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  1. I am planning to get a rx 480 Crossfire set up and I am wondering... the new mobo that i want has a 16x slot and a 16x slot that runs at 4x... will that 4x slot ever run at 8x??? and if not. will it make a big difference between 8x and 8x?? thanks (i have an i5 4590 which has 16pice lanes ) PLOZ HALP
  2. So Would you say to get that mobo Gigabyte B85M D3H-A OR MSI H97M-G43
  3. i5 4590 Gigabyte B85M D3H-A i have another mobo on my mind but if the cheaper board will work, ill get that
  4. I have a question about PCIE on motherboards I want to do Crossfire. so yeah... Q1. I see a motherboard that I want, but one of the Pcie 16x slots runs at 16x and another 16x slot runs at 4x If I put My gpus into those slots will the 4x slot run at 8x and the 16x slot run at 8x?? or will it be 8x and 4x or 12x and 4x???
  5. I am not getting skylake so it doesn't affect me
  6. whats the difference? will it work with ddr3?? why is it so much cheaper
  7. ok I know VRAM doesn't stack But I already have 1 rx 480 and the crossfire is mainly for VR. and It's also cheaper to get 2 480s rather than a 1070 i don't care that it's less powerfull (veeery slightly) than a 1080. $450 cheaper too. but each to their own i guess but would i be able to run the gpu's in 16x slots? or what?
  8. So I have a few questions I was looking at my cpu's specs and stuff.. and I saw this Max # of Memory Channels 2 does this mean that I can't have 4x8gb sticks of ram???? (for 32gb) also will I be able to have 2 16x pcie things (as in 2 rx 480's in Xfire both using 16x slots? i couldn't find it thanks
  9. what sort of games will you be playing?
  10. Ima check my psu connections will updatee afterward
  11. ALSO only just started happening 2 days ago if that helps at all
  12. Yeah 2 960s in sli are almost 1 970 (i know. sli scaling with different games can be better or worse) and i am using the 16.7.2 drivers was happening on the 16.7.1 as well
  13. I think this is my PSU http://powertek.com.au/pro_detail.php?ProId=937
  14. well i haven't sold my 960 yet but i get close to double performance