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  1. hello. I was wondering how to stop a windows 10 update. as in an update for windows 10 not the upgrade from 7 or 8 to 10 thanks. there is no pause button or a cancel option either DX
  2. like the title says.. Australia ONLY Retro City Rampage DX for 3DS this is a key Just comment to enter Giving away because I already own it and have no need for it
  3. WHY??? and how can I fix it? I was playing Dark Souls 2 and we all know, it is impossible to play with a keyboard and mouse so i get out my xbox one controller, and start to play, 18ish fps. and then i start to play again with kb/m.. 60 try with controller...18ish. kb/m 60 and then playing the trial of Trackmania Turbo today. same thing keyboard... 150fps controller drops down to SINGLE DIGITS plz halp me
  4. I am wondering if it is good for what it is... and don't count the older strategy games to crap on this game... i want to know if this game is good in it's own right thanks
  5. I love Rainbow Six Siege. yeah. the net code is crap. but when you get a game. it is really good. I bought the game knowing that it was a multiplayer game, and i have no regrets, so,yeah. and the season pass is done right for a multiplayer only game, although it is way too expensive.
  6. for me..... plugging everything in without breaking it
  7. the whole reason why i want it is because it is a sound bar
  8. i found it for $199 AUD and im wondering if its worth it. thank in advance also.. how do you delete a topic that you made?
  9. turn of v-sync if it isn't off (there isn't much screen tearing for me i get around 130-85 on my pc.
  10. Rainbow Six Siege is Currently $60 AUD for the standard edition. and if you use 100 Uplay units... it will be $48 AUD and this also include a beta code for the division too... so yeah also all products in the uplay store (apart from preorders) include the beta code for the division happy saving
  11. this is the build i have created... http://www.pccasegear.com/sc/mt I would prefer to keep it to 1 site (to save shipping costs etc.) i don't care if it is more expensive. it isn't my money.
  12. well, no amazon. i am Australian. they ship barely anything here and everything is 10X mnore expensive and sadly... shipping is $99999999