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    i5 3570k @4.5 Ghz
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    ASUS P8Z77-LK
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    8GB (2x4GB) Corsair Vengeance
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    MSI Twin Frzr III R7850
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    HAF 912
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    1TB Seagate Barracuda
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    OCZ ModXStream 600W
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    Hyper 212+
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    Audio Technicha ATH M30 and Logitech Z313 Speakers

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  1. The truth is that Linus is the owner of Linus Media Group, and any business related debate they have, he ultimately has full control.
  2. But you would have to manually insert the DVD, so it would be just as easy just grabbing the USB DVD device.
  3. I would say it would be necessary for tech quickie. It's all about having a concise answer, which needs pre-planning.
  4. It's hard to handle without precaution; I wouldn't want it spinning towards me.
  5. Yeah, I already took the fan off and know what you are talking about, but sadly (happily actually-wouldn't want an addiction) I don't smoke.
  6. It would be awesome to make RAM heat spreaders from old intel heatsinks!
  7. It's a beautiful piece from the DrVendetta collection of 2013. Retails at 300$ but I will happily sell it for 25$ if anyone is interested.
  8. Yeah I know, but the hilarity of that siting in my hard drive bays. I have some thermal paste laying around too.
  9. Tis true, but the heatsink is just a ton of fun.
  10. Well, obviously no speed difference. But I'm guessing it would be a bit cooler. I think it would be hilarious and feel compelled to do this. It would be a hilarious build log.
  11. Honestly, their is probably a way to weaponize the insanely sharp edges.
  12. Cool down my brain so I can think faster. I like the way you think nsyedhasan.
  13. That was what I was thinking, but it may be a bit too big a risk for me.