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  1. Get the 1070 if your PSU can handle it 480 is a great card for its money but the 1070 is the more sensible choice out of the 2 if you can handle the cost and power (because it requires more compared with the 480)
  2. Hi guys... I'm looking at upgrading my PC to a ryzen 5 1600x and it only supports Dual channel. I want to end up (at some point) with 32gb of RAM (coz why not lol Chome is a hog) I'm wondering if dual channel means that i can have 4 ram modules (given that the motherboard has 4 slots) or if it is only 2. Because for me all the AM4 Mobo's that are in my budget are the same price. and obviously i'd get the best value for money one. So yeah I'm going to start with 16GB (2x8gb) and i want to add another 16(2x8gb) later... is this possible? thanks
  3. I got Gears 4 for PC and it comes with the rest of the games on 360 if you want it, comment and it's yours. First come first served ps i am giving it away because i already had it on games with gold yes i have consoles, and a pc
  4. Lol nevermind It was a psu cable stopping a fan from spinning
  5. Hi I am having fun trying to figure out what the flop is happening with my pc I am getting 1 continuous beep But my pc still turns on Which is strange... Btw i actually have an rx 480 I can't figure out how to edit my signature lol And another edit 16gb ram 2x8gb
  6. I can't roll back the update.... what is the "latest" windows 10 proper build?
  7. So, My PC is being really weird lately... First off, Specs... RX 480 8GB (reference) (Crimson 16.11.4) 16GB DDR3 1600Mhz Core i5 4590 3.3Ghz Windows 10 Now onto the weird stuff. So I leave my PC to update windows to Insider Build 14965 and go do some stuff. Then I come back and its on the Lock screen, and my room is reeeeallly hot and I can hear my GPU fan quite loudly (I had just upgraded the drivers too btw.) And I put my hand around the back of my pc and felt a lot of heat coming from the 480.... And Now to extra strange things...
  8. But the 1050 is still there. it can play pretty much any game you throw at it. Albeit at around medium settings. but the point is.... IT WORKS, it is an entry level card. 1060 is mid range. yes it does have less features. to keep cost down etc.
  9. its not an entry level card.... an entry level card is the GTX 1050 or RX 460 lol
  10. LOL sorry i forgot to update this... COMPLETELY reinstalling windows 10 fixed it
  11. OK so, It has finally finished It says "Windows Resource Portion did not find Integrity violations." where to next?
  12. So My surface 3 is being really wierd Every time i use a windows menu, (e.g . Settings, Start menu etc,) The menus crash also some menu options don't show up. I can't use the "Brightness button on the battery icon.... AT ALL. Please help. I use this for school so plz halp
  13. Hey I think that for now just buy another 8GB stick of ram and if its not enough..... get 2 more for 32gb RAM hope that helps
  14. Just A general Question... does VR use a lot of RAM (if you know)
  15. I hat a 960 and i then got a 480 so i can only "really" recommend the RX480 I love it The 1060 is a great card but i don't have any experience with it so. Im sorry i wasn't helpful
  16. I want a VR headset but AUSTRALIA IS EVIL meaning that... VIVE (Approximately $1350AUD) RIFT (Approximately $1100 give or take) OSVR 1.4 HDK ($480) FINALLY SHIPPING HERE WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW So Yeah price is a big thing FIRST OF ALL I don't mind the drawback of not having walk around experiences... I mainly want it for a seated experience e.g. Euro Truck Simulator 2 and American Truck Simulator, Project Cars SECONDLY I am fine with the "less good" screen (there are upgrades to the new display) THIRDLY I don't mind the
  17. RX 480 has more teraflops more stream processors too the memory is the same speed less vram... and the only difference i can see is the clock speed is that why? Just a general question
  18. Is there some sort of demo? so i can try it out to see if i like it? And do they do refunds? sorry for so many questions
  19. is the game world big.... id asssume so because space lol which package would you reccomend... the $45 with just a ship or $60 with squadron 42? and what is the insurance thing? is there in game currency or is it microtransactions? thanks again
  20. So, i don't know how to "Buy" Star Citizen.... do i buy a ship???? plz explain thanks Also is the game good? What sort of Scifi game is it? How big is it? is it a game that has a lot of replayability? Do different ships make the game better? (i of course was planning to buy the cheapest ship ) Please help me