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Everything posted by XplosiveNoctua99

  1. wow really R9 380 is worse than a 285? surprising
  2. My screen is flashing randomly and my pc keeps hard crashing no blue screen tho i5 5490 rx 480 16gb ddr3 please halp me
  3. well im getting them and im gonna get another 16gb ram thanks job. for being there for me when i need you the most (I currently have 16gb)
  4. so, I go my rx 480 today. and I have played some games, all of which were close to double the performance of my gtx 960 and i did the steam vr performance test because i want to get a vr headset. and.... i'd seen that online.... it only gets a score of 6.4 and because i had done a little overclocking. it got 8.1 thank you AMD
  5. I got my RX 480 today and want to check out Watt man, but i can't find it anyone know where it is?
  6. you see, the problem is that there is no option for that " UEFI Firmware Settings. "
  7. Hello, the gtx 950 doesn't support SLI sorry, but I'd reccommend getting a new mobo/cpu
  8. I want to access my bios but it won't work, i've tried everything please help DX
  9. From what i've seen yes its worth it for you
  10. I get a pretty damn good experience for a 960
  11. true, but The Australian $$ isn't bad right now nor is it gud also, (sound like a bad idea i know) but I am going to get a better mobo and case and get a second rx480 when i have moneyz mainly because it would be the best experience for the kind of gamer i am
  12. SCREW IT, IM BUYING ONE the first thing im buying since having a job (im 15)
  13. i don't care for cooling its nice but. you know its winter here in Australia and I don't have a heater in my room
  14. Im pretty much asking if the performance difference will be eh and
  15. HAHAHA. I wish the1070 was $400 more like $779 and for the 2 gpu's thats so when i get a vr headset, i can have one gpu per eye (jk lol)