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    Stop Injecting Marijuana
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    Greenwich, CT
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    Computers, Tennis, School, and Women
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    I was born. I Pooped. I grew some more. I pooped. I built a PC. My life story.
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    Intel i7 3770k
  • Motherboard
    Asus Sabertooth Z77
  • RAM
    Corsair Vengence 16gb (8 x 2)
  • GPU
    EVGA 660ti
  • Case
    Corsair 650D
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    1TB seagate HDD and 128gb Samsung 840 SSD
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    Corsair TX750
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    Asus 24inch VS248H-P
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    Corsair H100i w/ Noctua NF-F12 x 3
  • Keyboard
    Corsair K90
  • Mouse
    Logitech G602
  • Sound
    My Ears
  1. Hello. I'm looking for a gaming laptop. Here is what i'm looking for. 15" screen NO TN PANELS! Fairly slim good keyboard (doesn't have to be full size) I am selling my macbook pro retina 2012 full specs so I have no budget.
  2. So I am trying to encrypt my drive via truecrypt. When It restarts my computer it says that windows 7 is not starting from the drive it's installed on. I've had this problem with some other programs too. I checked my bios and it seems the SDD (windows 7) is the first on the list. And the Cd drive is second.
  3. Yeah they're not public, only for me, or at least I think so (That's what Jennifer Lawrence probably thought too)
  4. I recently went on vacation to Germany and google+ made a story of my trip. It showed my every flight path, car path, locations I was, all the pictures. And it was on my computer not on my phone. How do I turn all this off and delete my photos from google+ and just keep them locally? this really scared me.
  5. Hi Linus and the group, i've been watching since about 2011 and love your videos! Lately i've been noticing you guys have been putting some humor into your videos. I LOVE IT. The zombie one was fantastic. I hope you guys hold on to this style of videos since most tech videos are mostly the same but you guys have really raised the bar. I hope to see more videos like this in the future. Thanks for reading guys
  6. I got it! Turns out corsair link set my fans to max at 800rpm, I put it on performance mode and now my noctuas are running nice and loud but the temps are fine.
  7. I wasn't sure if this goes in water cooling of software (windows 7) or what but I guess i'll just post it here to prevent confusion. My computer restarts automatically only when i'm doing something heavy on the cpu like rendering or other things. I have a 3770k overclocked to 4.0 jigahertz. It's cooleed by a H100i and I tried running core temp with prime95 to see what the temps look like. At idle I had below 40c and then with prime 95 I got up to 90C and then I turned it off because I knew it will just keep going higher. I didn't dust out my PC in over 6 months so I tried that. There was a goo
  8. Only thing is the find 7 is 5.5 inches, i'm 14 so my hands are fairly small. Also the apps crashing are not downloaded apps. But apps like gallery, settings. And I don't have any third party apps it's simply the phone.
  9. My galaxy S4 is REALLY getting on my nurses lately. So many crashes of apps. Tried too many times to unroot it and get it back to stock. The micro USB is such poor quality and only works if I bend it a certain way. Looks like theirs an air bubble until the bottom right corner and is very ugly. Speaker for some reason is having a lot of problems (Cracking in sound and many other problems), Now I have to make a decision. Htc M8 or Nexus 5? I've got the money the only question is if it's worth it to get the M8, I'm probably going to install cynagenmod when it becomes available. Is it worth it? I
  10. I don't need double sides, It looks like a good choice. But does that ink work like normal? Just the cartridges inside then those bottles outside. Am I right? Also this ink is probably gonna last a very long time. 1000 Plus prints?
  11. Oh sorry about that. Budget is 200$. I will be printing documents, most importantly bit coin wallets as I print ALOT of them. No pictures. And will probably print 1 time a day and no more than 5 copies.
  12. Sorry if I posted this in the wrong section, I wasn't really sure if this would go into peripherals or photo/video or were, but I thought that this section is the best choice. If not please move my post if your a mod. Anyway, I need to get a new printer. I need it to be accurate and just overall a good printer. It doesn't need wifi, bluetooth, Just a simple printer with a USB Cable. There are so many choices and just can't decide which one to get. Preferably Laser since it's more immune to water and is more accurate. It also needs to have FULL color.
  13. I recently viewed this slow motion video of a gun shooting underwater. I've seen slow motion guns firing underwater but not nearly as slow as this one. I thought it would be cool to just share it with the community.
  14. Those games are good but simply don't have a story. GTA V is a life story of massive heists, while BF4 and ARMA are simply multiplayer games were the careers are boring and not touching at all. But I guess it depends on the person and what type of games they like.