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Everything posted by XplosiveNoctua99

  1. i'll let you know the price of the 6300 It is $10 cheaper ($159)
  2. barely any of these parts are that ceap in Australia lol
  3. there is a $70 difference between a G3258 ($99) and i3 4170 ($169) is that worth it?
  4. well, Elite Dangerous is like space Euro Truck Simulator 2
  5. ok..... hmm if i do go for intel. (which i probably will) will a GPU render photos quicker??
  6. So, I'm building a PC for my dad's friends who have a REALLY old PC. I am choosing the parts, and they DON'T need a water cooled pc with 12 Gpu's and an 8 Core cpu with 12Ghz (I'm basically saying they don't need a beast...) anyway. they will be using it for... Viewing Photos Making documents (they are teachers) Emails and browsing the web So is the G3258 good enough for this or should i go with an i3 ? or even an AMD CPU?? Thanks
  7. Thanks, you have been the most helpful person so far that hasn't called me stupid or something and hasn't been like, GIVE ME PROOF OR DIE
  8. I'd say 50gb most if it is ONLY windows 10 in that partition
  9. sorry. i didn't mean for this to be my first time trading.... ever
  10. nope, i don't own cs go. I said i was the post that was at the very bottom
  11. do you mean, like i show a screenshot of my steam library or something to show you i don't have rainbow 6 siege???
  12. look on the other page, there is proof, I posted the link to my mad max key publicly andit is the same as what he is saying that his "rainbow 6 siege key" is
  13. this is my mad max key, look at the order number at the top, look at the first few letters of his key and the order number on his key. also, if you want even more proof, this is the link to that key... https://www.cdkeys.com/downloadable/download/link/id/MC4xOTIzOTgwMCAxNDQ4Nzk1MjI2MjExNDIzODIyOTc5ODU3Njc,/ he used it, so its no use anymore
  14. I sent him a link, and got nothing back then he blocked me and the reason why his name is "mm" on steam is because there is almost 50,000 other people with that name or have that in their name on steam.