 2x8 gb 1600Mhz GPU: MSI GTX 980 PSU: CX430 80 PLUS Bronze Case: Corsair carbide 200R Display: ASUS VE247H So, what I need help is in the motherboard, is it good? Should i replace it? I was also thinking in changing the CPU to a i7 4790K to make it more "future proof" and go down to a 970, I can easily upgrade a GPU later but if the socket changes I can't swap CPU,
  12. I really need somethign to watch TV series on my TV....